Steven Spielberg Biography

Childhood and family

Stephen appeared in a large family. His father was an electronic engineer, and his mother was a pianist. All childhood boy spent in the company of three older sisters. In school Spielberg went to the provincial town of Phoenix, where the family moved. And he was the only Jew in the class, which made Stephen closed. But as soon as the boy crossed the threshold of his own house, he was immediately surrounded by love and affection.
Parents allowed Steven literally everything. Mom and Dad loved their son the way he was, did not re-educate and break character, and also gave freedom.
At the age of 12, Spielberg was presented with an 8 mm movie camera, and almost immediately Steven began shooting short films. He earned money on film himself, worked as a painter. In 1960, the schoolboy released the first film “Escape to Nowhere” and won the first prize in an amateur film competition.

Directorial debut

Stephen graduated from school is not excellent. Well, after I went to study at the University of California at the faculty of television. In 1964, he had already presented the first fantasy film “The Flame of Passion” with a timing of 2.5 hours.And all the roles were distributed among family members.
Special effects wizardSpecial effects wizard
At university, Steven Spielberg did not part with the camera at all. And took off the short film "Emblen". The picture attracted the attention of Universal, and a 7-year contract was signed with a young man.
The trial work of the young director in “Universal” was an episode of the TV series “Night Gallery”, which immediately appeared on the screens. And two years later, Stephen presented the first full-length film "Duel". The tape for television won the Grand Prix at the festival of fantastic paintings "Avoriaz". Success allowed to transfer it to a wide screen.
Immediately the producers of the film studio offered the director to shoot the real full-length film on the proposed script, the star Goldie Hawn was to star in the title role. So in 1974, the film “Sugarland Express” appeared, it was celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival. Spielberg himself began to compare with the famous French director Francois Truffaut.


In 1975, Stephen shot the horror film Jaws. The picture brought the creators fabulous money, and the director of fame for the whole world. Later to the picture removed three sequels.
All in workAll in work
After The Jaws, almost every creation of Steven Spielberg was a sensation. The first surprise was the picture of 1977 "Close contacts of the third degree." This science fiction was super hit.
In 1979, the world saw the film "Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-One." But he boiled himself at the box office and became Stephen's failure. The director was not discouraged and continued to shoot masterpieces.

Indiana Jones

In 1981, Spielberg launched the famous film series about archeologist teacher Indiana Jones. The first edition of the epic was called "In Search of the Lost Ark." The sequels of the film were comic and interesting, like the first film. And in each tape Harrison Ford always appeared in the title role, and his colleagues changed. These films brought Spielberg greater popularity and financial independence.
A year after the presentation of the film about Indiana Jones, viewers saw the “Alien”. He became one of the best among the fantastic films in the history of cinema.
Steven Spielberg on video
After there were a few unsuccessful films, without external gloss, these are “Colors of purple”, “Empire of the sun”, “Always”.
The newly spectacular cinema appeared in 1991.Steven Spielberg made a remake of the Disney cartoon of 1953 about Peter Pan. And the director immediately rushed to the top of glory. The frames of the 1993 picture “Jurassic Park” gained popularity. Unfortunately, the film “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” could not reach the same heights. In the third film in this series, Spielberg was only a producer.

Schindler's list and other films

Immediately seven Oscars won the landmark film "Schindler's List." It was shot in black and white on the book "Schindler's Ark" by Thomas Keneally. The film tells about the hard life of the Jews during the Second World War.
In 1998, Steven Spielberg was named the richest filmmaker after the film “Save Private Ryan.” He came out the same year and got an Oscar. And the joint work of the director with other filmmakers, ex-producer Walt Disney Jeffrey Katzenberg and a music producer named David Geffen - Dreamworks SKG studio - began to bear the first fruits. Men produced full-length cartoons, for example, "Prince of Egypt", "Hannibal" and "Beauty in American."
In 2000, without exaggeration, the genius began to work on fiction on the book "Minority Report" by Philip Dick. The main role went to Tom Cruise. But after the death of Stanley Kubrick work was postponed.Spielberg was a close friend of the great director and his student. Immediately he began to work on the "artificial intelligence." This picture Kubrick conceived before his death. She came out on the screens in 2001, but fell through at the box office.
In 2002, they presented the film “Catch Me If You Can” in Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The picture is based on real events, she told of a young crook who did not go to prison for his actions due to luck. By the way, the prototype of the hero Frank Ebegneyl helped Spielberg create a picture.
Further, the spectators received the most powerful charge of energy from the 2004 picture “Terminal”. Stephen tried to take off several tapes in a year, and in each he paid attention to the details. The scenes were shot to perfection. In 2005, the films "Munich" and "War of the Worlds" appeared.

Acting hypostasis

The truth is not limited to directing Steven Spielberg. When reviewing film footage, he understood that he could appear in some episodes. He first played in 1975 in Jaws. He became a clarinetist on the beach, but chose not to show himself in the credits, so as not to attract attention. He then played in Room 666, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Tracy Ulman Show,"Jurassic Park 2", "Vanilla Sky", as well as "Reflection of Evil", "Austin Powers - Goldmber", "Queen", "Bombs and blockbusters Tenseltine".
Battle for oscar
Stephen tried himself in scripting and producing. In 1984, his company Emblin Entertainment appeared, which in the 90s began to conquer television broadcasting. He became a producer of a number of television series and television films. With his direct participation came the picture "Back to the Future", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "Gremlins", "Smerch" and many others.

Personal life of Steven Spielberg

In 1985, Spielberg married actress Amy Irving. But in 1989 the marriage broke up. Former wife got millions of compensation, and Stephen's son.
Big family SpielbergBig family Spielberg
While working on the second part of the Indiana Jones, the director became interested in Kate Capshaw. The couple formed a relationship in 1991. The actress accepted Judaism and became friends with Spielberg’s mother. The girl gave birth to three children, two more spouses adopted.

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