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James Cameron is a legendary film director who has shot 2 of the highest-grossing feature films in cinema history: “Titanic” and “Avatar”.
Canadian and American director James CameronCanadian and American director James Cameron

James Cameron's childhood

One of the most successful directors of the planet was born in the family of an engineer. James went to school in the Canadian city of Chippa, but already received his primary education in the United States. The Cameron family moved to California in the early 60s. Here he entered the University of California at the Faculty of Physics. But James did not graduate.
James Cameron in his youthJames Cameron in his youth
He began to seek participation in the process of creating motion pictures. In 1978, Cameron and his friends Jason Fessenden and William Wisher shot the fantastic short film Xenogenesis, which interested Roger Korman, the master of low-budget films. With him a future celebrity and began working in the studio "New World Pictures".


Cameron came to fame in 1984. And all thanks to the movie "Terminator".By the way, the image of the main character of the picture to the director was dreamed about in a dream when he was sick with the flu. He saw a woman who was saved from a nightmarish creature who could change shape depending on the circumstances.
Cameron on the set of "Terminator"Cameron on the set of "Terminator"
Representatives of the film companies liked the subsequent script, but no one wanted to deal with an aspiring director. As a result, the script was sold - the owner of Cameron’s future producer Gail Ann Hurd became its owner. Moreover, the fee was symbolic - one dollar. But it was further stipulated that the producer will shoot the picture exclusively with Cameron.
The role of the Terminator has become a landmark for SchwarzeneggerThe role of the Terminator has become a landmark for Schwarzenegger
By the standards of the 80s, films had a small budget. Only 6 million dollars. But Cameron created the picture, which today remains the benchmark of the genre.


After The Terminator, James decided to wipe the sequel to the famous Alien thriller Ridley Scott. The second series became a fighter, not a thriller, but the film was a big success. Sigourney Weaver was even nominated for an Oscar and this is a unique case for an action movie.


Following the director took up the film "The Abyss."At the heart of the scenario was the history of submarine workers, who found unknown creatures of precisely unearthly origin underwater. This time the budget of the painting was estimated at 70 million dollars. It turned out that the tape was one of the most expensive at that time. A lot of money was spent on filming underwater, because at that time special effects were not as advanced. In the depths of the sea, the filmmakers stopped a giant tank in an unfinished power station.
The paintings brought 54.2 million dollars and received rather not flattering reviews from critics. But as a bonus, the film was awarded an Oscar for special effects.

Terminator 2

The film "Terminator" was so successful that they immediately began to talk about its continuation. However, Cameron was in no hurry, he waited for special effects to be improved to create a liquid metal robot. The exit of the picture "Terminator 2" was delayed and confusion with copyright. In the end, they moved Mario Cassaru from Carolco Pictures and Cameron set to work.
James Cameron reaches the deepest point of the oceanJames Cameron reaches the deepest point of the ocean
In this picture he was able to turn around.An unbelievable amount of $ 70 million was allocated to the film, but the final budget was 30 million more. And “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” was able to pay for itself many times at the box office, the picture gathered 205 million dollars only in the USA, even more, 315 million, abroad. The film, in addition, received four Oscars.

True lie

In 1994, James Cameron began shooting the truth-spy spy fighter. The picture was allocated $ 100 million, and she collected almost 400 million at the box office. The main role went to the same Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Well, the film “Titanic” was a real triumph for the director. An epic film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane, Catherine Elizabeth Winslet was shot in 1997. And for 13 years, the picture was the highest grossing ever. It was spent 200 million dollars.
James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet on setJames Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet on set
Charges also amounted to 1.8 billion dollars. The tape was awarded 11 "Oscars", including in the nominations "Best Director" and "Best Film". It is worth noting that the box office record for this film was broken in 2010 by another Cameron film.
Director and actors discuss the final scene.Director and actors discuss the final scene.
After the release of "Titanic" James Cameron began to engage in documentary and television series.


The film "Avatar" immerses the audience into the life of the main character, the former paralyzed marine infantryman Jake Sally. He was invited to work as an avatar operator; this is a genetic hybrid of a human and a Pandorian. The man arrived on the planet Pandora, where the humanoid race Navi lives and is at the epicenter of the conflict between the local and native cultures. Presented "Avatar" in late 2009. And less than a year later, the box office left the famous "Titanic" far behind. By September 1, 2010, Avatar collected $ 2.8 billion.
The soundtrack of the movie James Avatar "Avatar"

Personal life

James Cameron five times led by the crown of his chosen ones. The first wife of the director was a waitress named Sharon Williams. James met the girl when he had not yet reached the cinema height. Family life lasted six years. His career went uphill, and he stopped paying attention to his personal life, so the marriage broke up.
In 1985, Cameron's wife became producer Gail Ann Heard.It was she who gave the director a start in life, holding the picture "Terminator". After this tape, James and Gail worked together on the film "Aliens." And then the workers union turned into a family. Then the couple worked side by side on the film "The Abyss", but immediately after the end of the filming process they fled. As a result, the director and producer stayed together for five years.
James Cameron. Interview to Posner
As soon as the divorce was filed, James Cameron remarried. It happened in 1989. The new chosen one was the director Catherine Bigelow. However, this marriage was short-lived. In 1991, James went to actress Linda Hamilton. And only two years later Cameron and Bigelow filed a divorce.
In early 1993, Linda gave birth to a daughter, Josephine Archer Cameron, to James. Four years later, the director officially became the spouse of the mother of his child. However, the marriage did not save Cameron from new intrigues. During the filming of the Titanic, James met actress Suzy Amis, who played the Amis granddaughter. In 1999, Cameron divorces his fourth spouse, and in 2000 he marries a new lover. In 2001, Claire’s daughter appeared in the family, and after five years, the twins Quinn and Elizabeth Rose.
By the way, Cameron has a stepson Jasper - this is Susie's son from his first marriage.Amis was married to actor Sam Robards.

Interesting Facts

Directed by lefty.
James is an atheist, and if he had the opportunity, he would like to meet with Jesus.
Cameron studied filmmaking with Roger Corman, in 1977, the latter hired James to film special effects and set the scenery for paintings.

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