Biography of Maxim Averin

Maksim Viktorovich Averin is a Russian actor of theater, film and television, a star of television series and cinema.
Maxim AverinMaxim Averin

Childhood of Maxim Averin

Maxim Averin's parents met at work: mother, Galina Viktorovna, sewed costumes for the Mosfilm studio, and Victor Averin worked there as a decorator, creating props for filming. Although both were indirectly related to acting, the son Maxim, born in November 1975, showed an interest in theater from early childhood.
Maxim Averin in childhood - has changed a lot?Maxim Averin in childhood - has changed a lot?
When the boy was 6 years old, his father took him to Makhachkala for the shooting of the tape “The Adventures of Count Nevzorov” by Alexander Pankratov-Cherny. While working on one of the scenes, Maxim was entrusted with a cameo role of a boy dancing in a crowd. In the credits, after the names of Vladimir Samoilov, Lev Borisov, Nonna Terentyeva and other accomplished actors, the inscription “Maxim Averin” first appeared on the screen.
The first role of Maxim AverinThe first role of Maxim Averin
After this incident, the kid firmly decided to become an actor and enrolled in the acting class at the House of Cinema. Already at the age of 9, his theatrical debut took place - Averin played a hungry child in the play of the Miniature Theater “Brandenburg Gate”.
Little actor MaximLittle actor Maxim
Acting ambitions of the boy influenced the mindset: from childhood it was clear that Maxim was growing up as a humanist. At school, he paid attention only to literature and history; once he refused to write a control in mathematics, arguing that numbers and fractions in the drama school would not be useful.
Maxim Averin with his parents and older brother GennadyMaxim Averin with his parents and older brother Gennady

Theatrical career of Maxim Averin

The choice of the university Averin seriously thought back in grade 9, so that after graduating from school in 1993, he was already prepared for a string of auditions in drama schools. The first in line was VGIK, but relations with the main cinema institute of the country did not develop from the first minutes. During the tests, the boy was interrupted by Mayakovsky’s verses and asked to show his teeth, to which the offended Maxim replied: "I am not a horse."
Young Maxim AverinYoung Maxim Averin
“Sliver” also made a depressing impression on Averin, but in the Shchukin School he immediately felt at home. True, the first audition was not crowned with success, but from the second time Maxim made his way through a furious contest and got on the course to Marina Panteleeva. The young actor instantly attracted the attention of teachers, who, without a controversy, prophesied a bright future for him.
Release of the "Pike" in 1997 (Maxim Averin at number 9)Release of the "Pike" in 1997 (Maxim Averin at number 9)
In 1997, Averin graduated with honors from “Pike” and received a diploma with a brand-new red crust. The budding actor was noticed by Konstantin Raikin and called to the troupe of the Satirikon Theater. At first, Maxim was content with episodic roles, such as a “member of the capture group” staged by Vladimir Mashkov, but a year later he was entrusted with more serious and characteristic incarnations: Tron’s padron in Kujin's Fights, Marcellus in Hamlet.
Averin quickly became an integral part of the group of "Satyricon"Averin quickly became an integral part of the group of "Satyricon"
In 2002, Raikin invited Petersburg director Yuriy Butusov to Satyricon for the production of the play Macbeth. Averin got quite a voluminous and deep role of Banco, with which he coped perfectly well, after which he approached the title of one of the leading actors of the theater.
Averin excellent dynamic rolesAverin excellent dynamic roles
A couple of years later, the young man once again met with Butusov: the director liked working with the Satirikon troupe, and in 2004 he returned to the theater with a new Shakespearean performance. This time it was decided to put on the play “Richard III”, during which Averin appeared on the stage in three different ways: he had to play King Edward IV, the Duke Clarence and the Duchess of York. Critics praised the work, especially noting the masterful reincarnation of the mother of the royal family, and even compared Maxim with Elton John.
One of the three roles of Averin in the play "Richard III"One of the three roles of Averin in the play "Richard III"
The third performance under the direction of Butusov was “King Lear” - this time Averin became the antagonist of the main character of the play, the illegitimate son of Count Gloucester Edmund. For this role, Maxim received the award “Chaika-2006” in two nominations: “Villain” and “Some like it hotter”.

Movie career Maxim Averin

If you do not take into account the first, “childish” role in the film of Pankratov, shooting in the advertising of chocolate cookies Wagon Wheels and participation in the clip of singer Svetlana Roerich “White Palms” in 1998, we can say that Maxim Averin's debut film was in 1999 in the comedy "Love is evil" Vladimir Zaikin with the role of "colorful git" Korabelnikov. Many prominent artists, including Larisa Udovichenko and Stanislav Sadalsky, became colleagues on the set. After the release of the picture in the rental thanks to lively facial expressions and a broad white smile, the actor was dubbed "Russian Jim Carrey".
Maxim Averin in the movie "Love is evil"Maxim Averin in the movie "Love is evil"
Director Vadim Abdrashitov, who in 2003 approved the actor for the main role in the film Magnetic Storms, saved the role of comedian Maxim. There were quite a few candidates for the role, but it was Maxim who liked the manager, who came to the test in flared jeans, with an earring in his ear and a shaggy hairstyle. For his role in the film Averin was awarded the prize "Triumph" and the government award in the field of culture.
Averin is an excellent dramatic actor.Averin is an excellent dramatic actor.
A year later, Maxim appeared before the audience in the series "Carousel" in the role of the surgeon Oleg Korneev. For twelve evenings, Averin’s talent did not allow viewers to break away from the screens. After this role, the actor began to learn on the streets, and the number of invitations to the samples increased exponentially.
Maxim Averin in the series "Carousel"Maxim Averin in the series "Carousel"
In 2006, director Oleg Kompasov suggested that Averin play an alien sphinx cat named Shidlu in a children's fantasy film Aziris Nuna, a film adaptation of the novel by Sergey Lukyanenko.The actor has already reincarnated in animals (the role of the cat in the play "Chauntecleer"), so he easily agreed, especially since the character promised to be interesting. And so it happened: according to Averin, nothing like him had ever played before. Make-up artists worked on his face for several hours a day, but the pleasure of working overlapped these difficulties.
Averin in the make-up for the film "Aziris Nuna"Averin in the make-up for the film "Aziris Nuna"
In 2008, the television series “The Capercaillie” appeared on television, describing the everyday work of the Moscow police with a high degree of naturalism and a bit of humor. Together with Maxim, the main roles were approved by Denis Rozhkov and Vladislav Kotlyarsky. Averin's character, investigator Sergei Glukharev appeared before the audience not the ideal defender of the law (“If you want the ideal, see“ Experts ”with Kanevsky and the company,” Maxim said), but a sort of “tough nut”, a tough cynic with a wealth of life experience. Critics agreed that this role was a sign for the actor, and in 2011 Averin was awarded the TEFI Award in the nomination “Best Male Role”.
The brutal investigator Sergey GlukharevThe brutal investigator Sergey Glukharev
In 2013, Averin appeared in the third season of the TV series Interns as a guest star.In the story, the actor comes to the clinic with a request to observe the work of real doctors to reliably play an employee of the hospital in the upcoming project (Sklifosovsky), and the head doctor performed by Svetlana Kamynina “puts” him on the character Ivan Okhlobystin.
In the Interns, Averin prepared for the future role of the surgeon.In the Interns, Averin prepared for the future role of the surgeon.
In the same year, viewers did see Averin as a doctor during the premiere of the dramatic series Sklifosovsky, whose actors had to become members of the legendary Sklif. The plot revolves around the brilliant surgeon Oleg Bragin, charismatic and intelligent, but who has long lost faith in anything but work.
From investigators to surgeonsFrom investigators to surgeons
In March 2014, Maxim Averin took the jury seat to the left of Leonid Yarmolnik in the first release of the new project “Toch-to-tee” reincarnations.
Maxim Averin in the jury "to a tee"Maxim Averin in the jury "to a tee"
Almost at the same time, Averina is appointed the host of the Three Chords musical show: in the role of a showman, the actor evaluated the performance of popular hits by guests of the program.

Maxim Averin's personal life

For a long time, the amorous affairs of Averin remained a mystery.There were rumors of a romance with Victoria Tarasova, Maxim's partner for the series “Capercaillie”, the actor even admitted to sympathizing with the “boss”, but no more.
Averin and Tarasova warmly communicate and after filmingAverin and Tarasova warmly communicate and after filming
The actor has never been seen in a women's company, and this fact caused a lot of gossip in a piquant character. Many fans doubted the orientation of Averin, but later Maxim explained: there is no time for relationships, all the free minutes are eaten up by work, and he will not look for a life partner among colleagues - it was a deplorable experience. In 2011, Averin admitted that he has a beloved, her name is Tatiana, she is a brunette, and he is seriously in love with a girl. The actor refused to go into details.
Several cats live at Averin’s home.Several cats live at Averin’s home.
Despite the tight schedule, the actor always had time to care for pets. Averin's apartment was inhabited by several cats and a chihuahua named Banderas.
Maxim Averin and his Chihuahua BundyMaxim Averin and his Chihuahua Bundy

Maxim Averin is now

Maxim Averin continues to actively act for television. In 2016, Maxim Averin was engaged in the filming of the series “Partners”, in which he received the lead male role - scout Yegor.In the same year, the actor resigned from the "Satyricon." The decision, according to the man, was difficult, but there were no insults and scandals with colleagues and management.

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