Rust removal from the car body with his own hands. Rust remover

Rust is the worst enemy of any car body. It causes a corrosive process for metal. If time does not take measures to eliminate it, there will be through holes on the surface, and the body will lose not only its appearance, but also its strength. Corrosion appears in various places. Today we look at ways to remove rust from a car body and technology to eliminate it.

Where and why appear?

Various "mushrooms" begin to appear in places called sandblasting. This is the inner part of the arches, the place behind the mud flaps, the rapids. The bottom also suffers, especially during the winter. Chemical reagents (salt, sand) are deposited on the surface of the metal, causing corrosion processes.Electrochemical rust removal from a car bodyRust bodies treated by the method of hot and galvanic zinc plating are less susceptible to rust.But in the case of an accident, the bare plot is open to access by external factors - water, sand and other things. Therefore, in case of an accident, it is necessary not to hesitate with restoring the integrity of the body. Otherwise the metal will rot.

Removal methods

There are only two methods by which you can remove rust from a car body with your own hands:

  • Mechanical.
  • Chemical.

The essence of the first method consists in the cleaning, priming and puttying of the surface with its subsequent painting. This method is perfect in advanced cases when rust is well ingrained into the metal. By machining the iron is trimmed to shine. But at the same time its thickness decreases.

The second method involves the use of aggressive substances. During the work, a special liquid is used to remove rust from the car body. It is orthophosphoric or any other zinc-filled acid.

What's better?

Which method is best for you? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. It all depends on the scale and neglect of the corrosion process. If you have small mushrooms, they can be eliminated by the second method. Removing rust with phosphoric acid from the car body is the best option for this situation.But if rust is well ingrained in the metal and sits tightly under the LPC, which has already reared, no mechanical intervention is necessary.ways to remove rust from the car bodyWell, let's look at how rust is removed from the car body with both hands.

Mechanical cleaning. Preparation of tools and materials

Here we need a whole set, namely:

  • Sandpaper of varying degrees of grain (from the smallest to the largest).
  • Solvent.
  • Converter.
  • Grinding tool. This may be a drill or a Bulgarian with a corresponding abrasive attachment.
  • Anticorrosive primer.
  • Pieces of clean rag.
  • Putty with hardener.
  • Numbered paint and clear lacquer. You can order already finished, in cans according to the code that is on the body stamping.
  • Masking tape and film (or many newspapers).

liquid to remove rust from the car bodyAlso note that the removal of rust from the car body with their own hands can be done using a sandblaster. Particles of sand under pressure displace rust from the surface, and it becomes perfectly clean. But the trouble is that with a single use, this device does not pay off.Therefore, when self-repair, many use a drill or grinder with an abrasive nozzle.

Getting Started

First we need to clean the area from dirt and degrease with a solvent. This may be gasoline or white spirit. Next, we put on the drill or grinder attachment with abrasive and treat the damaged area. To drive a tool you need slowly, without sudden movements. Try to avoid deep scratches and transitions.removal of phosphorus acid rust from the car bodyIn the absence of such tools, removing rust from the car body with your own hands can be done manually. To do this, take in the hands of a wooden bar and envelop it in sandpaper. We begin to grind the surface in a circular motion. Why it is impossible to work with a sandpaper directly, hands? The fact is that with such processing there will be strong transitions on LCP, since the difference in finger pressure is significant.

When processing, gradually increase the grain of the paper (up to two thousand). So we will be able to smooth the transitions that will be evident after painting the repaired surface, as in this case:Rust removal from the car body with their own handsIf the rust is deep, do not be afraid to remove it along with a layer of metal.If corrosion is not completely eliminated, all the work will go down the drain. And the "mushrooms" will appear somewhere in 3-6 months after painting. Therefore, it is important to provide the most brilliant, clean surface. Then it is treated with special chemicals to remove rust from the car body (converter).

Defect Alignment

No matter how hard we try to process the site, there will still be small irregularities. It is possible that they are not so visible on the cleaned surface, but during painting all defects will float out. Therefore, we can not do without putty. We mix it with a hardener (which is included) and apply it with a thin layer on the surface. Superfluous we remove with an emery paper, preliminary having wrapped it in the same bar. At the end we process the most fine-grained sandpaper and once again pass through the solvent. It will remove the remaining pollen from the putty. Then you can safely proceed to painting and varnishing. Do not forget to pre-apply anti-corrosion primer.

Chemical method

Unlike the first one, it is simpler and does not require repainting the damaged element. But we immediately note the disadvantage of this method - the time of action.No matter how expensive a rust remover is used, it can only protect for 4-6 weeks. This is the main drawback. Otherwise, electrochemical rust removal from a car body has only advantages:

  • The speed of action. Rust is removed after 1-2 hours after application.
  • No need for painting. Chemistry acts locally, without affecting the factory layer LCP.
  • No need for specialized tools. We do not need a drill, a grinder, a bunch of nozzles, a sandblaster and even a basic set of sandpaper.

How is chemical removal made? First, the surface is washed away from dust and dirt, and also degreased. Next to the site is applied to remove rust. It may be:

  • "V-52 rust remover".
  • "Zincor".
  • Orthophosphoric acid.
  • Or any other converter products at your discretion.

It is better to purchase funds in the form of a spray. So the chemistry as much as possible falls on the surface, besides there is no need to dip and rub everything with a rag. According to the instructions, you need to leave the site for 1-2 hours.rust removerNext, the surface is re-degreased with a clean cloth.She well absorbs all the rust from the site. If the corrosion is very deep, repeat this procedure again. Practice shows that in this way it is possible to effectively remove traces of rust without significant waste, painting and mechanical intervention.

How to prolong the effect?

After application of the agent, a protective zinc layer is formed on the surface. But he will not be able to provide long-term protection for a long time. The only way to prolong the effect is to gloss the surface. So we will fully protect it from the external aggressive environment. But it is worth remembering that in visible areas (hood, doors, and so on) there will be noticeable transitions in varnish. Therefore, it is not always reasonable to apply this method.Chemistry to remove rust from the car bodyIt is better to process rust with chemistry more often. Moreover, the method does not require a lot of time and effort from you. After applying, you can go about your business - the acid itself will corrode all accumulated rust.


So, we found out how to overcome corrosion in a car. In order not to face such problems, experts recommend washing the car more often (including in winter, as salt accumulates on the arches and the bottom) and produce anti-corrosion treatment if the car is not new.Another effective prevention method is to apply an anti-gravel protective film. It is transparent and in no way spoils the look of your car.

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