Prague: when is it better to go and what to see

Prague is a stunningly beautiful and unusual city, full of old buildings and sights. Many tourists, intending to visit it for the first time, wonder when it is better to go to Prague. That is what we want to tell in our article.

Climatic conditions of the city

What time is better to go to Prague? According to tourists, the city is beautiful at any time of the year. Here you can always find a lot of interesting things. Yes, and Prague looks different in different seasons. There is an opinion that it is most convenient to walk around the city during those periods when it is still quite warm and there are no uncomfortable warm clothes and shoes on you. This is partly the case. But any season in the city is good.

It is difficult to give an exact answer at what time of the year it is better to go to Prague. The climatic features of the country are due to a very convenient geographical location. The city is characterized by mild and warm winters and very hot summers.

Weather in Prague in winter

In the cold season, the temperature here does not fall below -5 degrees. However, these months may well be precipitation in the form of snow or rain.But just before the New Year, frosty weather is setting in Prague. Sometimes it can be 10 degrees below zero. And yet, when is it better to go to Prague in the winter?

when is it better to go to prague

If you want to feel the spirit of this Catholic Christmas or to meet in the city of New Year, then you should go here before December 25th. The winter months for tourists are good because you can not only celebrate holidays unusually, but also plunge into real Christmas sales.

Spring city

Continuing the conversation about what time of year it is better to go to Prague, it is worth saying that in the spring the city is changing. It is already warm in March and April: +15 ... + 20 degrees. Everything around is blossoming and rejoicing, but sometimes cold rain can break loose. The tourist season is already open, so you can safely go to the Czech Republic. Gradually, various events, festivals and folk holidays are gaining momentum.

Weather in Prague in the summer

Reflecting on what time it is better to go to Prague, it is worth knowing that in the summer it is warm in the city at first, and then it becomes quite hot. In June, the air temperature reaches +25 degrees. Rain is very rare.

Prague at which time of the year it is better to go

But in July a 30-degree heat sets in, sometimes accompanied by short-term rainfall.August is a very sunny month and more peaceful than the peak of the tourist season in July.

Autumn Prague

Answering the question about when it is better to go to Prague to rest, many tourists agree that the best time is the beginning of autumn. In September, the heat in the city gradually decreases and the comfortable temperature is set at + 15 ... + 20 degrees. This is the ideal time to see all the beauty of the city, to walk, while not exhausted from the heat and not shivering from the cold.

In October, unfortunately, the rainy period begins. But in the Czech resorts are still crowded. And in November, the first frosts begin, and daily temperature indicators do not always exceed +5 degrees. But at this time around the main attractions of Prague will not meet crowds of tourists. You can walk around the city calmly and without much fuss.

Travel Tips

If you think about when it is better to go to Prague and what to see in it, then by all means use the recommendations of experienced travelers. Going on the road, be sure to take an umbrella. This accessory is incredibly in demand in the Czech Republic.Whatever time of year you prefer to travel, you can not do without high-quality and comfortable shoes. Women should not forget about heels. To take such shoes with you is simply pointless. Firstly, you have to walk a lot to admire the city, and secondly, Prague paving stones are incompatible with heels. Sneakers and comfortable shoes are the main things in your suitcase. what currency is better to go to Prague

For the first acquaintance with the city can be limited to 5-8 days. This time is quite enough to see the most basic and most famous sights of Prague. Surely you will be fascinated by this beautiful city and want to come back here again, but at another time of the year. After all, it is possible to learn the many-faced Prague to infinity.

What to visit in spring?

What do you think, when is it better to go to Prague in the spring? According to tourists, May is the most suitable time. But in March it is already quite possible to walk around the city and enjoy its majestic beauty and medieval architecture. In the spring, Prague is saturated with the scent of lilac, magnolia and cherry. You can walk around the city on your own or with a guide. It is also interesting to take a boat trip on the Vltava.During this period, the Krizik fountains began to function, giving a magnificent show of multi-colored jets of water rising high to the music. Such places as water park and dinopark are very popular among children and adults.

After the winter, museums and palaces welcome visitors. The city hosts all kinds of cultural events. In March, for example, film festivals take place in Prague: “Febiofest” and “Days of European Film”. In April, Easter fairs are traditionally held, and at the end of the month you can take part in the festival to destroy the dark forces. what time is better to go to prague

In May, tourists will enjoy the holiday "Flowering Cherries", a book fair and the famous "Prague Spring", which gathers all famous performers and lovers of classical music. Also at this time you can take part in the beer festival, which lasts a whole two weeks.

In the spring, it is worth visiting the historic Mala Strana district, Wallenstein Palace, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Vysehrad Fortress, Medieval Town Hall, Loret complex, Strahov Monastery, St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge.

What to see in the summer?

If you plan to visit the city with children, then it’s just not necessary to talk about when to go to Prague. Of course, the best time is summer. After all, with the kids, you can visit the Lego Museum, the Prague Water Park, and Dinopark. A lot of vivid impressions will be given by walking on trams along the Vltava.

But not only with children go to Prague in the summer. Nobody is bored here - neither couples in love, nor unfamiliar tourists. Entertainment and interesting places in the city abound. Prague is incredibly beautiful in the evening lights. You can even walk through it at night. On the streets of the city until late work restaurants and nightlife. And on the open terraces of numerous cafes you can spend hours tasting different varieties of famous Czech beer. Even a simple walk through the winding streets of Prague is a real pleasure. In summer, absolutely all historical sites and other sights of the suburbs and Prague itself are available for visiting: St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Royal Garden in Hradcany, Vysehrad, Dancing House, Waldstein Garden, museums of chocolate, modern art, Kafka and others.

Having decided when it is better to go to Prague, you should take care of booking a hotel room in advance. Moreover, this should be done in the spring, because with the onset of summer, the city is quickly filled with numerous tourists from different parts of the world. To find a suitable option, and even at an affordable price, is practically impracticable.

What is good autumn Prague?

If a poet and an artist lives in your soul, then do not even think about when it is better to go to Prague. Picturesque autumn cityscapes will conquer you forever. Walking through the streets of Prague in September and October is pleasant and comfortable, because the velvet season is in full swing.

The first two months of autumn for visitors are open all the attractions. But with the approach of the winter period, many establishments are beginning to switch to a more measured mode of operation, gradually reducing visiting hours, since the influx of tourists has long eased. And then many museums in general will be closed for the winter, and their staff will go on vacation before the start of the new season. In the autumn, various nightlife is activated: restaurants, clubs with live music. But art lovers can visit Prague theater performances.Prague when it is better to go and what to see

In the fall, tourists can see the Jewish city, Vysehrad, museums, theaters, a park on Kampa Island, Old Town Square and the nearest historical sites. In September and October, you can go on a day trip outside the city. Or even two or three days to go to Dresden, Munich or Vienna.

Christmas tale

People go to Prague in winter for two reasons: to see a real Catholic Christmas, Advent, or to celebrate the New Year. And in January and February come for shopping, as the season of the biggest discounts comes.

When is it better to go to Prague for Christmas? The holiday is celebrated on the night of December 24-25, which means that you need to come at least a day earlier. But Advent itself begins in the first decade of the month, so from this moment you can already admire the bright illumination of the city. Evening walks through the streets of Prague will be remembered forever. The city is simply buried in colorful lights. On the feast of St. Nicholas, angels and bishops walk around Prague, handing out sweets to children.when is it better to go to prague to rest

The main tree is brought from forestry. It is installed on the Old Town Square. Here is the largest Christmas fair. This is a terrific action.At the fair you can wander all day, trying mulled wine, Czech sausages, sweets and picking up souvenirs for loved ones.

The focus will be, of course, the traditional nativity scene, which tells about the birth of Christ.

At the festive little bazaars, live goats and sheep, musical Santa Clauses, brass bells and other Christmas symbols are sold. In any shop and shop before the holiday sell carp. It is with this fish that the Czechs associate Christmas. Locals always buy carps and prepare them for the holiday table, or simply release them into the waters of the Vltava.

On Christmas night, numerous tourists come to the town hall to look at the opening process of the Orloj clock. At midnight all the bells of Prague's churches begin to ring. You can also attend Mass at the Church of the Virgin Mary.

If you are going to go to Prague in December, then it is worth knowing that from the 24th onwards, supermarkets, restaurants, museums and clubs are closed in the city. Even changing the schedule of urban transport. The usual rhythm of life will resume only after Christmas.

Where to go for the New Year in Prague, it is better to think in advance.In the opera, the famous Bat is always performed on New Year's Eve, and the Nutcracker ballet is performed at the National Theater. In addition, the holiday can be celebrated in a restaurant, a nightclub or a ride on the Vltava on a boat, admiring the city and fireworks.

On New Year's Eve you should definitely go for a walk on the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. You will remember the winter city with its bright and colorful lights.

What is the best currency to go to Prague?

Any tourist going abroad is interested in a financial issue. What is the best currency to go to Prague? If you are going to carry cash, it is best to take the euro with you, because they have the most favorable rate in comparison with other currencies. Experienced tourists do not recommend performing exchange operations with transfer drivers or at the airport.when is it better to go to prague in winter

It is very convenient to go to Prague with a bank card, as there are a large number of ATMs in the city and throughout the country. This is a good alternative to cash. Just before the trip you should inquire at your bank what the fee for cash withdrawal in another country will be.

Traveler reviews

Prague, according to tourists, is the most unusual and magical city in the world. Having been in it only once, you probably want to return to it again. Prague is impossible not to love. Each tourist opens it in his own way, so it’s hard to say when to go to this city. Prague is good in any season. Just knowing some of the features, you can visit the city at any time of the year, planning activities in advance. There is always something to see and do.

Many believe that Prague blooms in the spring after a winter holiday. The city is beautiful when the bushes and trees begin to bloom. Crowds of tourists roam the streets, admiring the magnificence of nature and architecture.

In general, any time of the year is suitable for visiting Prague. But you should think in advance what you want to see. If the purpose of arrival - attractions, castles and museums, then the winter period should not be considered at all, since many places of this kind simply close at this time. The influx of tourists is gone, so it's time for the staff to go on vacation before the start of the new season, which usually begins with the arrival of spring. In the summer months you need to be prepared for the heat.when is it better to go to prague in spring

If you want to really get to know Prague, you should definitely go to the city for Christmas. According to tourists, this is the most magical time, giving the feeling of a real fairy tale. The shining city in the lights is even more beautiful than usual. And if you are lucky enough to catch the snow, then you will plunge into the world of medieval beauty of old buildings and bright modern garlands.

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