Original gift for a newborn girl

The birth of a baby is a great happiness for parents. All and friends want to congratulate the happy mom and dad with the advent of a new family member. What to present as a gift to the newborn girl? How to please the baby and give at the same time a useful, original and necessary thing. Gift ideas for newborn girls - in the article.

newborn gift

Souvenirs for the newborn girl essentials

Naturally, the baby is too small to appreciate the gifts presented to her, but now parents can do it for her. Particularly relevant will be practical gifts, for example, child care products. These include:

  • Baby powder and feeding bottle.
  • Diapers.
  • Diaper rags. These are irreplaceable things for the newborn. They certainly will fly with cosmic speed. One caveat, when choosing a gift, specify which hygiene is a priority, in order to exactly please with your surprise.
  • The undershirts.
  • Various hygiene products.
  • Baby cosmetics. Yes, already in infancy, the girl will need gentle soap and shampoo, oil and cream, wet wipes, as well as other protective agents. It is necessary to give preference to products with a subtle smell, with the lack of dyes. That is, focus on the fact that products should be natural with a minimum content of fragrances and additives.
  • Baby changing table. An ideal gift for a young mommy, he will help not to overload his back. And all because this souvenir is very convenient and versatile. This rather simple structure allows you to place on it all the necessary means of care, and the baby will feel comfortable on it, taking air baths and trying to make the first independent attempts to roll over the tummy and back.

A rather unromantic, but very useful gift is an envelope with money. If you do not know how to present a gift to a newborn baby, then give the parents financial resources, they will certainly find use for them.

gift for a newborn girl

We replenish the wardrobe of the newborn girl

A wardrobe can be an original idea for a gift for a newborn baby.The little fairy should look like a bright flower, so a good idea as a souvenir is:

  • Overalls for walking.
  • Shoes, both for winter and for summer.
  • Bright dresses and blouses.
  • Hats and socks.
  • Tights and romper.

Be sure to take into account a number of features when choosing items of clothing:

  • Do not buy clothes the smallest in size. The kids are growing rapidly, so for a crumb buy clothes for growth, say, from 6 months.
  • Do not forget about convenience. If the baby still does not know how to speak, then this does not mean that she does not feel discomfort, especially if the clothes are pricking or itching. Therefore, it is necessary to choose only soft natural fabrics, without any synthetics. And the outfit should not hamper movement.
  • Be sure to consult with parents, in order not to buy an unnecessary thing. This also applies to colors. Not everyone prefers pink, perhaps mom and dad have different views on the color scheme of clothes for a newborn girl.

a gift for a newborn with their own hands


Many young parents are superstitious and try not to buy anything for a child before his birth, therefore textiles as a gift will be a wonderful and irreplaceable surprise.What you should pay attention to when choosing a beautiful and practical gift for a newborn girl?

  • Beautiful linens. Bright with a variety of cartoon characters. Nest crumbs just have to be cozy. It is necessary to give preference to high-quality sets, which include: bed sheets, small blankets, duvet cover, soft sides, dressed in bed. Motley colors will entertain the growing up princess.
  • Towels. Every day, the baby has to take water procedures, so a fluffy, large, comfortable terry towel will be most welcome.
  • Tiny terry robe. Original idea. If possible, you can order an individual embroidery on it, for example, a personalized embroidery, or sew a picture.
  • Bath sheets - large and warm. While the girl is still walking, her parents will be comfortable wrapping the child in a wide cotton sheet, she quickly absorbs moisture and does not irritate the delicate skin of the baby.

gift for a newborn child

Gifts for Mommy

You should not get around the mother and baby. Indeed, in the first year of his life, the baby is unlikely to appreciate all the gifts. But the girl's mom will gladly accept the use of useful things for child care.

What else can make a gift to a newborn girl? Highlight some useful and enjoyable gifts:

  • Electronic bassinet. At the same time, a present for both mom and baby. Necessary thing in the care of a newborn.
  • Chaise lounge The original variation of the child seat. They have adjustable visors that can protect the crumbs from the scorching sun or rain. And also the chaise lounge is equipped with the special strong fixing belts and handles that it was convenient to transfer it. Thanks to them, mom will have the opportunity to travel or just walk down the street, go into the store. Most models are equipped with a music application, as well as rattles. By the way, some of them are equipped with educational toys.
  • Electronic swing. Not the cheapest gift, but it is very convenient for the family. The baby can independently swing, watch the people around him. The design is equipped with an orthopedic soft seat, which also vibrates and makes pleasant sounds if desired. Swings can always be moved so that the baby is not left alone.
  • Baby monitor or baby monitor.
  • Chair for babies.
  • Carrying.

Newborn gift from diapers

Presentation Gifts

If you are invited to the statement and you are at a loss as to what gift to choose for a newborn child, then we will give a couple of tips on what can be presented as a presentation:

  • A bunch of toys. This is a traditional souvenir in an unusual interpretation. Surely all the guests will come with fresh flowers, but the version with the toys will be original and will definitely have a narva to everyone, including the baby. The whole zest is that such a bouquet will not fade, but will take place among other soft toys.
  • Album for a photo. A great way to save memorable moments. Album pages can be decorated independently, and you can buy a ready-made version.
  • Photoframe, beautiful and creative. It can be purchased at any souvenir shop.
  • Soft toy.
  • Name icon. A great gift that the girl will appreciate in the future.
  • Figurine in the form of an angel. She can be musical, dance, what will entertain the girl.
  • Jewel.

Memorable gifts for the newborn

Want to make a memorable gift to a newborn girl? Then check out the proposed options for the gifts:

  • Sets for molds of handles, as well as legs. These souvenirs are decorated in frames.
  • Rattle made of silver.
  • Certificate for the photo session.

a gift for a newborn girl with your own hands

A gift for a newborn with their own hands

Want to hit the newly minted parents with something special? Then you should come up with an original gift for a newborn, something that cannot be purchased in the store. Here, savvy, violent fantasy and a drop of talent will come to the rescue.

A wonderful gift for a newborn girl with her own hands - an original cake made from towels that are put in a round box, all decorated with a large bow. Such a gift is both beautiful and practical.

You can still do:

  • Terry bright rolls, tied with ribbons or rubber bands, which in the future will decorate the girl's head as hairpins.
  • Bouquets of flowers from socks, hats, pants. Everything just twists into flagella and fits into the basket.
  • Toy "Hare". Elementary sewn from socks. A cute little thing will surely become the girl's favorite entertainment.
  • Kekik from clothes which precisely will cause delight.

gift ideas for newborns

Gift to the newborn from pampers

It’s just to give diapers trite, so you need to try to somehow somehow decorate them as a souvenir. Let's fantasize on this topic.Quite often, donors prepare a cake from diapers, it can be two or three tiered, everything will depend on financial possibilities.

Some are hiding a bottle of champagne in diapers for happy parents. That is, a surprise awaits not only the baby, but also mom and dad.

The most diligent ones manage to make a diaper lock or retromobile, and for a girl you can try to create a real carriage.

You can always make many beautiful things yourself, especially if you have imagination and patience. In fact, everything is simple. Diapers are easily twisted and fixed.

original gift for newborn

The most original gifts of the newborn

  • Cup for girls. On it you can engrave congratulations on your first birthday and attach a photo of the girl. Also in the context of this souvenir it is possible to make a poster, calendar or diploma.
  • Slingbus. This is a great entertainment for the baby, who certainly does not get bored in the hands of her mother, playing with bright and safe objects.
  • Developing a rug.
  • Night light with a gentle, muffled light.
  • Digital Thermometer.

Now you are familiar with many options for gifts for a little girl.The baby will grow up a little and will definitely be able to enjoy the presents presented to her from a pure heart.

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