Seven signs of cancer that few people knew

24-07-2017, 17:11
In most cases, cancer patients are unaware of a terrible diagnosis .. Few of us pay attention to mild ailment or stress, which can later lead to serious illness. Oncologist Sergey Arutyunov noted that the nature and appearance of oncologic diseases in the initial stages are very diverse.
So, the only symptom of brain cancer (glioblastoma) may be a change in smell. Harmon-dependent types: thyroid cancer, at first can give symptoms of mental disorders - depression, tearfulness, irritability. Lung cancer is often at first disguised not under bronchitis, which would seem more logical, but for heart problems - shortness of breath, heaviness in the chest.
Top 7 unusual symptoms worth paying attention to
Change the color and shape of nails
Sometimes it can be a sign of cancer: dark stripes and dots under the nails in some cases foreshadow skin cancer - melody. If the shape of the nails suddenly changed, and the fingertips became thicker, it could mean lung cancer. Most people confuse this symptom with arthritis.Excessively pale, even white nails can indicate liver cancer.
Bleeding gums
Not always problems with gums are associated with poor oral care. If you notice that the gums have started to bleed and ache, and bruises have appeared on them, you should immediately consult a doctor. This may be a sign of not only weak immunity, changes in hormonal levels or periodontitis. Bleeding gums and bruises can also mean the development of leukemia.
Back pain
In such cases, doctors advise to make an x-ray. Pain in the upper back can be a symptom of lung cancer, in the lower one - prostate cancer in men. Shingles of pain may indicate pancreatic cancer.
One of the most familiar and inconspicuous symptoms. While dyspnea is one of the first signs of lung cancer. Usually, doctors and patients are looking for the causes of shortness of breath in other diseases, most often of the heart, but they forget about the risk of developing cancer.
Cough without cold symptoms
It is also a classic sign of lung cancer, which can go unnoticed for a long time, especially in smokers. Cough may be dry and wet, accompanied by sputum.
Cancer of the lung and thyroid gland is often accompanied by depression, irritability, and bouts of anger. This condition is accompanied by a sharp weight loss without any changes in diet and lifestyle.
Slightly elevated temperature
Temperature from 37.1 to 37.3 degrees, which lasts longer than two or three weeks, should always alert. Sometimes it can be a symptom of problems with the blood or lymphatic system. So the first thing to do is to pass blood tests - general and biochemical.

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