Mikhailovsky Castle

Mikhailovsky Castle - the most famous monumentarchitecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries, located in the heart of the cultural capital of our vast homeland. On the bank of the Moika River near the Summer Garden, the engineering castle, built under Paul I by the architects Bazhenov, Brenna and Viollet, opens its doors to residents and visitors of St. Petersburg. Initially, according to the plans of the emperor, the castle was to become his residence, so he actively participated in its construction, but soon he was killed by conspirators in his own bedroom.

Eighteen years after the death of the emperor, the building was transferred to the Engineering School, so later the castle, originally named after the archangel Michael, was renamed Engineering.

In this building were trained writersDostoevsky FM and Grigorovich DV, scientists Yablochkov PI, Sechenov IM, military leaders Kondratenkov RI, Totleben EI and many other outstanding figures of science and art.

Mikhailovsky Castle combines contradictorytendencies and architectural styles, puts itself apart in the general uniformity of Russian classicism. It is this castle that symbolizes the Pavlovian era with all its ambiguity and numerous secrets with which it is surrounded. In the guise of the Mikhailovsky Castle all the tastes and artistic preferences of Emperor Paul I.

The Palace of St. Michael from the south and west sidesWas washed by the Church and Resurrection canals. In order to ensure the safety of the emperor and his family, a fortification system was created in the form of castle fortifications that surrounded the palace and Place de la Concrete. In the center of the square was a monument to Peter the Great, modeled on Rastrelli. After Paul's death, the channels fell asleep, and the layout of the castle's territory was changed.

Many years later, at the end of the 20th century, Mikhailovskythe castle was bought by the Russian Museum. The Voskresensk Canal and the Three-lane Bridge were reopened. The museum has gradually restored things of historical value, and now visitors can see several rooms, where paintings and household items of the times of Paul I and other rulers are presented.

Mikhailovsky Castle. Exhibitions

In the restored rooms, the following expositions are presented to your attention:

  • "The history of the Mikhailovsky Castle and its inhabitants." Here you can see St. Michael's Castle St. Petersburg in 1801 in its original appearance. The model was created in 1997 in the workshop of Romanov. Also in the room are photos of the panoramas of St. Petersburg. On the tour you will be told about the secrets and legends that fill the palace of Paul I.
  • "Ancient subjects in Russian art." Here you can see the works of Russian artists who offer antique stories. The collection of the Russian Museum includes the works of Akimov, Matveev, Bryullov, Puchinov. Ancient culture was fascinated by many in the second half of the XVIII century, this is due to the fact that at that time in St. Petersburg opened the Academy of Arts.
  • "The Age of the Renaissance. Creativity of Russian artists ». Here you can see copies of works by Raphael, Veronese, Titian, made by artists from Russia.
  • "Foreign artists of the XVIII - XIX century in Russia." This exhibition presents works by outstanding artists: Rotary, Lagrene, Groot, Torelli, Robertson, Valeriani and others. There are drawings, engravings, sculptures and decorative objects.

Also in the castle works lecture, you can visit and the Center for Aesthetic Education. Here also temporary exhibitions are held.

Mikhailovsky Castle - the last imperiala residence built in St. Petersburg. Inspection of the palace gives a lot of unforgettable emotions and sensations. Up to now, not all the legends and myths that surrounded the structure have reached, but you can learn about many of them by visiting the exhibitions of the castle.

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