Newborn nail care

Sapa Irina Yuryevna

Some newborns appear on light with such long nails that they immediately you need to cut it so the child does not get scratched. Get ready for your baby's nails. will grow very quickly, and do not be afraid to cut them.
If you are still afraid to do this, as many parents, here are some tips that you help:

  • Cut baby's nails when he sleeps deep sleep; you learn about it by the fact that its the knobs will relax, the cams will open.

  • Use miniature children tweezers. They are safer and easier than scissors. or forceps for adults, and nails for newborns as thick as a sheet of paper it is very easy to cut.
    You can also use safe scissors. with blunt ends - in case a child wakes up and gets scared while cutting his nails.

  • In order not to touch the skin, squeeze finger pads during nail clipping. AT first ask your spouse to hold the pen baby while you will be manipulated fingers and scissors.After a while you can do it yourself.

  • A few drops of blood - the price of teaching cut nails. Squeeze the cut, grease it antibiotic ointment.

  • If you are afraid to cut tiny put baby’s nails on his hands cotton mittens.

  • The child’s toenails do not grow as fast they are often hidden under the surrounding skin, making it difficult to care for them. Don't worry they can grow. In newborns this is not usually going on.

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