Mannik with pumpkin: recipes for milk and kefir. Secrets of cooking mannica with pumpkin

Mannik is a very popular dessert. And the classic recipe can be varied to your liking and depending on the availability of those or other ingredients. For example, autumn is a great time to cook mannica with a pumpkin. The recipes of this baking we consider today.manna with pumpkin

With the use of kefir and lemon pouring

To begin, consider a very tasty and original recipe. Mannik with pumpkin on kefir is prepared with pouring of lemon juice. This technique makes baking like a cupcake that is slightly wet inside. At the same time, it will certainly appeal to those who do not really like semolina or pumpkin. Therefore, do not deny yourself and your family members the pleasure and prepare such a delicacy.

manna with pumpkin on kefir


To prepare this dish, we will need products from the following list: pumpkin - a piece weighing about 300 grams, a glass of semolina, two eggs, sugar - 1 cup for the dough and 3 large spoons for syrup,kefir and flour - one glass each, 100 g butter, vanillin and baking powder for the dough - one bag each, lemon - 1 pc. We also need some powdered sugar to sprinkle the finished culinary product and vegetable oil to lubricate the form in which we will bake the manna. As for butter, it should be removed in advance from the refrigerator, so that by the time it starts cooking it is soft.

mannica with pumpkin recipe

How to cook the manna with pumpkin?

First of all, before mixing the dough, you should soak the semolina in kefir so that it becomes swollen. It will take about half an hour. While you can do pumpkin. Cut off the peel from the vegetable and remove the seeds. Pumpkin pulp grind with a grater.

We also need a lemon, and all. First, grate the zest. Then cut the citrus, squeeze the juice out of it and filter.

Before making the dough, it makes sense to turn on the oven so that it warms up well. The temperature set at around 180-200 degrees.

Take a test. Rub the butter with sugar and vanilla. It is more convenient to do it with a spoon. Then break into this egg mass and mix. Add swollen semolina and kefir.Stir until smooth.

Now in this mass lay out a pumpkin and lemon zest. Stir. At the last stage we pour the flour and baking powder, and then knead the dough.

Bake the manna with pumpkin on kefir is best in the form of a small diameter. The fact is that in the oven the culinary product will not rise much. And thanks to this form, it will not look flat. However, this is not mandatory. Many housewives recommend the use of a split form with a diameter of about 20 centimeters. From it ready baking will be convenient to get.

So, lubricate our shape with butter and lay out the dough in it. We send the future pumpkin manna in a preheated oven. Baking time can vary from 40 to 55 minutes. When the crust and the edges of the cake turn red beautifully, you can get it out of the oven.

Now let's do syrup. Add water to lemon juice to make 100 ml. Fall asleep three tablespoons of sugar and set on fire. After boiling, boil the mass for about five minutes, stirring constantly. Pour the manna over the hot syrup without removing it from the mold. Now it remains only to sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

Mannik with pumpkin, the recipe of which we have just considered, can be eaten both hot and cold. You can also slightly diversify this dessert by adding raisins, nuts and candied fruits to the dough. You can sprinkle it on top not with powdered sugar, but, for example, with coconut flakes.manna with pumpkin on milk

Pumpkin Manna on Milk

We propose to consider another version of the preparation of a delicious dessert. Mannik with pumpkin on milk turns out very gentle and literally melts in the mouth.


For this baking, we need the simplest products that can be found in any home. So, we need semolina, flour, sugar and milk - all in one glass, three eggs, pumpkin pulp - 100 grams, a bag of baking powder for the dough, 80 ml of vegetable and 20 grams of butter, a whisper of salt. If desired, you can vary the taste of dessert. So, if you add another bag of vanilla to the ingredients, the cake will become very fragrant. Two spoons of cocoa will add chocolate flavor to baking, and coconut oil will add a flavor to the culinary product.

manna with pumpkin in a slow cooker


First, beat eggs with sugar. This can be done as a whisk, and with the help of a mixer. Add vegetable oil and mix until smooth.

Milk is heated. It should be hot enough to melt the butter in it. Boil it should not be. Add semolina and egg-sugar mixture to milk. Leave in this form for half an hour, so that the croup swells.

After that, separately mix the flour with baking powder and add to the milk mass. Grind pumpkin in a blender or grated. Add to the rest of the products and knead the dough.

We oil a form in which we will bake a dessert. Pour the dough into it and put it in the oven. Mannik with pumpkin in milk will be baked for about forty minutes. The finished dessert will only sprinkle with powdered sugar or pour over the sugar syrup. Bon Appetit!

how to cook a manna with pumpkin

Pumpkin manna in a slow cooker

As can be seen from previous recipes, it is not at all difficult to cook such a dessert in the oven. It will be even easier to do this if you have a slow cooker. We will prepare the cake with the following ingredients: semolina and sugar - 1 cup each, four eggs, half a kilo of cottage cheese, 100 g slice of pumpkin (pulp), a bag of baking powder for the dough and five tablespoons of sour cream (you can use any fat content).

Cooking method

Mix semolina, sour cream and cottage cheese.This can be done using a blender. Separately, beat eggs with sugar. Add them to the curd mass. Grind the pumpkin on a grater and add to the rest of the ingredients. Add baking powder and knead the dough.

We grease a bowl of multicookers with butter or margarine. Fill the dough. A mannik with a pumpkin in a slow cooker will be cooked for 60 minutes in baking mode. Keep in mind that when you remove the cake from the bowl, it will settle a little, but it will still remain quite lush and airy.

Recipe for manna without eggs

This cake with the taste of cinnamon and pumpkin turns out just gorgeous. You and your household will surely like it.

We will prepare the dough from the following products: two glasses of grated pumpkin pulp, 1.5 glasses of semolina, a glass of kefir, half a cup of sugar and half a teaspoon of soda. For the impregnation of the cake, we use syrup based on 100 ml of pumpkin juice, 5 large spoons of sugar, 0.5 tablespoon of lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon.

Grind a grated pumpkin and squeeze the juice. Combine all the ingredients for the dough and mix. We place the ready mass in the baking mold and send it to the preheated oven.Baked culinary product will be about 30-40 minutes.

At this time, you can do syrup. Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan or a small saucepan and bring to a boil. We pour the hot manna with syrup, it is perfectly absorbed, and the dessert will be tender and very tasty. Bon Appetit!

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Mannik with pumpkin: recipes for milk and kefir. Secrets of cooking mannica with pumpkin 93

Mannik with pumpkin: recipes for milk and kefir. Secrets of cooking mannica with pumpkin 1

Mannik with pumpkin: recipes for milk and kefir. Secrets of cooking mannica with pumpkin 56

Mannik with pumpkin: recipes for milk and kefir. Secrets of cooking mannica with pumpkin 67