Medicine "Neuromidine": reviews, instructions for use

The fact that almost the entire body of every person is covered by nerve fibers is well known. The brain and spinal cord constitute the central and peripheral nervous system, which is represented by spinal intervertebral ganglia (clusters of nerves) originating from the brain and spinal cord tangles, the anterior and posterior roots of the spinal cord. This system, providing the motor activity and sensitivity of the human body, is very extensive.neuromidine reviews

When should I take Neuromidine?

There are cases of failure of the nervous system (peripheral), then not to avoid the occurrence of various diseases (plexitis, polyneuritis, radiculitis), which must be treated. To solve this problem there is a huge variety of drugs, one of them - "Neuromidin". Reviews of this drug suggest that it gives great hopes for a cure for the aforementioned ailments.The instructions for use indicate that this drug is included in the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. Means "Neuromidine" helps to activate the transmission of nerve impulses directly to the skeletal muscles, which are responsible for motor functions, and stimulates the muscles of smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs.medicine neuromidine

Spectrum of action and mechanism of the drug "Neuromidine"

The active component of the drug "Neuromidine" is ipidacrine hydrochloride. The strength and speed of transmission of nerve impulses directly depend on specific biologically active substances - neurotransmitters, which is well known. Acetylcholine is one such neurotransmitter, which is destroyed by the enzyme cholinesterase. The drug "Neuromidine", in turn, contains an active substance such as ipidacrine hydrochloride, which blocks the release of the enzyme cholinesterase. This is the main mechanism of action of the drug "Neuromidin". Reviews speak about one more positive quality of this medicine - it is activation of other neurotransmitters: oxytocin, adrenaline, serotonin and histamine.The medicine "Neuromidine" helps to effectively restore the activity of the nervous system (peripheral) after various disorders that are associated with diseases, injuries of a different nature, exposure to toxic substances or drugs. The drug helps to increase the contractility of the muscles of the smooth muscles, improve the bowels, enhancing the motor function of the organ. Moreover, the medicine "Neuromidine", having a mild effect on the central nervous system, stimulates the memory and thinking of a person.neuromidine injections


The drug "Neuromidine" is used for:

  • neuropathies (non-infectious lesions of peripheral nerves);
  • myasthenia gravis (neuromuscular diseases);
  • polyradiculopathy (lesions of the anterior and anterior roots of the spinal cord);
  • senile dementia;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • atony (decrease in motor activity of the intestine).

As well as the drug "Neuromidine" is used as a symptomatic remedy after a person has received a head injury, suffered a stroke and associated paralysis and paresis.neuromidine injections

Terms of use

The release form of the drug "Neuromidine" is a solution that is administered intramuscularly, or tablets.The nervous system (peripheral), as a rule, is treated for a rather long time - about a month, and maybe longer. Neuromidine tablets, according to the instructions, are taken one at a time three times a day, and intramuscular injections are given in 5–15 milligrams twice a day. If you have been prescribed Neuromidine, injections are an acceptable option, given the increased effectiveness of this method of use.


Having a fairly large list of contraindications, the drug "Neuromidine" is suitable for not every patient. In case of hypersensitivity to the components of this drug, it is not recommended to use it. Neuromidine can also not be used for bradycardia (slow heart rate), angina pectoris, epilepsy, or for impaired motor coordination. Obstruction of the intestine, duodenal ulcer and stomach are unambiguous contraindications to the use of the drug. Neuromidine is also contraindicated for pregnant women, as the stimulation of smooth muscles can cause contractions of the uterus muscles and, as a result, provoke a miscarriage.During breastfeeding, women should not take this drug, as well as those who are under the age of 18. Reception means "Neuromidine", which includes lactose, is undesirable and requires great care from people with lactose intolerance.neuromidine reviews

Side effects of the drug "Neuromidin"

Reviews of doctors, patients and laboratory workers have affected the instructions for use, which of the side effects are the following: drowsiness, allergic reactions, increased bronchial sputum, a change in heart rhythm, diarrhea, nausea, increased salivation. Side effects of the drug "Neuromidine" significantly enhanced by the intake of alcoholic beverages. These are all adversely affecting the human body side effects of the drug Neuromidin. Reviews of professionals and patients no longer revealed side effects that harm the human body or cause discomfort. "Neuromidine" is a very effective therapeutic agent, but in order to avoid problems that are associated with the work of the nervous system (directly peripheral),it is necessary to treat the disease in a timely manner (especially in the case of infectious lesions), as well as to avoid numerous stresses and overwork. Take care of yourself and your relatives and be healthy!

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