Sangria, recipe and variations

Everything is fine in this drink: a light taste, a coolness spreading throughout the body, ice melting in red wine. It does not cause noticeable intoxication, but only slightly relaxes, reminding that a hot day is red with a siesta.

How is real Spanish sangria done? The recipe suggests two main ingredients: wine and a soul company for a leisurely conversation. The other components may vary, so we will offer several options. Although it will be appropriate to recall that traditionally it is still a mixture of wine and oranges, so citrus fruits are categorically welcomed.

Fruit sangria, recipe with mineral water

We begin to prepare the drink a little beforehand. Let's start with freezing the ice, stocking up wine, cognac or liquor, if we want more strength, citrus fruits and other fruits. Then you need to combine half a glass of brandy in a jug and a bottle of semi-dry wine (since the drink is Spanish and the wine is better to take Spanish), pour in the squeezed lemon juice (one will be enough to remove the zest beforehand). Add here the zest and a couple of tablespoons of sugar, mix very carefully. The available fruit (for example, one orange and an apple, or maybe a peach and cherry) is peeled, and if necessary, peel, finely chopped, add to the jug. We insist an hour. ATglasses - ice and the resulting drink, topping upwater with gas to taste. Note that if you add lemons in pieces, a drink that has been standing in a pitcher can get unnecessary bitterness, so do not make it on the eve of it. Where else does sangria come from?

Wine can be selected and dried, and the amount of sugar inThis case you will determine by experience, because during the summer this refreshing drink, which you can sip for hours, you will cook more than once. What can I add instead of water? Juice, for example, grape. It turns out a little more fragrant and sweet sangria. The recipe offers such proportions: on one bottle of wine it is good to add about two glasses of juice. A spicy taste of the drink will be obtained if you add spices, such as cloves.

If you are going to a dacha or picnic and want topamper yourself with a glass of sangria in "field" conditions, the basis of the drink must be prepared in advance, per day. For her, we need a pinch of lemon and orange peel, water and a half cup, sugar by volume is slightly less than water. In the water sugar add zest, on low heat wait for a boil, stir regularly. After boiling for a few minutes, turn off the mixture. After cooling, mix with a bottle of wine. In the refrigerator to withstand a day, and chopped and packed in a container of fruit is cooled separately. When serving in glasses, we combine fruit and wine mixture. So you will have almost classical sangria. This recipe, of course, is only suitable if it is possible to store ingredients, for example, in a refrigerator bag or get ice. If you want to make this summer Spanish drink immediately, and only white wine is available, sangria will be obtained in any case.

Variant with white wine

For one bottle of wine (that was not very sweet,well, that it was dry) we need two oranges and one lemon and lime. Of course, you can take two lemons. Another component - mineral water or fruit juice, grape and / or peach, in total - two glasses. Sugar - to taste. In the basic recipe it is proposed to take 4 tbsp. spoons. Everything is mixed, poured into a jug, an hour of soaking in the refrigerator - and the original beverage with fresh taste can be poured over glasses with ice. It is not necessary to insist it longer, again, because of the possible bitterness of citrus fruits.

Non-alcoholic option

If you really want to try a new drink withall the proper attributes (jug, ice, glasses, delicate grape flavor and fruity aroma), just mix in arbitrary proportions grape and peach juice and sliced ​​fruit. You can also use non-alcoholic wine. This "cocktail" is difficult to call sangria, but the pleasant coolness, new taste sensations and aesthetic pleasure are guaranteed to the fullest.

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