Orthodox Jews. Religion, the customs of the Jews

Not only that in the world there are quite a lot of different religions and beliefs, so they all also have various offshoots. In this article, I would like to understand in detail who the Orthodox Jews are and what is the peculiarity of their way of life and beliefs.

orthodox jews

Who are they?

Initially, it must be said that Jews are different. Even though they all profess Judaism. So, there are simple people who bring up children according to public, not religious canons. They dress in fashion and do not jealously observe all the rites and traditions of their forefathers. However, there is another category. These are orthodox Jews. Their life is subject to all the laws of Halakha, formed a very long time ago, in the period of the New Age.

Religion of Orthodox Jews

Initially, it should be noted that the religion of the Jews is Judaism. However, it is not so simple. In the modern world there are five main directions of Judaism: humanistic (least severe), reforming, reconstructionist, conservative and orthodox.

Important books for orthodox

The religion of the Jews is Judaism.What do these people have religious books? First of all, you need to talk about the scriptures, which is called the Tanakh. Consider its components:

  1. The Torah, or the Pentateuch.
  2. Naveem, 21 books about the prophets.
  3. Ketuvim. These are 13 books of various religious genres.

Another very important book for Orthodox Jews is the Talmud. This is a set of laws, as well as moral and ethical standards, which believers should strictly follow.

god of the jews

Branch: Ultra-Orthodox

It is important to note that there is such a current for today as ultra-orthodox Jews. In Judaism, this trend is commonly known as Hasidism. This current originates in the 18th century. Religion here is in close contact with mysticism, exaltation. The main ideas of the Hasidim are as follows:

  • God is everywhere and always. He must serve every minute, in large and small matters.
  • To serve God is necessary exclusively in joy.
  • Any sin can be atoned for.

Daily prayer is very important for the Hasidim. She is pronounced in a high emotional mood. Her goal is to communicate as closely as possible with God.

Among the traditional classes of Hasidim can be identified construction business (real estate), trade, financial market, mediation. Quite often, the Hasidim are engaged in diamonds.These are quite rich people who rule the world.

 Jewish religion

Little bit about god

It is also worth mentioning that four thousand years ago, Jews also believed in many gods, like other people on Earth. Yet, each race worshiped some one, in their opinion, the most powerful deity. And in one community the main thing was Yahweh. It was this cult that gradually came to the fore and occupied the leading position according to the number of adherents.

A completely new stage in Judaism is associated with the emergence of such a personality as Moses. Scientists are convinced that this may be a truly once-lived person, whose main merit is the removal of Jews from Egyptian slavery. It is also important to note that the very first books of the Torah are called the “Pentateuch of Moses,” which once again proves the greatness of this person in the Judaic religion.

So the god of the Jews is Yahweh. However, there is another, somewhat transformed his name, which is most often used in European countries. This is Jehovah.

clothes of orthodox jews


Orthodox Jews believe that they should strictly follow not only the holy scripture - the Torah, but also many of the rites of the ancestors who lived during the heyday of Judaism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 14-17 centuries.That is why the appearance of these people is often very strange, according to the opinion of modern man.

Adherents of this particular trend in Judaism wear only two colors of clothing - white and black (this also applies to linen). In this case, be sure to have a hat on your head. On holidays, Orthodox wear fur hats that are of two types:

  1. Spodaki. Made of beaver fur, high. Necessarily black.
  2. Streimly. Flat hats from sable fur.

Their caftans have different variations. They can be of different lengths. The color can be either just black or white striped (such clothes are worn mainly for holidays along with a special white hat with a pompon).

What other clothes do Orthodox Jews have? So, there is one very interesting secondary religious sign of such people - these are tassels that stick out from under their clothes. They are the obligatory attribute of tales (a special matter that can both cover the entire body of a person during a prayer or be part of the underwear). The main purpose of these brushes is written in the Torah. Looking out from under their clothes, they should remind of God and that he needs to be served every minute.

life of orthodox jews


Orthodox Jews also differ in a special hairstyle.And to be more precise - curls, which either hang down to the shoulders, or are laid behind the ears. They are called facets. Far from all representatives of Judaism wear such hairstyles, but only those who are jealous of the next commandment of the Torah: "Do not round off the edges of your hair and do not cut off your beard ..."

It is worth noting that there are a huge number of interpretations of this commandment. However, Orthodox Jews take it as literally as possible. Which leads to the appearance of Paces and long beards.


The whole life of orthodox Jews is subject to the writings of the Torah. The same applies to the rules of nutrition. What you can eat, and what can not eat such people?

  • Kosher, i.e. allowed, considered to be the meat of ruminant artiodactyls, as well as mammals. Orthodox Jews can consume the meat of sheep, cow, bison, elk, etc.
  • It is impossible for such people to eat meat of rabbits, hares, pigs, horses.
  • Kosher species of birds: chicken, duck, goose, dove, quail.
  • The Torah prohibits the use of animal blood in any form. To get rid of it, there are two procedures: salting and roasting.
  • Also, Orthodox Jews have a strict ban on mixing milk and meat food. After taking meat for food, it is necessary to endure at least 6 hours, and only then eat dairy food.
  • You can also eat fish, but not all, but one that has fins and scales.
  • Kosher eggs are kosher birds.

Orthodox Jews Women

A few words about women

What are they, orthodox Jewish women? Initially, it should be said that after marriage, such ladies cut their hair as short as possible or even shave their heads at bald. This tradition came from the Middle Ages, when women thus defended themselves from the encroachments of men. But even today it has not lost its relevance among the Orthodox.

Married ladies should also be loyal to their husbands. After all, the orthodox child, who was not born of her husband, is a terrible sin, a stain on the family. Then he can not live a normal life: study, get married or marry. If the baby is born an unmarried girl, he will be an ordinary Jew.

Regarding the role of women orthodox adhere to old-fashioned rules. So, the wife’s area of ​​activity is family, home, children, comfort. Everything else is for men. However, the woman in this religion has never been the property of her husband. She has a wide range of rights and freedoms. A woman in a certain sense is even worshiped and worshiped. However, only within the walls of his house.

It should also be noted that Orthodox Jews are not located next to women in public places: buses, hairdressing salons, etc. In addition, they try not to walk on one side of the street.

Traditions and rites

What are the orthodox Jewish customs? What is interesting about their beliefs?

  • First you need to talk about circumcision. So, this procedure involves circumcision of the male foreskin of the male organ (on the eighth day of birth). It is believed that this is a kind of covenant between the people of Israel and God.
  • Throughout the day, Orthodox Jews should wear a pile (hat). This is a special sign of respect for God.
  • Before reading the morning prayer, representatives of the orthodox movement must wear a talit (veil).
  • Kapparot is a tradition of atonement for their sins. It is produced on the eve of Yom Kippur. A man or woman should take a live rooster in their hands and twist it around their head, saying: "Let it be my atonement."

Orthodox Jewish customs

Simple conclusions

The God of the Jews, Yahweh, told his disciples that it was necessary to know and honor the Torah. This is exactly what the followers of this trend are doing. For the most part they learn.Work men go only in adulthood. In his youth and even the first couple of years in marriage, such men devote all the time to training. That is why this trend among the Jews is not too much. After all, the taxpayers' money goes to the maintenance of such families (where men often, well, and women, of course, do not work). And the orthodox, in turn, are confident that the rest of the Jews do not adhere to the sacred laws of the Torah.

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