mitsubishi l200 reviews

The main requirementsdrivers of pick-ups to their cars are reliability, economy, unpretentiousness in operation and, of course, a spacious body with a large load capacity. Did the Mitsubishi L200 meet these requirements? Reviews of the owners say that he could. Let's try to make sure of this by studying its characteristics.Mitsubishi L200-reviews.

This model appeared in 2007, and I must say,shows itself only from the best side. Fans of rally-raids are already beginning to get used to the logo of Mitsubishi. Previously, the entire filling of the company was hidden under the body Pajero, now the company is represented by the Mitsubishi L200. Reviews about this castling are only positive. After all, on the road he did not become worse, but vice versa. And many people like the original appearance more.

The body of a pickup truck of the owner will not make you worry,since it is based on a powerful modernized spar frame. This allowed to increase the carrying capacity by 1000 kg. Yes, a lot. Now the trailer can carry 2700 kg. The car has an independent front suspension. Previously used torsion bars have gone down in history, now the manufacturer uses cylindrical springs.

The developers decided that different buyers will beI like different schemes. The first scheme is Easy Select. It was used on cars of the previous family. It must be connected with poor adhesion to the road. Possible and the work of the car in a reduced gear. Such a transmission is relatively cheap and simple, which does not worsen its passability performance. For those who still most of the time travel on hard roads, the Super Select transmission is offered. The main distinguishing feature of it is the interaxle differential, which is blocked by the built-in clutch, which allows you to move around on a full drive over hard surfaces on the Mitsubishi L200. Reviews of both schemes are good, there is not much difference in them.Mitsubishi L200 specifications.

As for the engine, here it isturbodiesel, a volume of 2.5 liters with 4 cylinders. Such a motor is capable of leaving behind 136 "horses" at 4 thousand revolutions per minute. At the same time, the torque reaches 314 Nm. The choice of the buyer offers a 4-speed automatic, and a classic 5-speed mechanics. The steering does not differ from the car with the usual rack and pinions. As a brake, the front mechanism is a disk mechanism, and behind - a drum. Installation of other assistants is possible only for a surcharge, and, frankly, not a little. The only system that can be ordered when choosing the all-wheel drive is ABS with the EBD's force distribution system for the Mitsubishi L200. Reviews say that this is enough to feel confident when driving a car.

At the same time, those wishing to purchase cars in the Super Select configuration can afford the ABS system, which will be combined with the M-ASTC stabilization system.

As for the salon, there are no surprises here.Mitsubishi l200 reviewsThe one who before had SUVs, notwill experience difficulties when landing in it. But the rest will be very unusual to sit behind the wheel of such a tall car. The steering column has no special adjustments, maybe because the driver has so much space to comfortably adjust his seat, and adjust the Mitsubishi L200 steering wheel. Reviews about this element, at least, not bad. Everything else in the cabin is made in the classic style for this brand, everything is clearly understood and clear. Inside this car you feel pretty comfortable, because it's the Mitsubishi L200. Characteristics of it can be listed for a long time, analyzing all the details, but you can truly assess the level of the car, while sitting at the wheel and using it for its intended purpose. You can not even on the best track, which will definitely convince you of its quality.

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