Roll "California". Cooking yourself

Rice and fish - already rolls?

Rolls, as you probably know, came to us from Japan. Before gaining popularity in the expanses of our country, they have come a long way. From barrels of pickled fish, where rice was used only for storing seafood in an edible state, to the point that today is in such great demand, we are separated by a whole millennium. Salty rice only helped anglers to keep their catch for one and a half years. After that, the cereal is usually thrown out. But at some period, people decided not to throw away a valuable product, but to season it and consume it in food. Then they began to add pieces of fish, mushrooms, vegetables and other products to rice. And after some time, something appeared without which no Japanese restaurant can be imagined.

california roll

Growing popularity

In the seventies, Japanese refugees, hitting the United States, brought with them this wonderful dish. Each chef invented his own recipes, replacing traditional ingredients with new ones to please the inhabitants of the New World.For example, the California roll was coined. It is named after the place where people are especially fond of the new masterpiece of Japanese culinary art. Over time, there are so many recipes that it is simply impossible to count the exact number of them at the moment, because every cook leaves something new behind.

Cooking California Roll

Before you start cooking you need to prepare the dishes and ingredients. Pay special attention to fig. It should be round, starchy and preferably free of cracks and dark spots. Fish, for the first time, it is better to take smoked. Spread makisa on the table. Place a sheet of seaweed (nori or chuks) on top with the smooth side down. Evenly spread on a sheet of about 100-120 grams of rice. Turn the resulting sandwich rice down. As we remember, roll "California" is a dish where nori is located inside. Now in the middle of the leaf we spread the traditional stuffing - crab meat or chopsticks, avocado and cucumber slices. You can add a little wasabi (if you wish). Carefully wrap. Apply the resulting "sausage" slightly. Give the necessary form. All that's left is to sprinkle flying fish roe on top, and the California roll is ready.

roll volcano

Roll "Volcano"

Refers to warm rolls.Cooking will not cause labor, even if you are new to Japanese cuisine. First, put about 150 grams of rice on a nori leaf. Roll and flip. Next, you need to cut into strips of avocado and scallop. Place the stuffing in the middle of the seaweed and roll the roll. Cut into 6 pieces. Pour over the Yum Yum sauce. Place on a roaster and bake until lightly crusted.

Chicken roll

chicken roll recipe

The recipe is quite unusual. We will need boiled chicken fillet, green onions and paprika. On the rough side of the nori lay out 150 grams of rice. Evenly roll out and turn over. In the center of the back of the sheet put the pieces of chicken, sliced, pepper and onion feathers. We turn off. Shape and cut. If you wish, roll can be decorated outside with fried sesame or caviar of flying fish.

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