Whooping cough in children: theory vs practice

Whooping cough is now quite common. True, the doctors are not in a hurry to establish such a diagnosis, since it is necessary to give an emergency notice to the SES, to understand why the vaccination was ineffective, and so on.

A bit of theory

Pertussis pathogen- pertussis wand, unstable in the external environment.

Source of infection- a sick person, especially with an erased form of the disease, in which whooping cough often remains undiagnosed.

The transmission path- airborne, and infection is likely only with close and long enough contact with the patient. It is impossible to get pertussis through objects.

Periods of illness:the incubation period is 2-14 days, the initial or catarrhal period is 2-14 days, the period of convulsive cough is from 1 month or more, the recovery is 1-2 months.

The most dangerous whooping cough for children in the first year of life. With severe bouts of cough in infants can stop breathing

But, how pertussis looks in practice

The onset of whooping cough (and paracottus) is nonspecific - like a mild cold with a low fever, a runny nose and a cough.And here the temperature has decreased, the general or common status satisfactory, the rhinitis has decreased or has gone absolutely. A cough does not go away, and all proven home and pharmacy products do not help, or help for 1-2 days, after which the cough returns with a new force. The child begins bouts of dry spasmodic cough, interrupted by a deep whistling breath - a reprise. The attack can end with vomiting or the separation of a thick transparent "vitreous" sputum. In the afternoon, the baby coughs after exercise or when you have to do what you don’t like (for example, eating soup instead of watching cartoons). During a walk in the open air, the child coughs much less often or stops coughing altogether. Cough can change its character, become moist, turn into a cough. That is better, then worse. Any very slight cause can return the cough to the previous level. The convulsive cough reaches its maximum at the end of the second week, then gradually begins to decrease. It happens that spasmodic cough attacks persist for 4-6 months. Thus the doctor on survey speaks, that in lungs - it is clean, the analysis of a blood - without changes.Laboratory diagnosis of pertussis is imperfect.

The diagnosis of whooping cough- clinical. This means that for the diagnosis of sufficiently characteristic symptoms and laboratory confirmation is not required.

Whooping cough in infants

Whooping cough in children: theory vs practice - image №1The most dangerous whooping cough for children in the first year of life. First, pertussis susceptibility is very high from the moment of birth; immunity from the mother is not transmitted. Secondly, with severe bouts of cough in infants can stop breathing. In such cases, inpatient treatment is indicated.

Fortreatmentpertussis used:

1. Mode - home, with the obligatory hours of walking and sleeping in the fresh air. Especially useful walks in the dew and near water. At home, it is better to do quiet things - drawing, reading, watching cartoons. It is not necessary to feed children forcibly or very abundantly, it can lead to vomiting after a coughing fit.

2. Antibiotics are indicated in the first 3 weeks of the disease (unfortunately, it is difficult to suspect whooping cough at this time). Usually use drugs group macrolides.

3. Cough suppressants. They suppress the cough reflex at different levels of the reflex arc.This - sinecode, libeksin, paxeladin and others.

4. Soothing means. They are used because in the period of spasmodic cough there are no inflammatory changes in the airways, and the cough is due to the increased excitability of the cough center of the medulla oblongata.

Homeopathy in the Treatment of Pertussis

A little bit of my favorite homeopathy. From my own experience I can say that it is impossible to cure whooping cough in a few days, but it helps to soften the attacks, reduce their frequency and shorten the period of spasmodic cough. If patients come to me with a cough that lasts more than 2 months, homeopathy can cope with it completely and in several doses of the medicine.

I will give a modesthomeopathic clinicfor whooping cough:

Ipecacuanhait is used if the cough is wet and the attack ends with vomiting.

Bryonyused when dry cough, which provokes physical activity.

Droserawill help if the child begins to cough 10-15 minutes after bedding, mostly night cough.

Cuprum Metallicumit will be a medicine if a spasm is very pronounced, during attacks, the face turns blue, and a sip of water allows you to stop the cough.

Ignatiahelps when the child is irritable and excitable.

Belladonnais useful if during an attack the face and shining eyes turn red, the child is nervous, it is irritated by loud sounds and bright light.

At the same time you can use 1-3 drugs for 1-5 peas - by age. It is enough to take each medicine once a day.

In the treatment of whooping cough the most important thing is patience.

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