SharePoint - what is this program? Overview


Intranet in SharePoint - what is this program? This is an internal site where everyone can log in and find news, announcements, scheduled tasks and access to a variety of information. Dashboards can be customized by department and role, different levels of access can be provided so that each of the trainees can receive information - from employee productivity to client history and the status of current projects. The platform also provides tools for setting up social networks and files for sharing. The company's intranet serves as a kind of conference room and planning workshop, which every visitor attends throughout the day.


SharePoint provides enterprises with a shared space for storing documents so that they are not locked onto the hard drive of any person. Documents stored in the database can be accessed by anyone in the company, unless the administrator has access to a small group.The platform also allows colleagues to work simultaneously with one document, save previous versions and track updates. Users are spared from having to create several different versions of a document thanks to sharepoint what is this program

Sharepoint Designer - what is this program?

SharePoint Designer is designed to enhance the ease of interaction beyond small groups when creating and editing creative content. You can log in to a resource from any desktop or mobile device and use it to continuously access information about project status, customer stories, locations and employee schedules, and anything else related to the project.


Microsoft SharePoint - what is this program? MS SharePoint can be used to customize the site with which you communicate with external partner companies. Regardless of whether the other business is part of your supply chain or just someone with whom you work with the project, you can give them access to all the information you may need.sharepoint workspace what is this program

Sharepoint Workspace - what is this program?

You can use SharePoint to create and manage a public site.Like the Content Management System (CMS) website, this resource allows you to enter and make changes to your pages. You can update information, add text or graphics and create new documents.

Business analytics

The full SharePoint access to your business data also allows you to find countless ways to use all this information to make the right decisions. SharePoint makes it easy to search through all the company files, but beyond that, it helps to find larger templates. The platform is able to display trends over time or the relationship between different inputs with intuitive graphs and charts. SharePoint can also play an important role in reaching all companies across a single large project.
The implementation of SharePoint helps optimize virtually any aspect of business collaboration.

Work with data

The main functions of the program for working with files in lists and libraries:

  • Adding more information to your documents.

  • Categorization in metadata lists.

  • Document organization - for more efficient storage and retrieval.

  • More thorough filtering, sorting and grouping documents.

In a typical company with hundreds, or even thousands of employees, constantly creating data, editing and storing content is a very important aspect that the Sharepoint functionality provides for productive work.sharepoint designer what is this program


Although there are many features that SharePoint can implement, the basic idea of ​​how it works is reduced to commands, lists, libraries and columns, as well as to proxy search. Based on these relatively simple concepts, Sharepoint is a platform that organizations use to create impressive solutions for a variety of business tasks.

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