Ice fish: cooking recipes. How to cook ice fish

Far away, in the cold waters near the shores of Antarctica, there is a unique fish - ice. We will reveal the recipe of its preparation below. But first, let's say a few flattering words about the benefits of ice fish. What makes it so unique? In the 19th century, Norwegian whalers fishing in the Antarctic said that they came across fish with colorless blood. For a long time they did not believe their words. After all, all vertebrates should have red blood. However, it turned out that there are exceptions. Forced to live in a harsh environment, this representative of ichthyofauna in the process of evolution has completely eliminated red blood cells and hemoglobin from its organism. But they are responsible for staining blood in red. Therefore, for the pale milk flesh and nicknamed the fish ice, and the whole family of such creatures - insular. This fish has scientific names. It is called the stripe pike.But the people got accustomed to the name "ice fish".Ice fish

Product benefits

The meat of this blond pike is tender and rather dense. In addition, the icy absolutely no specific fish smell. The taste of its sweetish meat is a bit like shrimp. Maybe because the fish ate krill all their life? And ice has no small bones. Spine, ribs - that's her whole skeleton. This allows to consider the Antarctic pike as a valuable commercial species. Ice fish, the benefit of which is undoubted, is a low-calorie product (100 grams contains only 90.6 kcal). And she is not fat. It is necessary to take note of people who care about the figure. 100 grams of fish contains only 2.2 grams of fat. But there is quite a lot of protein in it - 17%. This fish boasts a high content of cobalt, iodine, chromium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, copper and other healthy minerals and trace elements. There are in it and vitamins - PP and group B.Ice fish recipe

Who needs to eat ice fish

Given the low calorie content of the pike, it can be said that it is useful for people who are overweight and dieter. And a lot of minerals,which are contained in meat, make it a mandatory product in the diet of patients suffering from metabolic disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis, malfunctions in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland. Since ice fish is found in non-polluted Antarctic waters, it is considered an environmentally friendly product. Even small children can use it (after the first year of life). But the harsh conditions of the fishery and the constant reduction of the livestock make the pike a real pike a real delicacy. In Japanese restaurants it is served raw. This is to ensure that nothing interferes with enjoying the shrimp flavor of ice fish. Recipes for cooking delicacies are not limited to just cutting and filing. From pike pudding cooked soups. Second courses are also made - steamed, in a griddle, in the oven.Ice fish use

General rules for cooking

In our latitudes, the Antarctic pike is sold exclusively frozen. Of course, it loses some of the useful properties. Therefore, you need to buy it from trusted vendors, because the value of the fish melts like ice from each subsequent freeze.The meat of a pike is tender, therefore it is necessary to treat it appropriately. Do not beat the taste of dishes with lots of seasonings. Ginger, basil, lemon lemon balm - that's what perfectly ice fish. The recipes of this Antarctic inhabitant are surprising in their simplicity. At the same time, delicious dishes are made. What is worth only pike fried in sesame oil! It is easy to clean, it is almost waste-free. From the tail and the head are ear or fish soup. Boil pike need no more than twenty minutes.How to make ice fish

Thick soup

How to cook ice fish as a first course? The principle is simple: first boil the broth from the tails and heads, and only then add the fillet. Before laying the fish, it is desirable to strain the broth. So, heads and tails (three pieces each) are filled with cold water (2 liters) and set to cook on slow fire. In the pan also throw a whole onion in the peel and peeled carrots. Strain the ready broth, again set it on fire. Wait for the boil. Add a handful of millet. After 7-10 minutes after re-boiling we put four potatoes, cut into large cubes.You can make a frying of onions and carrots in butter. We spread the cut into large pieces of fillet. After a quarter of an hour, add dried basil, five black peppercorns, one bay leaf. Finely chopped dill green ground with a pinch of salt and 50 grams of butter. Add this mixture to the fish soup and turn it off after boiling. Insist under the lid for 20 minutes and serve.How to make ice fish

Ice fish: recipe for the oven

Minimum processing - this is the main secret of cooking pike in the oven. In the dishes in the foreground should be felt fish. It makes no sense to cook from a delicacy, if it does not reveal all of its wonderful taste. And roasting in the oven can introduce the smell of smoke and excessive over-drying of tender fillets. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap ice fish with klyar. Mix an equal amount of flour and light beer (125 g each). Knead until the lumps disappear. In two eggs, separate the white from the yolk. Heat 40 grams of butter. Pour it with yolks to the dough and continue to knead. Squirrels whip. Also add to the batter. Two hundred grams of fish fillet cut into small pieces, salt and pepper.Pour some vegetable oil into the baking dish, grease it with the walls of the pot. Put the fillet, fill with batter. Ice fish is baked at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. When a crust forms, it is necessary to make holes in it with a toothpick. By the way, in this recipe, beer can be replaced with white table wine.Ice fish cooking recipes

Recipe for multicooker

Blood pike can not only fry and bake. In a slow cooker, a delicious dish can be made much faster, and to taste it will be no different from a restaurant one. How to cook ice fish in this device? Thaw four fillets. Cut the white part of leek, onion and 70 grams of fennel in circles and fry them in hot vegetable oil together with 10 young asparagus sprouts and the same amount of green peas in the pods. Salt and pepper vegetables. In another bowl, mix in a spoonful of sweet paprika, lemon zest, dried parsley, a pinch of salt with 20 grams of starch. In this breading we roll fish fillets. The multicooker bowl should be completely dry. Put the fried vegetables in it. On this pillow will lay an ice fish in breading. Turn on the unit to the mode "Baking" and wait fifteen minutes.

Recipe for a conventional pan

Antarctic pike (half a kilo) is thawed, cut, cut into pieces. In a plate, prepare the breading. Mix 50 g of flour, two tablespoons of sesame seeds, a bit of salt, black pepper, dried fennel. To give the finished dish a beautiful golden hue, you can add curry in a breading and a pinch. There are several rules on how to cook ice fish in a skillet. First, the cooking oil for frying should be well heated. It should be a lot, otherwise the breading does not form an appetizing and crisp crust. And yet: do not often turn the pieces. Ice fish is very tender, and with awkward handling can fall apart.Making ice fish

Delicacy in foil

It should be noted that baking the Antarctic pike in the oven must be approached responsibly. The dishes come with an appetizing flavor, but the amazing flavor of the fish itself can be lost. In addition, the oven can dry out the delicate flesh of "belokrovki." To protect her from this, you need to wrap the fillet pieces in foil. How to cook ice fish in this way? We defrost carcasses, we finish them. Heads and tails can not be cut off.Sprinkle fish with lemon juice and leave for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, mix herbs and spices. The preferred composition - cumin, saffron and salt. Baking sheet with foil. Fish rubbed with a mixture of spices inside and out. We lay out the carcass on the foil. Pour slightly with vegetable oil. We cover with a leaf of aluminum.

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