Losing is losing

Remember from Orwell in 1984? War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is power.
In 2018, the ideology of doublethink was enriched with a new postulate: “Losing is a victory.”
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Photo: Eurosport
Our media, our stars - all, in a united, single chorus - congratulate the Russian national football team for losing the match with the Croats. And they do not just congratulate on the loss, but thank for it and even are proud of it.
Thanks for the loss, family! We are proud of you! Losing is a victory! We are happy!
Perhaps I will cite the reaction of some of our selebs to the departure of Russia from the championship.
Alla Pugacheva: "Loss is sometimes victorious."
Philip Kirkorov: “Thank you very much, we are proud of you. These tears are tears of happiness. ”
Maxim Galkin: “Low bow to you for that. We are happy. Millions of your countrymen. You should know that. ”
Ksenia Sobchak: “So it’s not a shame to lose.”
Alexander Buynov: “This is a victory! This is a victory over the skeptics, over those who did not believe in the team, who mocked the players and included their assenizatorsky abilities! ”
Polina Gagarina: “This is a victory, because you have forever changed the view of our football!”
I can pour quotes to our stars forever. I can give the headlines of some articles in the media.
Life: "About how, having lost, we managed to win a big victory."
Kommersant: “Defeat, for which it is not a shame”.
Vedomosti: “When a loser is a winner”.
And so on.
As you can see, through all the information channels the thought flows into the heads of the inhabitants: “Losing is a victory”.
The government needs this to ensure that the people continue to ride in euphoria and, under the guise of the championship, swallow the criminal pension reform.
All bought. All But you have me. And I will say.
Losing is losing. Victory is victory.
We pissed in football. We pissed off in the economy.
With football, the government is trying to divert your attention from the fact that the country's economy is in the ass, that people are being stifled by new, mocking reforms, that the standard of living of the population and its purchasing power are falling, which will only get worse.
“There is no money, but you are holding on,” as Prime Minister Medvedev once said.
Here's the truth for you, as it is. What to do with it? You decide.

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