Last call (technical test)

Passed by the last call, I decided, why not take a couple of pictures of graduates :)

For one think and test the camera with the lens.

The photos were test ones, so I didn’t particularly bother with this place, I took them all almost in one place. So the photos are the same.

In general, he did not pretend to artistry, let those photographers who took pictures of it think about it. I just continued to test at my pleasure.

All pictures are taken completely on the open aperture! The sharpness is super, the focus was right, the vignette and the distortions did not specifically rule! everything is as it is in the original

The pictures are very voluminous :)

And now the tests continued indoors. The building is completely without windows, the light is artificial and that was not, in the hall itself the lights are off, a couple of lamps were burning on the stage and a garland behind the graduates.

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