Phlox "Shcherbet cocktail", photo, reviews.

Many gardeners like to decorate their summerareas of unusual colors. Some write out hybrid seeds and bulbs, others change their neighbors with their favorite ones. Recently, in dachas, phloxes are more often found. At the same time they have all kinds of colors and shades and for a long time please the eye with their flowering.

general information

Phlox is a perennial herbaceous plant,which looks like a small bush. It is suitable for decorating a plot and creating a colorful flowerbed, it is used as a separate plantation. Phlox has a thin, sturdy stem, whose height can reach 100-130 cm. But there are also undersized representatives that form a thick bush and look like a flowering ball. Such phloxes grow to a maximum of 50 cm.

flox sherbet cocktailOn the branches are densely arranged ovaloblong leaves with a pronounced central vein. They are painted in a dark green or emerald tone. Flowers are collected in large inflorescences, the size and color of them depends on the plant variety.

Phlox "Shcherbet cocktail"

Breeders engaged in the creation of new varietiesflowers, each year presented with unusual hybrids. They can stand out as a form, color or unusual leaves. Phlox "Shcherbet cocktail" refers specifically to such novelties. Original it makes the coloring of flowers, in which for the first time in the history of this species appeared yellow color.

flox sherbet cocktail photoThe bush of this variety is characterized by medium height. Its branches stretch for 70 cm. The leaves are oblong, thickly fill the stems in the upper part. Flowers of medium size: up to 2.5 cm in diameter. They have 5 petals, painted in a pink tone with a bright "solar" edging. Flowers are collected in a dense inflorescence and outwardly resemble a hydrangea. Before blossoming, the bud completely has a yellow color and contrasts with the burgundy bracts.

Planting and care

Require a special approach. To plant a plant called phlox "Shcherbet cocktail" you need to choose a place where the flower will be slightly covered from the sun and completely protected from wind and drafts. With long-term exposure to direct sunlight, flowers burn out and lose their decorative effect. The soil must be loose, fertilized and well drained.

Phlox "Shcherbet cocktail" - unpretentious variety, butyet he needs timely watering, especially in the droughty period of the summer months. It is also necessary to loosen the soil on a regular basis, so that air can freely penetrate to the root system. The plant is good for fertilizing. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to introduce organic and mineral fertilizers under the root.


The plant is planted in the middle of April orbeginning of May, depending on the weather conditions. To choose the right variety, for example, phloem "Shcherbet cocktail", photo and description of the plant must be found on the Internet. So you do not make mistakes when buying seeds in the store: the presence of numerous packages with bright similar colors can confuse even an experienced gardener.

flox sherbet cocktail reviewsThe phlox multiplies with the help of green cuttings,seeds and bush division. Cuttings are carried out at the end of June before the beginning of flowering. Green stalks are cut in such a way that after planting in the soil on the surface, at least 1 knot is preserved. In the prepared fertile soil cuttings are cut into 3 cm, after which they are watered. Place of rooting should be in the penumbra, as in the sun the seedlings can burn. With regular care and sufficient watering, the roots are formed after 30 days.

The simplest methods includereproduction by division of a bush. This process is usually carried out in the spring. The plant is completely removed from the ground, neatly, so as not to damage the roots, and is divided into the required number of parts. On each new bush should be present a minimum of 3 shoots.

Among all the variety of colors, many gardenersespecially the flocs "Shcherbet cocktail". Reviews about this plant are only positive and make him additional advertising. All fans of phloxes certainly want to get a unique variety with an unusual yellow coloring of flowers.

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Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews Phlox Shcherbet cocktail, photo, reviews