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In Greece there are many islands.And almost all of them are beautiful resort areas, which welcome visitors from all over the world all year round. The largest and southern island of Greece is Crete. It is divided into four regions: Heraklion, Chania, Lassithi and Rethymnon. The nature here has preserved its original appearance, and the sea is always warm and calm.

Many travel agencies offertourists visit the hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 * (Greece), which is located in Rethymnon. Picturesque places, amazing nature and breathtaking views of this region attract travelers from all corners of the globe to enjoy this unique beauty.

The Magic Island of Crete

It is this place that reveals real beautyGreece. The southern resorts of Crete are famous for their spacious sand and pebble beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes. In the northern regions of the island there is always excellent weather, and the sea here is always very warm and warms up earlier than in Turkey.

Petrinos Aparts 3 Crete

The eastern regions are covered by wide bays,hills and plateaus. In the central part of Crete, towering mountains, whose snow caps are visible until the end of spring. The western regions of the island are densely covered with bright vegetation, where the climate is milder and more humid.

Rest for all

In the resort towns always reigns atmospherefun and carelessness. Find a suitable place to relax here can everyone: and a poor student, and a solid businessman, and a family with children. For young people looking for fun, the resort of Chersonissos is ideal. There is always a holiday and a siesta time, a vibrant night life and noisy discos.

For families with children it is better to choose the hotels of the townRethymno. Hotels of this place are always cozy and quiet, far from hustle and bustle. Those who most value comfort, invites the resort of Elounda. The coast of this city consists only of hotels of only five stars, the fashionability and richness of which amaze.

Hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 * (Rethymno)

This is an ideal place for a quiet familyrecreation. The hotel is located in the village of Sfakaki, which is located 11 km from the city of Rethymnon. The most complex Petrinos Aparts 3 * is to the liking of the inhabitants of megacities. It is here that you can retire, forgetting about the violent rhythm of life in a noisy city and enjoy the rest.

Petrinos Aparts 3

There are severalsmall cottages, and the whole hotel provides its guests with 17 comfortable apartments. In the central part there are two luxurious swimming pools, one of which is for children. If the guests get tired from the scorching sun, they can always take shelter in a cozy garden, relax in the shade of orange and olive trees.


Hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 * (Rethymno) offers its guests rooms of the following categories:

  • high comfort apartments;
  • Studio.

Each room is equipped with comfortable furniture, hasa kitchen area with a necessary set of dishes, a bathroom with a shower, a bathroom. Absolutely all apartments have spacious balconies, from which a beautiful view of the sea opens. The noise of the surf is audible at any time of the day. Particularly exciting is the evening sea, when in the dark blue of the waves the glimmering gleams of bright stars twinkle.

petrinos aparts 3 rethymno

The apartment consists of two spacious bedrooms andequipped kitchen. In the rooms of the "studio" category, the sleeping area adjoins the sitting area. In each room for the convenience of guests there are: a powerful air-conditioner, a small TV with satellite TV, a radio, a roomy refrigerator. For a surcharge, guests are provided with a safe.

Beach area

To swim in the sea and relax, you do not needgo far. The beach is located a few meters from a number of buildings. The wide beach is covered with fine golden sand, and here are a number of sun loungers and umbrellas, which are available at an additional cost. Complex Petrinos Aparts 3 * does not have its own recreation area, its coast is an urban beach.

However, the presence of sea urchins and a heap of rocksprevent comfortable entry into the water. Therefore, in order to swim, you need to go a little to the side, where stretch the large sandy beaches with a gentle bottom and a comfortable descent into the sea.


There is no restaurant at Petrinos Aparts 3 *. But the hospitable hosts organize their own breakfast for their guests. The cozy dining room serves real Greek food, simple and homely. Slicing cheese, sausages, potato balls, pancakes, jam own preparation - although breakfast is simple, but is quite full.

petrinos aparts 3 reviews

Hotel guests eat their own meals. Mostly they visit the cozy cafes and restaurants of Crete during their travels around the island. But in the event that excursions are not expected and will have to stay in the hotel throughout the day, you can go to the local taverns - Eleven and Talasi. There is very tasty food and a great variety of national drinks.


If you are used to passive rest with a constantstay at the complex, the hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 * is not for you. There is no entertainment in the form of services for animators, who cheer up the guests all day. Here, lovers of outdoor activities come to admire the beauty of the island and enjoy the picturesque nature, the paradise corners of which are created for admiration.

petrinos aparts 3 greece

Most visitors hire a car andall day traveling to Greek sights. The nearest major city that you can visit is Rethymnon. On its territory are located:

  • Venetian harbor with an old port;
  • a beautiful promenade with a number of Greek taverns;
  • Ancient Venetian fortress;
  • Old city;
  • Museum of Cretan Music;
  • freshwater lake Kurnas;
  • souvenir shops and shops.

Hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 *: reviews and rates

Rest in this complex is suitable for activetourists who prefer car trips to the sights of Crete. Accommodation and service at Petrinos Aparts 3 * are at an average level and fully consistent with its three-star status.

hotel petrinos aparts 3

Reviews about the complex are mostly positive. Calm home atmosphere, hospitality of hosts and amazing nature have not left indifferent any guest.

There were also negative reviews. Some of the residents lacked service and entertainment, some guests were unhappy with the rocky entrance to the sea and dangerous sea urchins.

Hotel Petrinos Aparts 3 * has a convenientlocation for travel around Crete by car. And given the low cost of living (about 800 euros a week for two), the complex is very popular. Prices in taverns and small restaurants are acceptable, the food is very tasty, and portions are large. The cost of renting a car is about 35 euros per day, so you can travel around the island and explore its paradisiacal corners.

Complex Petrinos Aparts 3 * (Crete) is an ideal place for tourists, whose goal is to visit the delightful Greek island, plunge into the carefree vacation and the enchanting atmosphere of this region.

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