Lake of Death in Sicily: truth or myth?

In blogs, social networks, various entertainment portals and even news in 2007, information about a certain Lake of Death in Sicily began to appear. At various sites there was similar information - they wrote that instead of water in this lake there was acid, and therefore neither in the lake, nor around it, one could find anything alive. Especially bloodthirsty publications wrote that in this lake Sicilian mafia hid the bodies of enemies. Today we offer to find out what really hides the incredible phenomenon of acid dead lake.

lake of death in sicily

Information from the World Wide Web

Today, a description of the Sicilian Lake of Death can be found on hundreds of different portals. Thus, according to the information provided by them, a dead lake is an absolutely deserted place where no living organism can be found, and even unpretentious plants do not grow around it. The fact is that this lake is enriched with sulfuric acid, the concentration of which is simply beyond the limits.

The authors of the texts claim: there are active sources at the bottom of the lakesulfuric acid. That is, any living organism immersed in a dangerous pond is doomed to complete dissolution.


One tourist portal even tells where the Lake of Death is located in Sicily: it is recommended to go to the province of Catania, in the municipality of Palagonia, which is located fifteen kilometers from the colony of Leontini.

dead lake

There is information about the size of the lake - its circumference does not exceed 480 feet (about 146 meters), and therefore in the summer this lake dries out completely. The tour operator who published the article recommends to go in search of this lake in the winter - so the probability of finding it increases significantly. At the same time, the site says that the locals did not even hear about the dead lake and doubt that such a thing can exist at all.

The secret of the lake

At various entertainment portals, you can find out that this scientific reservoir was discovered by certain scientific expeditions, which both discovered two sources of sulfuric acid on its bottom. It is also said that even some analyzes were carried out (though which ones and by whom are not indicated anywhere).

Interesting facts about the lake of death in Sicily

Of course, around such a place could not appear a large number of legends and secrets. One of the legends says: Sicilian Mafiosi dissolved the bodies of the people they killed right here.True or not, it is impossible to find out, because in a couple of hours after diving into a dangerous lake (if it exists, of course), even teeth will not remain from a person.

lake of death in sicily interesting facts

Investigation of Eduard Novikov

On the Italian sites there is no mention of this place. And no local resident heard anything about him. Moreover, the study of a photo of the mystical lake showed that the photo of the Lake of Death in Sicily absolutely coincides with the pictures of the lake located in Yellowstone National Park. In addition, these pictures clearly show vegetation that is completely inconsistent with the one that needs to grow in Sicily!

A truly flawless investigation was conducted by Eduard Novikov, who had previously dispelled the myths about the ink lake in Algeria. He managed to find out what exactly became the prototype of a dangerous lake. He also learned about how information about a pond with acid appeared. We bring to your attention his investigation!

Work done

Novikov began by carefully examining various maps. And to no avail. Even lists of all Sicilian lakes did not give any result. True, Eduard managed to find out that, most likely, the name of the lake is Laghetti di Naftia or Lago di Naftia.

The next stage was the search for the works of various scientists who might have been familiar with the prototype of Lake of Death in Sicily. It turned out that a lot of photos of Lago di Naftia were made by volcanologist Gaetano Ponte.

history of the lake of death in Sicily

The researcher said that the boiling of thermal waters in the lake was caused by carbon dioxide emissions, not acid. The pictures of the volcanologist clearly show that there is vegetation in the water itself and on the banks. So, about any acidity and speech can not be. In 1897, Lago di Naftia began to shrink, becoming a few small reservoirs. And by 1905 only small pools remained in place of the lake.

Professor Francesco Ferrara was also studying the lake. He wrote about the lake as follows: the shape of the lake resembles a circle with a diameter of 480 feet. Its depth is about 14 feet. A lake appeared due to volcanic phenomena. Methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide come to the surface of Lago di Naftia, so it seems that the water is boiling. The water color is yellow-green. Spots of oil appear from time to time on the surface of the lake.

Of course, if the lake really was acidic, scientists would hardly have forgotten to mention this. So where are the roots of the story of the Lake of Death in Sicily?

Death Lake Sicily where is located

Roots in the book

If we take from the article about the dangerous lake a quotation concerning the victims of the mafia, you can find the book by Anatoly Paskhalov entitled “Amazing etymology”. The year of publication of this book is 2007. Please note - it was then that mentions of the Lake of Death in Sicily first appeared on the Web.

What does Paskhalov write? He claims that the deadliest body of water in the world is not the Dead Sea, but a Sicilian lake, on the shores of which there is no vegetation. Eduard Novikov reviewed the list of references used by Anatoly Pavlovich, and found out that only the work of Vartanyan, which is called The History with Geography of 1996, can be considered a potential source of information about the terrible reservoir. Novikov did not succeed in finding this book - the World Wide Web only has its title, and it also does not exist in online stores. However, there is the same book, however, dated 1986. Only here there is no information about the lake. It can be assumed that the 1996 edition added a beautiful and unusual legend.

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