Biography of Billy Zane

Billy Zane is a talented American actor whose game has always been distinguished by some extraordinary brightness. His roles are a countless number of the most diverse images, each of which stands out in a series of others. This actor does not have any one favorite cinematic profile. That is why Billy Zane is often called one of the most mysterious figures in Hollywood.
But what do we really know about him? What episodes of his biography should be remembered, telling about his life and fate? And which, on the contrary, it is better to leave aside. We will try to understand all this and in more detail to find out about the life and work of this popular actor today. Are you with us? Then it's time to start.

Childhood and the family of Billy Zane

The future actor was born in a family of immigrants from Greece. His real name is Zanetakos, however, after moving to the United States, his parents changed it to a more traditional and familiar American ear of last name - Zane.
Billy zane sings a song
As for the profession of the parents of our today's hero, in this respect, everything is also quite remarkable. The fact is that both parents of Billy "Zanetacos" are doctors, each of whom has achieved a certain fame on this basis both in Greece and in the United States of America.
However, the future actor never dreamed of continuing the family dynasty. Quite early, he began to engage in the actor's craft and develop his innate talent for acting. It is noteworthy that for the first time to think about the career of the actor Billy Zane made him a congenital disease associated with a speech defect. Because of this, the parents constantly sent their son to the summer camp, where such problems were healed with the help of acting classes. Oddly enough, very soon such an innovative approach gave a tangible result, and Billy Zayn was finally able to leave his long-time illness in the past. The need for acting classes and public speaking simply disappeared, but our today's hero did not even think about giving up his beloved craft. After graduation, the actor went to Switzerland, where for several years he improved his innate talent in one of the local academies.
At nineteen, the actor returned to the United States, where he began to attend numerous auditions and castings. And soon this approach bore fruit. In 1985, Billy Zane was approved for the role of a guy named Match, a friend of the main character of the tape “Back to the Future”. Despite the relatively small role, the actor was able to be remembered by the audience and directors and very soon began to receive new proposals for filming. So, already in the late 80s, the actor appeared in several new tapes, among which were such famous films as “Critters”, “Dead Calm”, “Back to the Future 2”, etc.
Films with Billy Zane began appearing on screen in 1985.Films with Billy Zane began appearing on screen in 1985.

Billy Zane's Star Trek, filmography

Smooth ascent to the heights of world cinema continued for Billy Zane in the nineties. This period in some way became the golden time in the career of our today's hero. Between 1990 and 1997, his best films appeared in the filmography of the American-Greek actor. Among those should be counted the tape "Megaville", "Memphis Beauty", "Orlando", "Forest Lake", "Sniper" with Tom Berenger, "Phantom" and some others.In this period, the glory of one of the most mysterious and sexiest men in Hollywood is fixed to Billy Zane. He often plays in erotic ribbons, and also appears before the audience in the role of this macho. The only exceptions are the comedy tapes “The Silence of the Ham” (a parody of “The Silence of the Lambs”) and “Tales from the Crypt: Knight-Demon”. With some stretch to this list, you can also rank the comedy thriller “Head over Water” with Billy Zane and Cameron Diaz in the lead roles.
All the above pictures made the American-Greek actor one of the most sought after in Hollywood. In the mid-nineties, Billy was a real star, but real popularity came to him a little later. It is noteworthy that such success was not associated with the main, but a secondary role. A bright actor's game and the scale of the film itself made its work. That most important role in life for Billy Zane was the role of arrogant and pompous rich man Cal Hockley in the legendary tape “Titanic”.
Movie Sniper (1993), Tom Berenger and Billy Zane. Avi
After the release of this picture on the screens of Billy Zane's career began a sharp rise.The actor was included in the top 50 most beautiful men of the year according to MTV, and was also named by this TV channel "The Best Villain of the Year." This success has become a kind of apogee in the career of an actor.

Billy zane now

From the beginning of the 2000s, the level of his tapes began to gradually become shallow. Billy Zane often starred in movies, but none of his later tapes brought him the same fame as his previous roles. Among the most notable films of the late period are such tapes as “Dead Fish”, “Agent Dragonfly”, “Memory”, “Alien Agent”, “Bloodrain”, “Perfect Refuge”, “Valley of Wolves: Iraq”, “Sniper 4” "Sex for Survival." In addition, during this period, the actor appeared in several episodes of the popular television series “Charmed”, which is also worth mentioning in this context.
To date, Billy Zane’s latest acting work is The Scorpion King 3: Rise of the Dead. In addition, in recent years, the actor has often started working on different projects as a producer.

Personal life of Billy Zane

During his life, Billy Zane more than once became an apple of discord for many women.In the mid-nineties, newspapers did not get tired of writing about his tumultuous novels and new love affairs. However, today we will not voice rumors and dwell only on reliable facts.
Billy Zane with model Kelly BrookeBilly Zane with model Kelly Brooke
Between 1989 and 1995, the American-Greek actor was married to the little-known actress Lisa Collins. After their divorce, a new sweetheart appeared in Billy's life. So in 1999, the actor announced an engagement with Chilean actress Leonor Varela, but it never came to an official marriage. New novel turned for Billy Zane shooting in the film "Three" (she - "Sex for Survival"). This time, the model Kelly Brooke was chosen by the temperamental macho.
These relationships lasted four years, but eventually the love union also fell apart. The last beloved Billy Zane at the moment is the American model Candice Neil, who in 2011 presented the actor with a daughter Catherine.
Currently, the new novels of Billy Zane is not known.

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