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Our hostesses (by tradition) make numerous blanks for the winter from a variety of products. Among them, marinated zucchini occupy far from last place. There is a large number of a wide variety of recipes for the preparation of pickled vegetables. This simple method of conservation provides the opportunity to preserve the maximum beneficial properties of the product for a long time. Marinated zucchini can be eaten with various main dishes. Salt, which is added to the marinade, should not be iodized. One of the main ingredients of these blanks is 9% table vinegar, as well as vegetable oil (preferably refined). Below are 2 simple ways to pickle zucchini for long-term storage and fast consumption.

Marinade with carrots and greensZucchini cooking

Squash marinated in this way have a very pleasant taste and texture. In their density and taste, they are very similar to mushrooms.It is very easy to make preparations from squash, as there is no need to cook them before pickling. For blanks it is best to choose young vegetables. For cooking will need: 2 large carrots; on a bunch of fresh parsley, dill; 20 cloves of garlic; 200 ml of vinegar; 200 g of sugar; 3 kg of zucchini; 200 ml of oil; 2 tbsp. salts; 1 tbsp. pepper. Vegetables are washed thoroughly, cut into large cubes or circles. In the second method of slicing zucchini should be cut along the fruit into two halves. Peeled carrots cut into squares or circles. Thoroughly washed greens finely chopped. All ingredients are mixed in an enamel saucepan or bowl. Sugar, pepper, vinegar and oil are added to the vegetable mass. All components are mixed and set aside in a cool place for marinating for 4 hours. Prepared vegetable mixture laid out in advance sterilized banks of the same volume. At the bottom of the pan put a cloth or towel, which put the filled with vegetables cans, covered with metal lids. In the pot gently pour hot water, which should reach the shoulder of the cans. The water is left to boil for 20 minutes.Banks with pickled zucchini neatly rolled up with covers, turned over and well wrapped with a blanket. Rolled up, they must cool down, after which they are sent for long-term storage in the pantry or basement.

Crispy marinated zucchiniHow to pickle zucchini

These tasty and tender preparations are a wonderful addition to any dish. Each hostess has its own cooking. Squashes for this recipe are prepared very quickly and easily. For this marinade will need: 1kg zucchini; 1 tbsp. salts; 3 tbsp. vinegar and sunflower oil; 5 cloves of garlic; 4 tbsp. granulated sugar; 8 peppercorns; 3 stalks of dill; bay leaf. Washed squash cut into circles. In a sterilized jar put vegetables, garlic, dill. Vinegar is poured there. Separately prepared marinade. To do this, add 0.5 liters of boiling water with pepper, sugar, and bay leaf. When the sugar is completely dissolved, the marinade is poured into a jar. Squash marinated according to this recipe, ready to eat in a day.

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