Recipe for hot beetroot soup

Beetroot is an old dish, related toa family of borscht. Sometimes it is used for medicinal purposes, as a means for cleaning the body. Prepare it on a vegetable broth: beet, cabbage or cucumber. Often in beetroot boiled meat is added, or it is possible to cook an excellent beetroot and on a meat broth.

There are several varieties of beetroot,among which the most popular are hot beetroot, cold and lean, which is cooked on mushroom broth. Beetroot is considered a dietary dish. The recipe for hot beetroot soup with mushrooms to taste resembles a mushroom soup, only with beets.

Usually, beetroot fry is cooked whenthin beets, because the hot beetroot recipe contains the tops. It is not difficult to cook it. To prepare beetroot will need the following ingredients: roots and tops of young beets and carrots, cabbage and potatoes. Still need to take the roots of parsley and celery, as well as the greens of parsley and dill.

First prepare the broth. White roots are cleaned and cut into small cubes, beets and carrots are rubbed on a large grater, and then all components are thrown into boiling water. After that, chopped cabbage and potatoes, cut into cubes, are lowered into the boiling broth. When vegetables are cooked, carrot and beet topped into small pieces are added to the broth.
In the recipe for hot beetroot on request, you can include young nettles.

The last in hot beetroot is added saltand spices. Before the soup is served to the table, it is allowed to brew for 10 minutes on the off plate. Before serving, beetroot sprinkled with herbs, served with mustard and sour cream, and instead of bread - rye crumbs.

Recipe for hot beetroot soup on meat brothcontains the following components: meat for broth, beets, tomato paste or tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices and herbs. For the broth any meat is suitable. It is poured cold water, put on a plate and boiled. In the pan, the beetroot grated beetroot is drenched and sipped with vinegar. When the beet becomes soft, it is added to the boiling broth. There also add pepper, finely chopped greens and cook for 20 minutes until cooked. After the beetroot was removed from the fire, it is filled with sugar and vinegar. If desired, you can put a half of the hard-boiled egg in a plate. When serving on a table in a bowl of soup, add a spoonful of sour cream and sprinkle the chopped green onions.
Cold beetroot is good to cook in hot weather.ThisThe recipe for beetroot cooking is so simplein cooking, which will allow you to cook a delicious meal in just an hour. For the chill, a young beet is used, but last year's will also work. Cold beet soup is a classic recipe, contains the following ingredients:

beets - 700 grams, potatoes - 400 grams, fresh cucumbers - 250 grams, radish, green onions, horseradish, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, salt and sugar, boiled eggs.

To prepare beet broth beets needbake in the oven, then cut it into slices, pour water at the rate of 3 liters of water per large beet and cook for 30 minutes. At the end of cooking, the broth should be added. To keep the beet retain its bright color, at the moment of boiling the broth, lemon juice is added to it.

After cooling from the broth boiled beetrootIt is cleaned, but the decoction is filtered. Almost the same ingredients are put in the cooler as in the okroshka: fresh cucumbers, radish, boiled potatoes and green onions. In the plate before serving, add sour cream and half of the boiled egg. Sometimes in a cold beetroot boiled meat is added, cut into small pieces.

Beetroot cold also adds cucumberbroth, kvass, which brings it together with okroshka, you can add yogurt, kefir or even yogurt. These additives can change the classic recipe, but you can get an option that best suits the tastes and preferences of all family members.

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