Salty Dough Herringbone

Crafts in the form of a Christmas tree, many of us are making before the New Year holidays. For this purpose, a variety of materials are used, such as: beads, plastic, plasticine, clay, paper, cardboard, rezinochki. Such homemade souvenirs are the best gift for our relatives and friends.
In my master class, I will explain how to make a small Christmas tree from salt dough. For greater clarity, I took step-by-step photos and wrote a detailed description to them.
herringbone from salt dough

So, we will need:
- Two tablespoons of table salt (preferably fine);
- Two tablespoons of flour;
- 10-15 ml of water;
- Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter;
- Tassels;
- Pearlescent acrylic paints (green, yellow, red).
herringbone from salt dough

Creation Steps:
1. In the tank mix flour and salt in the ratio of one to one.
herringbone from salt dough

2. Add a small amount of water.
herringbone from salt dough

3. We interfere with the mass until a homogeneous consistency.
herringbone from salt dough

4. Knead a ball of dough, which should well fall behind the hands.
herringbone from salt dough

5. Roll out the cake, its thickness should be about two to three millimeters. With the help of a special mold cut the figure.If you do not have such a device, then you can replace it with a regular kitchen knife.
herringbone from salt dough

6. Leave the figure to dry overnight, it is best to put it on a regular piece of paper. The dough should be very hard.
herringbone from salt dough

7. After the herringbone has hardened, take a green pearl acrylic paint and paint the background.
herringbone from salt dough

8. Open the yellow paint and draw a garland of balls, arrange them diagonally.
herringbone from salt dough

9. We complete the production of figures. Add a few red balls.
herringbone from salt dough

That's all! The figure from salty dough in the form of an elegant Christmas tree is ready! Upcoming holidays!

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