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Dear customers shop! I hope you enjoyed the cherry blossom, which we laid out in parcels in early March. If you find something pink in your order in the bag, this is it. How to use is written here :) Well, today, in honor of the first, timid, but truly warm day, the bottomless chest of melonpanda opens with new small compliments for you. From the moment of posting and until the next announcement, we place the following on each order - a handkerchief made of Japanese cotton. Traditional prints, traditional colors.
This is a small, modest detail, creating a mood style 和 モ ダ ン. For this word, Google gives out only interior design, which can be translated as closely as possible as japanese & modern. But Wa Modern is more than an interior, this style reflects the sympathies of those modern Japanese who appreciate classic combinations of shapes and colors, but do not want to get stuck in retro.
Fish - a symbol of the summer holidays
Fireworks - Summer!
Such a handkerchief can be put under a bun, if you eat it at work or on a park bench, you can give it to a child. Zainstagramit can be used))) Japanese people often keep reusable cloth handkerchiefs in a bag, wipe sweat or hands after washing. The last time, I remember, they asked the question where they put the wet handkerchiefs then. There are hard and soft cases for this, but I honestly did not see how they are used, although my child made me buy such a napkin case. Due to the great economy of resources, society insists that children wipe their hands on a picnic not with disposable wet wipes, but with specially soaked cloth ones. Sometimes thoughts of all this make me mad and apathetic, but ... the handkerchiefs are pretty, and God bless them :)))
The handkerchiefs are laid out in random order, it is unlikely that I will be able to take into account the wishes of the print, sorry girls. Enough for about 2-3 weeks. One order - one handkerchief, dishes not included !! :) On the site recently there are a lot of new products, and in the next couple of days I’ll also tell you about the stars of budget care that deserve the closest attention. As always, I am waiting for your questions, thank you for your patience, when you have to wait for an answer to the letters.

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