Ice cream "Ice cream" at home

Ice cream at home is not as difficult to make as it seems from the very beginning. The main thing is to strictly follow all the recipe recommendations and use only suitable cream at home

It should be immediately noted that ice cream "Ice Cream" at home can be prepared in different ways. Someone makes it with milk or cream, and someone additionally adds eggs, vanillin, as well as fillers such as various fruits, syrups, berries, nuts, chocolate, cocoa, and so on. With them your dessert will turn out much more tasty and calories.

A simple recipe for ice cream "Ice Cream" at home

With the onset of summer and hot days, many people try to cool their bodies by eating such a delicious and tender dessert, like ice cream. Buying it in the store is not difficult. Today, this product is produced in large quantities and has a huge range.

However, experts say that not always store "Plombir" meets all the requirements of quality and safety. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how much it costs or what company produces it.

In connection with all of the above, we recommend making ice cream “Plombir” at home. In fact, in the preparation of such a delicacy is nothing complicated. Moreover, it can be served at the table as an independent dessert, and used to create various cocktails.

So how to make “Sundae” at home? To implement the most simple and quick recipe, we need the following set of products:

  • whipping cream with a fat content of 30% or more - about 500-600 ml;
  • powdered sugar (you can use fine beet sugar) - about 100 g;
  • fragrant vanillin - 2 medium pinches.

Cooking method

Before you make a "sundae" at home, you should prepare the basis for it. For this we decided to use heavy cream for whipping. They are pre-cooled and spread in a deep dish. Next, they add powdered sugar and a little vanilla. Using a high-speed blender, cream continuously beat for 7-10 minutes. During this time they should increase in volume several times and be transformed into a very stable and creamy to make ice cream sundae at home

After the base for ice cream is ready, it should be cooled. For this sweet whipped cream spread in a plastic container, and then tightly closed and cleaned in the freezer overnight.

Once the mass hardens, it is removed and left to warm for a few minutes. Having partially thawed out the product, soft ice cream is gently taken with a spoon and laid out on ice cream plates.

Serve “Sundae”, cooked at home, in different ways. Someone sprinkles it with cocoa, and someone decorates it with frozen or fresh berries. This dessert is especially tasty with honeysuckle. However, before adding these berries to ice cream, they should be first mashed with a blender. The resulting mass must be added to the ice cream and beat again well.

Soviet recipe "Plombira" at home

Surely many people born in the Soviet Union, remember the taste of the ice cream that was sold in stores. Today it is quite difficult to get such a soft and mild dessert. Therefore, we recommend making “Sundae” on your own at home according to a Soviet recipe. For this we need the following components:

  • high-fat whole milk (use only cow's milk) - 130 ml;
  • thick cream (30% fat) - 300 ml;
  • beet sugar is not very large - 100-150 g;
  • Egg yolks - 3 pcs.

Cooking process

The presented recipe “Plombira” at home requires the use of whole milk of high fat content. As for cream, they should be taken at least 30%. Otherwise, the ice cream will not be as tasty as we would to make ice cream ice cream at home

To the egg yolks add not very large granulated sugar and ground into a homogeneous mass, using a regular spoon or fork. Sweet spice should be put according to your personal taste.

After the yolk mass turns white and becomes homogeneous, whole milk is poured into it, and then all the contents of the dish are put into a water bath.

By stirring regularly, the ingredients are cooked until thickened over very low heat. After that, the cream mass is removed from the stove and cooled to room temperature. In the meantime, proceed to the preparation of other products.

Fatty cream is pre-cooled, and then thoroughly whipped and sent to the freezer for a few minutes. Next, the procedure of mixing the product is repeated again.In this case, the cream should form a fairly stable peaks.

After the described actions, the yolk mass and the dairy product are combined and well mixed. Then it is sent back to the freezer, where it is kept for about 40-60 minutes.

The practically frozen mixture is re-whipped by means of a mixer and again put in the freezer. These actions should be carried out about 2-3 more times. This is necessary so that large pieces of ice did not form in the dessert, and it turned out to be very tender and tasty.

How to serve?

Now you know the Soviet ice cream sundae recipe at home. After the dessert has been whipped and frozen several times, it is removed from the freezer and kept at room temperature for some time. Next, a soft delicacy spread in kremanochki and sprinkled with grated chocolate or decorated with fresh berries, nuts or fruits.

The taste of this dessert is quite similar to the fact that he had a Soviet ice cream. Therefore, we do not recommend buying ice cream in the store, but we recommend making it yourself using simple and affordable cream sundae recipe at home

Cooking delicious ice cream with egg whites

Now you have a general idea of ​​how to make Ice Cream "Ice Cream" at home. However, it should be noted that there are a great many ways to prepare such a delicacy.

In the recipe that was described above, in addition to milk and cream, we used egg yolks. In this section, we decided to tell you how to make “Ice Cream” ice cream at home using proteins. To do this, you must purchase the following set of components:

  • store cream high fat (more than 30%) - 300 ml;
  • small beet sugar - about 100 g (you can taste a little more);
  • egg white chilled - 3 pcs .;
  • icing sugar - about 80 g;
  • fresh lemon juice - from ½ fruit;
  • vanillin or vanilla sugar - use to your liking.

Step by Step Cooking

Start cooking this ice cream is better the night before. In this case, in the morning you will get a real ice cream, which you can enjoy all day long.

So how to cook "Sundae" at home? Fat shop cream is mixed with medium-sized sugar, then vanillin is added to them and put on a very slow fire.In this composition, the ingredients are boiled for about 30 minutes. At the same time they regularly interfere with a large spoon.

After the heat treatment, the hot sweet mixture is removed from the stove and filtered through a sieve. After cooling the cream at room temperature, they are removed in the refrigerator. At this time, proceed to the processing of egg whites. They are whipped into a resistant foam, gradually adding fresh lemon juice and to make ice cream at home

Having carried out the described actions, the cooled cream is removed from the refrigerator and also whipped with a blender.

Having connected both air masses together, they are laid out in a container with a lid and sent to the freezer. In this form, ice cream is maintained throughout the night or a little longer.

Bring to the table

After aging the milk-protein mass in the cold, it is removed and laid out on ice-cream bowls. Having decorated the dessert with sweet syrup or crumb biscuits, it is presented to guests along with a dessert spoon. This delicacy is very tasty and delicate. It can be eaten right away or saved for any holiday.

Making chocolate vanilla ice cream

Ice cream at home without cream is quite realistic.To do this, you do not need to purchase expensive components, and also devote a lot of free time.

So how to cook "Sundae" at home? For this you need to prepare:

  • cocoa powder - about 150 g;
  • cow's fat milk - about 350 ml;
  • fresh pistachios - 100 g;
  • vanilla pod - 1 small pcs .;
  • powdered sugar - approximately 200 g;
  • Egg yolks - 3 pcs.

Ice cream

To make such a dessert, 150 ml of fat cow's milk is poured into a small saucepan, and then cocoa powder is added to it. After mixing the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mass, they spread the seeds of vanilla pod and put them on medium heat.

After the milk mass boils, it is removed from the heat and allowed to cool completely. As soon as the mixture reaches room temperature, the remnants of fat milk are added to it and immediately mixed in with a blender. These actions should be carried out for several minutes, adhering to the highest speed.cream at home without cream

Having a homogeneous and fluffy mass, pistachios are poured into it, which are chopped in advance into small pieces. At the same time a few spoons are left aside.They are useful for decorating ice cream.

After the described actions, the egg yolks are ground together with powdered sugar. The resulting homogeneous mass spread to the milk-chocolate mixture and beat for a long time. This procedure contributes to the formation of a very lush and uniform base. It is laid out in a container with a lid and sent to the freezer for about a day.

Serving ice cream to the table

After the chocolate-vanilla ice cream is frozen, it is taken out and laid out on kremanochki. Serving such an unusual delicacy to the table is desirable only after it is decorated with pistachios. If you have in stock nut syrup, then they can also pour a ready-made dessert.

Useful tips

Now you know how to make Ice Cream "Ice Cream" at home. It should be noted that this is not the only way to prepare homemade dessert. Using various fillers in the form of berries, fruits, nuts, chocolate, syrup, cocoa and other products, you can noticeably change not only the taste of the ice cream, but also its energy value.

Apricot ice cream is quite popular with children. To make such a delicacy, you need to add a small amount of fruit, previously boiled together with granulated sugar, into the milk base. By analogy, you can add currants, raspberries, gooseberries, plums, bananas and other products to ice cream. With such ingredients, homemade ice cream will be painted in the appropriate color, and will also become more fragrant and to make ice cream at home

It is impossible not to say that the finished delicacy can be used not only as an ordinary dessert, but also used to prepare various beverages.

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