Sanatorium "Izvestia" (Adler): reviews of tourists

Adler is a rather popular place for restonly among Russian tourists. There are many hotels of various categories and there is an opportunity to rent a room or a house. But one of the famous places for vacationers is the sanatorium "Izvestia", which has been open for many years.

Short description of the sanatorium

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The sanatorium "Izvestia" (Adler) has severaldozens of years running smoothly for the joy of tourists. The location of its location contributes not only to comfortable rest, but also to health improvement. That only there is a park, among which is a sanatorium. All the plants for him were carefully chosen not only for aesthetic reasons. It has long been noted that walks among these trees and shrubs fueled energy.

Number of rooms

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The rooms are located in two residential buildings of the sanatorium "Izvestia". The first is a modern building, inside of which there is a stylish interior. On the territory of this building there are two categories of rooms:

  • one-room standards (the area of ​​the room is 12 square meters);
  • two-room suites.

The second building is located in the center of the park, near the beach. There are single and double apartments.

In all rooms of the sanatorium "Izvestia" isstandard set of necessary furniture (comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, bedside tables, wardrobe, table and chairs), as well as a small TV, refrigerator. The apartments are equipped with private bathrooms. For a comfortable stay in summer, a split system is provided.

Services provided in the sanatorium "Izvestia"

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  • Round-the-clock check-in and check-out.
  • Free internet in the entire sanatorium.
  • There is parking.
  • You can use the ironing facilities yourself or order this service from the sanatorium administrator.
  • There is a laundry and dry cleaning service.
  • There is a pharmacy, shops and an ATM.
  • There are separate places for smoking.
  • There are facilities for people with disabilities.
  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • Mass entertainment for recreation: spa procedures, sports events and so on.

Also on the territory of the sanatorium "Izvestia" a doctor works. The medical office is located in the main building No. 5.

For children on the territory of the health resort there aregame rooms, in which an experienced teacher works, if desired, you can go to children's playgrounds equipped with sandboxes, swings and various horizontal bars. There is also a video hall where you can watch cartoons and children's films.

Catering services

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On the territory of the sanatorium there are a dining room, a cafe andbar. The food is varied, but all the dishes are tasty and useful. If desired, it is possible to develop an individual diet menu.

You can eat in the dining room in one of the two rooms. Both are spacious. The first is designed for 240 people, the second - for 450. Also in the halls there are places for people with disabilities. When you assign bed rest, food is delivered to the apartment. Cafes and bars are not as big as the dining room. But their interior is also stylish and cozy.

Organization of leisure on the territory of the sanatorium and beyond

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Sanatorium "Izvestia" (Adler), photo of which can beconsider the above, has a lot of entertainment. On its territory there are: a library, a billiard room, a dance hall, a hairdresser, several shops. There is also a tour desk where you can pick up a suitable walking or sea excursion.

With a curative purpose and to maintain your body intonus vacationers are invited to attend massages, sauna, various types of baths and showers. In addition to this - a gym with the necessary simulators and various sports equipment, table tennis, a playground for tennis.

Not far from the sanatorium is its ownpebble-sand beach, where there is a large number of water attractions and other entertainment. There are sunbeds, large umbrellas, under which you can hide from the sun, cabins for changing clothes, as well as bio-toilets. Right on the beach you can have a snack in a cozy cafe.

Positive feedback from guests about the rest in the sanatorium

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For all time in a health resort it was possible to visit the bignumber of guests. Someone came with a view to undergo treatment, someone just relax. Many of those who visited the sanatorium "Izvestia" (Adler), the reviews left a positive character, from which one can distinguish the following:

  • The health resort is very convenient location. Despite the fact that there is a complex on the main street, here around is very quiet and cozy.
  • The territory of the sanatorium is very large. It has many green spaces, benches. Around clean and tidy.
  • The sanatorium took care of people with disabilities to be comfortable here and relax.
  • The rooms are comfortable, there is nothing superfluous.
  • Rooms are cleaned every three days.
  • Dance evenings take place three times a week.
  • Various cafes and restaurants, a dolphinarium and an aquarium, a city pump room - everything is close to the health resort.
  • Near the sanatorium there is a bus stop, with which the transport runs in various directions.
  • On the way to the beach is a large number of shops and trays, where you can buy food, useful things, souvenirs and so on.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the comments of those whoarrived to be treated in Adler (sanatorium "Izvestia"). Reviews of tourists say that in the health resort a small staff of people involved in medical procedures. But at the same time they know a lot about their business and perform all the manipulations qualitatively. The work of the masseurs was especially noted.

Sanatorium "Izvestia" (Adler): negative reviews

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In addition to a large number of positive moments,vacationers always find and negative. Some health resort has already managed to fix, but something only worsened. Therefore it is not surprising that people who come to the sanatorium "Izvestia" in Adler in recent years receive negative feedback in large numbers:

  • To get to the beach, you need to go quite a brisk road or an overhead bridge, located above the roadway.
  • The food is healthy, but not as tasty and varied as stated in the promotional articles about the sanatorium.
  • There is no swimming pool.
  • Cleaning is not very good. There are a lot of dust and dirt in the corridors.
  • Not all rooms have comfortable beds.
  • Change of bed and change of towels is carried out not with cleaning, and once in ten days.

Location of the sanatorium

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From Sochi airport you can get there on anyroute bus, next to Adler. Sanatorium "Izvestia" (health resort address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Lenin Street, 282) is located right on the main street, not far from the stop with the same name. It will be impossible to get lost.

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