Irina Miroshnichenko: an elegant beauty of Soviet cinema

Soviet men enjoyed watching foreign films and admired the divas of French and Italian cinema. And yet at home, as a wife, they wanted to see women similar to Russian actresses. Irina Miroshnichenko was the absolute leader of this unofficial choice. Beautiful beautiful blonde decorated with her participation any movie coming out on the screens. Her style was copied, and the phrase “you remind Miroshnichenko” was the best compliment to a female person.

Irina has long been one of the most spectacular stars of Soviet cinema, but she also left a bright mark in the theater. Every year, over the course of two decades, starting in the mid-60s, 1-2 of the premieres of the Moscow Art Theater were released. In order to see their favorite actress, people who were not fans of this type of art went to the theater. Miroshnichenko bathed in fame and recognition.With age, she did not become less popular and still performs with successful concert programs, continues to act in films.

Childhood and the youth of the future actress

Childhood and the youth of the future actress

Irina's childhood was hard. She was born in the war, July 24, 1942, when her family was in evacuation in Barnaul. Her father fought, and his mother, a former actress, tried to feed Irina and her elder half-brother Rudolph.

In 1937, the first husband of Catherine Antonovna Miroshnichenko was repressed, and her career as a graduate of the theater institute was destroyed. Nevertheless, she and her son were allowed to stay in Moscow, where she again married serviceman Peter Isayevich Vainshteyn.

After the war, the whole family returned to Moscow and, according to Irina’s memories, lived in terrible conditions. Her father fell ill with tuberculosis, and the weakened girl contracted this disease from him. For a whole year, she was treated in various sanatoriums and won the disease.

In high school Irina joined the theater studio at the Lenin Komsomol Theater and enjoyed the acting profession with pleasure. In her family, everyone dreamed of theater, and her mother hoped that her daughter would be able to fulfill her own unfulfilled ambitions.

The beginning of a creative way

In 1961, Miroshnichenko entered the Moscow Art Theater School and immediately received small roles in performances. Filmmakers are also interested in a beautiful student with a thoughtful look.

The first role of Irina happened in the cult film of George Danelia “I am walking around Moscow”, where she played together with young Nikita Mikhalkov and Yevgeny Steblov. Although the role of Miroshnichenko was quite small, she embodied the image of Kati, the sister of Nicholas, and part of her fame after the success of the film.

In the theater, her career also developed quite quickly and successfully. At the time of graduation from the Studio School, she played in the performances “Two on the Swing” and “Uncle's Dream”, which became her thesis work. Questions about her enrollment in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater did not arise, the actress was welcomed.

A few years later, she received roles in the performances "The Seagull" and "The Ideal Husband." Fans of the actress liked Mrs. Cheveley more in the production of the play by O. Wilde, because many believed that Miroshnichenko resembled Western stars. Her appearance was refined and aristocratic.

Directors often invited the young actress in their films to play the role of irresistible girls.In "They were only known in person" she played a Russian scout, but then images of exclusively foreign women in the paintings followed: "Royal Regatta", "Resident's Error".

In Andrei Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev film, she appeared in the role of Mary Magdalene.

The heyday of career

The flourishing career of an actress

Irina Petrovna believes that her finest hour came at the end of the 60s, when she worked with recognized masters of cinema and went on the stage in iconic performances. Nevertheless, the audience fell in love with her heroines in the tapes of the 70s and 80s.

The actress regularly appeared on the cover of the magazine "The Soviet Screen" and in television programs devoted to art and theater. Her photos in newsstands were bought up instantly.

To the cinema

The actress became recognizable through roles in military and spy movies such as Mission in Kabul, Conspiracy, Soldiers from the Front and Secrets of Madame Wong. She avoided passing films, rightly believing that the shooting of Tarkovsky and Danelia at the very beginning of her career set a fairly high bar for her.

Irina Petrovna also succeeded in the tragic characters, which demonstrated her versatile artistic talent.Women with unfortunate fate in the tapes "Winter Cherry" and "Recognize Guilty" show that outstanding external data does not guarantee family happiness.

Unfortunately, the actress herself was well aware of this situation.

In the theatre

Throughout her life, Miroshnichenko Irina Petrovna served in the Moscow Art Theater. It was this theater that became its haven in any difficult situation. He saved her from disappointment in the profession, when in the 90s Russian cinema was in decline, and there were no worthy roles for the celebrated actors.

Miroshnichenko worked a lot with Oleg Efremov. He became the director of her most famous performances: "The Cherry Orchard", "Mishin's Anniversary" and "Silver Wedding". When the theater split, the actress unconditionally sided with Ephraim.

Evil tongues said that her type was a bit similar to Tatiana Doronina, and the actresses often claimed the same roles. However, Irina Petrovna herself noted that work with Efremov is more comfortable for her and is given to her easier.

Irina Miroshnichenko and music

Miroshnichenko has excellent vocal abilities, but as a child she dreamed of not singing, but learning how to play the harp.Parents her desire was discouraged, and they sent the girl to a music school for them. Gnesinykh violin class. A large role in the abandonment of the harp played a cumbersome instrument.

Irina Petrovna soulfully performs romances, chanson and even songs in French. She repeatedly recorded film compositions. For example, "You can not dream."

Recognition and rewards

Actress recognition and awards

In 1976 and in the years of 1988, the actress received the title of Honored and People's Artist of the RSFSR.

She was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree. Irina Petrovna's contribution to art was also marked by the Order of Honor and the Order of Friendship.

Actress life

One of the teachers of Irina in the studio at the Lenin Komsomol Theater was Mikhail Shatrov. In 19 years Miroshnichenko married him and lived with him in marriage for 12 years. They were not only spouses, but also like-minded people, keen on creativity.

The playwright of Shatrov acquainted Irina with famous artists, and she, as before, felt like a student entering the magical world of cinema and theater. Unfortunately, the couple did not have children, and Shatrov did not like it, but the man still adored his wife.

The impetus for divorce was the betrayal of Miroshnichenko on the set. She passionately fell in love with a Baltic director.

A few months after parting with her first husband, the actress made a hasty marriage with Vytautas Zhalakevičius. This relationship lasted less than six months, as the spouses were too different in nature. In the face of the new husband, Irina did not meet unconditional worship, as in the previous union.

The third marriage actress filed with a colleague in the theater, the actor Igor Vasilyev, received recognition after the role in the movie "The Inn on Pyatnitskaya." The family lasted 5 years, from 1975 to 1980. Both gave most of the time to work, and their feelings faded with time. They broke up friends and even introduced each other to the new chosen ones.

Irina Petrovna admits that sometimes she suffers from loneliness. At the same time, the constant love for her natural feeling. Reaching her advanced age, she began to regret the absence of children, but in her youth she consciously made a choice in favor of acting.

Interesting facts from the life of the artist

Interesting facts from the life of the artist

In 1979, the actress got into a serious accident: the Volga crashed into her car.In addition to severe bruises, Irina suffered a spinal injury and for some time could not walk. At the same time, her father, who died in 1980, was seriously ill.

The actress still remembers that terrible period with tears in her eyes, although she bravely overcame him. The old injury always made itself felt, but Irina continued to work on the stage and starred a lot.

Miroshnichenko wrote the book “I Will Tell ...” about their peripetias in the profession and personal life. Reading memoirs, you are immersed in a completely different world and you begin to understand how creative people see it.

Irina Miroshnichenko now - the latest news

In 2015, the theatrical career of Irina Petrovna experienced a new take-off. In the play "Musketeers. Saga. Part One ”she plays the role of the queen. In the movie, she agreed once again to return to the role in the movie "Winter Cherry".

To her 75th birthday in 2017, the actress prepared a concert program, which she dedicated to loyal fans of her talent. Performances were sold out. Mikhail Boyarsky, Alexander Domogarov and other actors came to congratulate a colleague and close friend.


Several generations of spectators grew up as elegant beauties created by Irina Miroshnichenko.She lived a hard life, but she was always associated with foreign millionaires or perfect lady. It is remarkable that in Soviet times, when everything alien was eradicated, the actress managed to embody many interesting characters.

At present, Miroshnichenko remains a popular actress. The public warmly accepts all of its roles and enjoys watching films that have become classics, because they are not a bit outdated. Creative search for the actress continues, she is full of ideas and ideas. May they be quickly embodied and reveal the unknown sides of her talent.

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