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Every driver should know and remember how you can and how you can not move on the roads in reverse. This is necessary in order to avoid absolutely stupid and absurd clashes, which according to statistics are not so rare.

What signs impede reversing?

In fact, the rules do not have a specific sign that would prohibit reversing. The driver has to remember only one thing, that there are several signs-instructions that make this maneuver inaccessible to all participants in the movement.

So, you can not pass back if the vehicle moves on a highway (sign 5.1) or on the road for cars (sign 5.3). The ban only removes a serious accident that occurred on the road and prevents the driver from moving normally. However, inspectors warn that such a movement is always very risky, and when maneuvering, the driver should be as careful and careful as possible.


Reversing at intersections

Reversing at intersections is strictly prohibited and every driver should remember.When such a maneuver is made, the field inspector will necessarily stop the offender and may issue him a fine.

In addition, such a maneuver is strictly prohibited in the area around the intersection, or rather, 15 meters before and after it.

Especially strict inspectors and to those violators who imperceptibly wanted to turn around at a pedestrian crossing or next to him, while choosing the wrong trajectory and created a traffic jam. In such situations, the reversal penalty will be issued twice as much.

Especially carefully should act drivers who are driving a car with a trailer. The fact is that the trailer creates an increased danger.

Other prohibitions

Apart from the fact that reverse driving is prohibited at intersections, this maneuver can also not be performed in tunnels, at railway crossings and bridges. An inexperienced driver will be able to independently get acquainted with the list of prohibitions in the Rules, or rather, after reading paragraphs 8.11, 8.12, 16.1.

Traffic reversing

But what about the driver should behave in the situation when he had already arrived at the wrong place, and he simply needs to return?

In this case, the SDA does not spare the erroneous.In order for the driver to continue driving in the right direction, he will simply need to look for the right place to turn. There is no excuse to lift the ban on reversing in tunnels, etc. That is why cadets in driving schools are always strongly advised before leaving to think carefully about their path so as not to get into a difficult situation in the future or even worse - get into an accident.

Reverse when parking

It is worth noting that most often the reverse is used by drivers when parking. By the way, according to the inspectors, the most ridiculous accidents often occur on parking spaces.

Fortunately, reverse parking is allowed on all parking lots. However, some drivers, having learned that they can now move as they like, have ceased to follow the elementary rules of the road and ethics.

Backing on the road

To safely pass back to the parking spaces, the driver needs to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Inspectors recommend to leave the parking space only the front of the car, not the stern. Thus, the motorist is able to best control everything that happens around.
  2. Give way to those cars that have already left their place or those who have just stopped in the parking lot.
  3. Give way to the cars that are on the right ("the hindrance to the right").

How to act on a one-way road?

Driving in reverse on a one-way road is not prohibited by the rules. Whoever thinks otherwise, he is deeply mistaken, because the traffic rules clearly indicate that going backwards is prohibited only in two-way traffic.

Recently, however, the inspectors began to fine "violators" for such maneuvers. Referring to the already issued law and the creation of a dangerous situation, they write out an administrative fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, or even send the case to court.

Some drivers are perplexed when they hear such a sum, but there is always a way out. It is only necessary to act carefully in all situations and not attract the attention of peace officers.

In addition, clause 8.12 states that on one-way roads, a driver has the right to pass back up to the first intersection or to the nearest crosswalk.

Some tricks

The rules are really very much described the situations and places when reversing is prohibited. However, some experienced drivers admit that they have long found a loophole in Russian law. For example, if the driver needs to turn around, then in this case a short-term backward movement is not considered a full-fledged maneuver, and therefore, is not subject to a fine.

Reversing allowed

But you should always remember about those places where the turn is also strictly prohibited. So, you can not turn around at pedestrian crossings, near bus stops and other public transport, in areas with poor visibility, as well as on and under bridges.

Also, drivers with great experience strongly recommend beginners to turn on an alarm during a turn (short movement back). This is necessary in order to attract the attention of other road users and minimize the possibility of collision.

There are also other situations that are not described in the SDA. Reversing as a turnaround to the driver who is in the vehicle with the trailer, however, in this case, the maneuver must also be controlled by another person to prevent a collision.

Observance of traffic rules when reversing

Observe the rules must be absolutely all members of the movement. This is, first of all, the personal safety and safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Reversing prohibited

The driver must remember that when reversing, he is obliged to skip all cars that hinder him, as well as pedestrians. Such an obligatory condition is valid not only on the roads, but also on the parking zones.

In any case, reversing is an unsafe maneuver. If the driver is not completely sure of his actions, then he just needs to involve another person who will control traffic safety to help.

Fines imposed

It must be remembered that the imposition of fines for reversing on the road is done exclusively by the traffic police inspector, so you should not attract their attention and even get involved in an argument.

So, if the guardian decided that such a maneuver was dangerous for other road users, he is entitled to write out a penalty to the driver (12.15 of the Administrative Code).

Violating traffic rules in the yard or in the parking lot, the driver must also remember that a fine will be imposed on this maneuver.It is absolutely not important where the vehicle is located, the main thing is that it represents a danger to other road users.

Reversing on a one-way road

If the driver is caught for the second time in violation of article 12.15 of the Administrative Code, in this case, the inspector will give up materials for the punishment of the court, and the driver will be deprived of rights. The minimum term of deprivation is 4 months, and the maximum is 1 year. If the driver is “caught” by stationary cameras, then he will automatically be sent a fine to the mail in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.

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