Rocket launch from an airplane

Giant-sized aircraft Stratolaunch, designed for the withdrawal of space rockets into the stratosphere, made the first passage on the runway.
The Stratolaunch aircraft was created by Scaled Composites for Stratolaunch Systems. Future missiles will be installed between the two fuselages of the aircraft. Starting a rocket from the air will significantly reduce fuel costs, since it is not necessary to overcome gravity on the ground.
But first, a giant composite plane needs to take off.
The creators started small: brought the giant to the runway. This is his first drive with his own engines, two engines, removed from the Boeing 747.

“If you put this plane in the middle of a football field, its wings will protrude 5 meters from the goal line on both sides,” said Kevin Mickey, President of Scaled Composites

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Thus, the Stratolaunch will be almost 20 meters wider than the legendary Hughes H-4 Hercules, 30 meters wider than the Soviet carrier Buran AN-225 and 37 meters wider than the modern Airbus A380. The plane is created from two decommissioned Boeing liners, and the very idea of ​​its creation belongs to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

But Stratolaunch is not created to claim the title of the world's largest aircraft - this is just a side effect. It is planned that “Ruh” will radically change the way satellite satellites are put into orbit.

Stratolaunch is designed to carry a three-stage rocket, which is mounted between the two fuselages. When the required altitude is reached, the rocket will detach and fly into space, after which it will release the satellite. The total weight of the aircraft and the rocket will be about 600 tons; it is expected that such a system will be able to bring up to 6 tons of payload into low-Earth orbit.

Well, tell me, there have already been several air start projects both with us and with the Americans - yet they ended without prospects.

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