Law on Reflective Elements

The greatest number of accidents occurs in the dark. At this time, it's difficult for drivers to see a person on the roadway in time. Unfavorable weather conditions and unlit areas of streets further exacerbate the situation. But to protect pedestrians will help retro-reflective elements on their clothes.

In the evening and night in a poorly lit parts of the road the driver will notice a pedestrian much earlier and from a fairly long distance, which has at least one retro-reflective element on the outer clothing. This is a proven fact. The results of the research showed that the reaction and actions of drivers are almost 90% dependent on the timely receipt of their visual information.

Law on Reflective Elements

The eye of a person in a dark time, alas, can perceive only 5% of what he can easily discern in the day. This is the reason for the vast majority of road accidents occurring on the roads of our (and not only our) country at dusk and at night. The driver too late notices the passing part of the person running across. But when there are any light-reflecting elements (strips or chevrons) on the clothes, the pedestrian becomes literally three times more visible to the driver, which gives him the opportunity to react in a timely manner.

Advantages of using luminous elements

The first and most important advantage of using retro-reflective elements is a 85% reduction in the risk of pedestrians falling under a vehicle. The second is the visibility of the retro-reflective element always, in any weather, for any bad weather. And neither fog nor rain will not be a hindrance. Reflectors have an excellent ability to deflect the photon flux exactly in the direction from which they emanate, and so the headlight of the car makes them perfectly visible.

There are many varieties of light reflectors. Overalls with large reflective stripes can be easily purchased at the store. But for everyday wearing it, of course, is not good. Therefore, the reflective tape can be sewn on your own outer clothing. That's just sold such a tape only in bulk, and in principle it is problematic, except that it is ordered in an online store.

The presence of retro-reflectors on clothing is now legally required

On the roadway the driver, as a rule, notices a pedestrian at a distance of 25-30 meters, and even if he was traveling at a speed of 45-50 km / h, his braking distance will still exceed this length. Because the speed limit was not a panacea for the accident, especially in cities the problem is aggravated by the intense headlight from the oncoming cars, the wrong street lighting.

That's why from July 1, 2015, additions and minor amendments entered into the already working law on retro-reflective elements on clothing came into effect. According to the current situation, in the dark, reflective stickers or patches on clothes must be worn by all pedestrians. as passing the street, and moving along the roadside roads and trails. Seen without a reflector on the clothes a pedestrian will receive a warning or a fine of 500 rubles. And in the event of getting into the traffic accident, some part of the guilt must be taken by such a pedestrian.

We provide ourselves with light reflectors

What if you have not yet been able to find in the stores a special cloth or tape and sew these retro-reflective elements on clothes? Do not worry, this problem is solved. You can use all kinds of accessories, the range of which is quite varied. These include flickers (stickers), luminous covers for backpacks, bracelets, pendants, badges and other details that do not attract attention in the daytime, but which have a beneficial effect by day and night.

In the Russian legislation there is GOST 32074-2013, which informs citizens about the regulations for the production of reflective details, in addition, there are also recommendations on the placement of these items on clothing. With such documents you can always get acquainted on the website of the traffic police. By the way, still it is necessary to consider, that service life of light reflectors - 24 months.

Our children are the most important topic

Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable road users, therefore the importance of having retroreflective elements on children's clothing should not be underestimated. The law that prescribes the presence of elements of light reflectors on children's outer clothing has already entered into force, and therefore, for failure to perform, his parents will bear administrative responsibility.

Reflective elements for children in our time often began to be present on the clothes of children of all ages. And this is not surprising. These important and necessary details have become an integral part of children's clothing of many popular brands. It is especially important that the retro-reflective element is present on the clothes of the junior high school students, who have to return home without the accompaniment of adult relatives. Thanks to this detail, it will be much easier for drivers to notice a passing child in the dark, which is very actual in winter, as well as in overcast and foggy weather.

Such different luminaries

It's great if the luminous elements are present on the new clothes bought, but if they are not available on it, then it is realistic to acquire and sew them with your own hands. The colors and design, representing a modern reflective element, are very diverse. Nashitye on the baby's outer clothing, they not only do not spoil its appearance, but also significantly improve it. Especially fashionable and located on the wave of great popularity are considered flickers. These are glowing in the dark icons and stickers with different funny pictures, which are very popular with children.

Flickers are easily glued to the clothes and pleases the eye with their variety of shapes and colors. You can also sew a light-reflecting braid on the child's clothing. All this is necessary for children even in the summer, especially in the evening on the little-lit carriageways. Needless to say, retro-reflective elements for children will be able to significantly reduce the rates of child injuries on the roads.

Improvement of statistics and foreign experience

Given the foregoing, it is legitimate to conclude that the changes to the traffic rules should improve the situation on the roads. Reflective elements are designed to make pedestrians more visible on the road and cloudy day, and at night. In solving this problem, modern technologies are used, with the help of which light-reflecting elements are produced. On the road a person is in motion, and so the light from the headlights illuminates it from different angles. The special composition of the light reflecting element glows the rays in the opposite direction, which creates the effect of a bright and slightly iridescent glow.

Today the heads of enterprises in our country, whose employees, due to the schedule of work, have to return home over the unlit carriageways of roads, are obliged to take measures to provide personnel with reflective bracelets. For example, overseas retro-reflective elements for pedestrians have long been considered habitual and mandatory details for ensuring the safety of both children and adults. And the largest and most famous companies for the production of clothes for children necessarily produce new models with retro-reflective elements.

Unusual lesson for schoolchildren

Not so long ago an unusual occupation was held in one of the Belgorod gymnasiums. Students of the 4th grades were visited by inspectors of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. The guests invited the children together with them to make retro-reflective elements for pedestrians. The inspectors told the fourth graders that such details on clothes make pedestrians noticeable on the road even in the dark. Guests brought with them a reflective film and allowed the children themselves to cut out any flickers according to their own taste.

The guys were extraordinarily interested in this activity, they especially liked that the film is self-adhesive, and it can be easily attached to the outer clothing. The inspectors actively helped the students, cheerfully communicated and gave advice. Children with great pleasure combined colors and came up with shapes for flickers. Girls preferred hearts and colors more, and boys - cheerful emoticons. But they both liked to make reflective elements with their own hands.

More to such activities

The works at the end of the class were decorated with school backpacks of children. And some also went home not empty-handed, having received gift bikers for bicycles and stickers for baby carriages for younger children in their families. This regional center has been actively promoting light-reflecting elements for several years already. And at this time, primary school students in the city's schools are provided with light-reflecting dressings.

Flickers do not happen too much: let the child have as many of them as possible. Because in the most emergency areas, which also include intersections, the property of a light reflector will make a small pedestrian noticeable for drivers moving in both with him and in the opposite direction.

Reflective tape

This piece is sewn on sleeves of jackets and other outer clothing in the form of armbands. Choosing a place for their location, you need to consider that in addition to aesthetic visual perception, they do not overlap when the child moves. Most often, the tape is carried in the form of vertical and horizontal bands, and on the right, and on the left. In addition, with sufficient number of luminous bands can be sewn along all available clothing edges.

Fantasy for every taste

In addition to the above, reflective tape can be fixed:

  1. For hats.
  2. Along the lower outer edges of the pants.
  3. On gloves and mittens.
  4. On the back of outer clothing and other parts of it.

Fasten flickers

Reflective element flicker - a great funny sticker in the form of an emoticon with a funny face or in the form of some other funny character. Children adore such stickers, everyone chooses to their liking to decorate a briefcase or school backpack. Fans of bicycle riding glue flicker on the helmet, as well as on the frame and on both sides between the spokes of the bicycle. In addition, flickers are decorated with belts, sleeves and waistcoats.

Even in the distance, noticing the reflector, the driver tries to reduce the speed in advance, so that if necessary, slow down or even stop, passing the "shining" sticker or strips of a pedestrian. And some lovers decorate their clothes, gluing a reflective tape in the form of a decorative pattern or graphic drawing. By the way, most of the retro-reflective elements are glued to clothing by means of an iron, applying a glutinous base on the clothes and lightly ironing the device heated to an average temperature.

A little about the technology of production of reflective film

In comparison with the manufacture of a conventional self-adhesive film, the production process of a reflective cloth is much more complicated. To produce a reflector, you need a completely cast transparent film. The effect of light reflection is achieved due to the fact that the layer of transparent polymer contains optical elements, which include microprisms or the smallest glass balls.

Further into the process enters the vacuum chamber, inside of which a layer of the finest aluminum foil is applied on the reverse side of the loaded with optical elements of the web. After the entire procedure, the adhesive layer is applied to the film and covered with a protective silicone substrate.

Today, the use of reflective elements, originally invented and created for the visibility in the dark of road signs, also works for the benefit of pedestrians, thereby saving even more lives.

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