Shrink child in a year?

Soon the baby will be a year old, and relativesare preparing for this solemn event. It was at this time before the parents the question arises: to cut a child a year? Quite often this question becomes the reason of disputes and disagreements among members of a family of the kid. About that the tradition to cut "naked" one-year-old kids, what this haircut gives from a medical point of view, and also whether to cut a child a year, we will talk today.

Where did the tradition of cutting children come from

According to the most common legend, traditionto cut children in a year was born in ancient Russia. Haircut was a kind of ritual of acceptance into the family, as children often died in early infancy. However, this ritual existed only in some regions of Russia, the belief of the Slavs was much more widespread in that the hair contains the source of the life force of man. Therefore, the hair was not sheared, and the hairs that fell out during combing were either burned or tied to young fruit trees so that the new hair grew faster and stronger like a tree. So our ancestors did not even think about whether it is necessary to cut a child a year, their choice was unequivocal - do not cut! At the same time, children under 12 years old (both girls and boys) were not cut even by the tips of their hair, for fear that they would cut off the mind and deprive the child of the protection of the gods. And only when children reached the age of 16 were allowed to trim the tips of the hair during the new moon, while cutting them no more than the length of one nail.

Is it necessary to cut a child in a year?

Hair grows from follicles - special "bags"located in the thickness of the scalp, which develop in children during the intrauterine period. The density of the hair depends on the number of follicles, which, in general, is determined by heredity. At children hair first grow thin and rare, but gradually change, becoming thicker and thicker to 3-4 years. Since new follicles do not appear after birth, external influences (haircut or shaving) do not affect the quality of the hair. Therefore, parents thinking about whether it is possible to cut a child up to a year or a year, we advise you to think about what exactly you want to achieve with a haircut? If you just cut off the twisted and wiped hairs, then this, perhaps, makes sense, and if you radically change the quality of the baby's hair - it's unlikely you will succeed.

Shrink child in a year or not - the choice is only foryou. There are no contraindications. The only thing that doctors do not advise is to shave the baby's head - at the same time, it is possible to damage the follicles, and simply to instill in the child the dislike of the haircut process.

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