Biography of Rodion Gazmanov

Rodion Gazmanov is a popular Russian singer, as well as a soloist and songwriter of his own group "DNA". It is worth noting that the guy is the son of a famous musician and performer Oleg Gazmanov, but despite this he spent his whole life trying to achieve goals on his own.
Singer Rodion GazmanovSinger Rodion Gazmanov
Rodion did not immediately decide to make music, initially he wanted to become a successful businessman, but after a while he realized that he didn’t get such pleasure from anything else as from singing and grateful listeners.

Childhood Rodion Gazmanov

The future Russian pop star was born on July 3, 1981 in Kaliningrad. Born in a stellar family, the boy was destined to become, like his father, one of the best pop singers of our time. The boy’s mother is an ordinary housewife who has dedicated her life to raising a child.
Rodion Gazmanov in childhoodRodion Gazmanov in childhood
Rodion from childhood began to be interested in music,therefore, at the age of 5, he began studying at a music school, in which he studied for exactly one year, until the entire Gazmanov family moved to the capital. However, the boy didn’t grieve for his lost friends for a long time, but with new forces he continued his musical studies at the new school.

Rodion Gazmanov and Lucy

Star Trek of the boy began in 1987 from the moment when Oleg Gazmanov decided to make a video for the song "Lucy" with the participation of his son. This furor occurred when the video was first shown on one of the TV shows “Morning Mail”. From that moment on, the 6-year-old boy began to be perceived not just as the son of a famous performer, but also as an accomplished Russian pop star.
Rodion Gazmanov - Lucy
The young artist not only appeared in the video for this song, but also regularly performed at his father's concerts, performing in a duet with him the already legendary composition. The boy admitted that he had never been afraid to appear on the stage in front of thousands of people, as he had repeatedly attended Oleg Gazmanov’s concerts and saw that there was nothing terrible about it. Already at this age, Rodion could boast of his first serious fee, which of course he spent on sweets and favorite toys.
Having received a secondary education, the guy, after listening to the advice of the parents, decided to go to England for further studies. However, he was only enough for 2 years, after which he returned to his native country.
The fate of Rodion Gazmanov was determined from birthThe fate of Rodion Gazmanov was determined from birth
Rodion was not in awe of rainy and foggy Britain, so he regularly asked for a homeland. Of course, parents could not long see how their son was suffering in a foreign country, and succumbed to his persuasion.

Early career Rodion Gazmanov

Upon arrival at Rodion, his voice began to grow harsh, which is why he decided to postpone a little with singing and musical career in general. Oleg Gazmanov also went through this life stage at his age, therefore he supported any decision of his son. Relations in the Gazmanov family have always been built on trust and mutual understanding, which is why the boy grew up quite independent, but at the same time very reasonable person.
Rodion Gazmanov decided to do businessRodion Gazmanov decided to do business
As soon as the guy became an adult, he began to earn on his own. His first non-stage work was the position of bartender in a Moscow club.The young man did not consider it humiliating, but on the contrary, after a long time, he recalls many funny and fascinating stories heard from visitors.
Rodion showed himself to be a very responsible and honest worker, so he was soon promoted to manager. However, as the guy himself admits, he often returned to the bar counter in order to re-enjoy his interaction with visitors.
At some point, the guy was thinking about higher education, but he was in no hurry to apply for a music school. Then the goal of the young man was to create his own business, so he passed the documents to one of the best financial academies in the capital.
Growth of Rodion Gazmanov 167 cmGrowth of Rodion Gazmanov 167 cm
It is worth noting that at the end of the university Rodion received a red diploma and began working as a financial analyst. However, his activities fell on the financial crisis, because of what he decided to switch to another industry.

The musical career of Rodion Gazmanov

Even as a student, the guy created a musical group, in which he met with other children in his free time, and could distract from their worries.In 2012, Rodion decided to devote himself entirely to the music business. He tightly engaged in the promotion of "DNA", took up the writing of texts and their editing, so his songs always convey the sincere feelings of the singer.
His group became very popular not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, the guy began to perform with concerts and record clips. A little later, Rodion admitted that from a financial point of view, promoting his own group is a very unprofitable task, but the energy that the audience gives during concerts doesn’t compare with anything in the world. It is because of this that he continues his activity.
Rodion Gazmanov - Gravity
In addition, Rodion did not leave attempts to build his own business, so he can boast of his nightclub in Moscow. He tries to prove himself in many areas, but is really happy only by performing on stage in front of loyal fans.

The personal life of Rodion Gazmanov

The real serious love in the life of Rodion Gazmanov was an ordinary girl Angelica, who in some way was not connected with the world of show business.Their relationship lasted for quite a long time, and the guy had already spoken about her as a future bride, but the long-awaited wedding did not happen. They say that Oleg Gazmanov did not give a blessing to the marriage, as he was sure that his life partner should be 15 years younger.
Oleg and Rodion GazmanovsOleg and Rodion Gazmanovs
In 2012, the son decided to listen to the instructions of his father and began to meet with an underage girl Diana. At that time, the actor was 31 years old, and his companion was only 17. The lovers themselves in every way denied the existence of their union, but the pictures said quite the opposite. However, this relationship did not last long.
After that, Rodion began to appear with different girls at all social events and parties, which caused a storm of emotions among fans and journalists. But the guy with whom the guy would like to tie the knot was still not found.

Rodion Gazmanov today

In 2013, Rodion released his solo album “Antiphases”, which included 13 tracks.
Rodion Gazmanov released the album "Antiphases"Rodion Gazmanov released the album "Antiphases"
In the same year, after another break with the girl, the musician decided to find his soul mate on the show "Let's Get Married", which is broadcast on Channel One.As a result, the project Rodion left without selecting any of the proposed candidates, which is why many felt that participation was for the sake of PR.
In 2015, the guy decided to take part in the second season of his favorite TV show "Toch-to-Exactly", where the artists already performed perform the compositions of legendary singers completely reincarnated into their image, ranging from manners to appearance. The winners of this season were Evgeni Dyatlov and Maxim Galkin.
Rodion Gazmanov in the Voice on the blind audition “I Believe I Can Fly”
In the autumn of the same year, he appeared in the fourth season of the show “Voice” on Channel One. Two tutors turned to him at once and, after some deliberation, the singer chose the second one.

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