Since last August, my husband's brother lives with us. Before that, we lived together in a two-room apartment. Small. Ass did not knock, but a bit of space. We also live a big dog. So Oleg, the younger brother of her husband, finished school and came to study at the university in Moscow. Rent prices in the capital, as you probably know, bite, and now his mother decided to settle the younger son with the older one.
The mother-in-law claimed that her little girl was not given a room in a hostel, that he would live with us for the first six months, for a maximum of a year, then get a job and take something for himself. I didn’t really like to let a stranger into our well-established life, but at the same time it was a shame to expel a freshman into the cold. Although he has a relationship with my husband so-so, but still relatives
Allocated him a whole room. And I remind you, we have a couple, and not the royal mansion. We leave for work, he sleeps. Come back, he plays the computer. He eats our food, maybe an hour to bathe in the shower, never bought anything with his own money. Contains mom, and he is not going to work.The question “how is it in the university?” Is answered by something inarticulate. I suspect that he does not go there at all. I am not a mercantile toad, but I want some kind of return. At least once I washed the floor myself, took out the garbage, walked the dog, bought something for tea. And then it turned out that the room in the dorm room turned out to be given to him, but the spoiled hen didn’t want to live in the same room with other students, and the dormitory was at the end of the street, and I had a place close to the center.
The husband gave the mother-in-law a dressing on the phone, she began to wail, oh, oh, this is all yours telling you, she has a snake on her chest, chase her away and live with your brother. We are both in shock.

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Mother-in-law survives me from my apartment 47

Mother-in-law survives me from my apartment 89

Mother-in-law survives me from my apartment 35

Mother-in-law survives me from my apartment 70