Press for metal-plastic pipes. Press-pliers for crimping plastic pipes

Seldom do they manage to install the pipelinewithout crimping operation. In essence, this is an uncomplicated action that a layman can perform at home. However, for a qualitative implementation of the procedure, an appropriate tool is still required. Typically, press fittings or crimping pliers are used for such purposes, allowing a damage-proof and sealed connection with minimal physical effort.

press for metal-plastic pipes

Features of manual presses

There are several types of press mites,which differ in the nature of the principle of operation and performance characteristics. Usually distinguish between manual and mechanized battery or network models. The standard solution is considered to be a manual version. This option is suitable for working with pipes up to 26 m in diameter. That is, it is advisable to use this tool at home under small workloads. A network or rechargeable press for metal-plastic pipes is more advantageous for applications where large volumes of work are to be performed. Also, electric devices benefit from manual presses in that they also provide additional possibilities - for example, realize lighting in dark rooms without access to artificial lighting. But such modifications and at a price are more expensive.

press fittings

Main characteristics of the instrument

The main performance characteristic isdiameter with which the tool can service pipes. It is important to note that in the selection it is not enough to pay attention only to the maximum upper bar - for example, to 32 mm. The fact is that each version covers a specific range of sizes. So, there are tongs for the press of metal-plastic pipes, which work only in the corridor of diameters from 12 to 24 mm. Or there are more powerful versions that can serve the spectrum of 16-32 mm. In addition, for ease of operation, it is important to take into account the rotation characteristics of the press head. Almost all modern models provide 360 ​​° torsion, but there are exceptions. Especially when it comes to the regular use of the device, one should take into account its mass. On average, press pliers weigh 6-8 kg. The smaller the mass, the more energy is saved in the process of performing work activities.


pliers for press of metal-plastic pipes

Despite the external simplicity of the instrument, itsthe manufacture and design of the construction requires serious resources. Afford it can not every company. In the Russian market, in particular, a quality press for metal-plastic pipes is represented by ROTHENBERGER, REMS and Valtec. The company ROTHENBERGER produces a wide range of different pressure testers, as well as auxiliary devices for working with pipelines.

REMS brand products differ in constructionadvantages and high quality of materials used in the manufacture of tools. No less remarkable is the Valtec press for metal-plastic pipes, which is mainly produced in the form of radial models. It is practically universal sanitary unit, through which it is possible to service not only metal-plastic, but also copper, stainless and cast-iron pipes. It is another matter that in each case the instrument should be suitable for the performance of a specific task.

Nuances of tool operation

price of the press for metal-plastic pipes

Usually the execution of crimping operations is performedwith pipes that could be deformed when cutting. In this case, it is necessary to restore the optimal round shape by means of the calibrator, and also to remove the chamfer at the inner edge. Further preparatory work is carried out. They consist of installing a fitting that will not allow the pipe to deform again when working with ticks. It is very important to perform the correct fitting with liners and gaskets. This eliminates the risk of mechanical damage to surfaces. Now it is possible to install a press for crimping the metal-plastic pipes into working position and by means of physical effort perform the operation. The crimping quality will also depend on how correctly the size was chosen - that is, the degree of conformity of the diameters. The end result will be the formation of two metal arc-shaped strips, which will ensure the interfacing of different sides of the pipes.

How much do press fittings cost?

press valtec for plastic pipes

The simplest models of press mites are estimated at 3-4thousand roubles. As a rule, these are models from Russian manufacturers, which differ in their small dimensions and modest sets of attachments. Versions from the aforementioned manufacturers, even in the initial level, cost about 10-12 thousand rubles. A professional hand tool for crimping is available for 15-20 thousand. It is important to note that such devices are often delivered without any baits, and their dignity is expressed in high quality mechanics and versatility. If the price of a press for metal-plastic pipes is less than 5 thousand, then it is more likely to be a short-lived instrument of poor quality. True, such models are also found in the lines of major manufacturers. Low cost in this case will be due to the small size of the press mites, their weak ergonomics and orientation to work with diameters in a narrow range - usually small.

How to choose a press for metal-plastic pipes?

If you plan to purchase a model for frequentapplication in the work with pipelines, then give preference to universal tools, that is, those modifications that are able to serve the widest range of work. By the way, for use in everyday life the device working with formats of 10-16 mm is quite suitable. The larger diameters are still serviced by experienced specialists. If you select clamps for the press of metal-plastic pipes forming the responsible lines of the main networks, then it is worthwhile to consider the expediency of purchasing a hand tool as such. Perhaps the best solution in this situation will be a network or battery. But, on the other hand, the complete autonomy of manual modifications in operation at remote de-energized objects is also a significant plus, and this must be taken into account.


press for crimping of plastic pipes

Plumbers practice a variety of ways,realizing the connection of pipes. Some of them are characterized by ease of use, while others allow for long-lasting joints with a high degree of tightness. Crimp press for metal-plastic pipes rather refers to the second category of connection technician. If the quality of the operation is performed in this way, it is possible to organize a reliable pipeline network with minimal costs. With regard to the availability and ease of this method from the point of view of editing, it is certainly not the simplest, but the result obtained is more likely to justify technical troubles.

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