Hypoid rear axle transmission

The operation of cars requires the implementation of various operations, and, consequently, knowledge in the field of adjustment and maintenance of rear axle gear assemblies.

The main gear is used to increasetorque, as well as to change its direction to the longitudinal axis of the car at a right angle. Therefore, it is produced from bevel gears. The main gear according to the number of gears is divided into a single conical and a double gear. The first have two varieties: simple and hypoid transmissions. Single simple conical gears are used on light and medium-duty trucks and trucks. Hypoid transfer in comparison with a simple one has advantageous features:

1. The position of the axis of the driving wheel is below the axis of the slave.

2. Reduce the center of gravity and increase the stability of the car.

3. Thickening of the shape of the base of the gear teeth.

Hypoid transfer (hyperboloid) of the carIt is characterized by wear resistance and high strength. In addition to such positive moments, smoothness and quiet operation increase. In hypoid gears, the tooth surfaces slip. In this regard, you should use a special grease with increased strength of the film. Conventional lubricants are not suitable for hypoid gears, they are not recommended for use. Otherwise, the gears will fail after one to two hours of operation.

The hypoid transfer has a drawback: increased risk of jamming gears. A malfunction occurs as a result of contact when the teeth slip. This phenomenon is accompanied by a weakening of the bearing capacity of the wedge oil. There is a way to eliminate seizing - this is the use of hypoid oil, thermal treatment of teeth. This ensures a high hardness of their surface. The hypoid gear is used in the following mechanisms:

- drives of driving wheels of cars, tractors, diesel locomotives;

- in textile machines when transferring rotation from one shaft to several dozen spindles;

- in machines for the purpose of providing the greatest accuracy with a high gear ratio.

The gear ratio of most hyperboloidtransfers, as a rule, does not exceed 10, but sometimes reaches 30 or even more. The load capacity of the named gear compared to others above (due to the linear contact of the teeth and the increase in the number of pairs of teeth in meshing).

Bevel gears are serrated. Movement mechanisms in many models of machines associated with the need to transfer rotation from one shaft to another. This is the case if the axes of the shafts either intersect or intersect. In such cases, bevel gears are used.

Dual main car transmissionIt is installed on a heavy-duty truck with the purpose of increasing the total auxiliary transmission number and increasing the transmitted torque (torque). The double main gear is one of the parts of the driving bridge mechanism. When the main drive is in operation, the torque is transmitted from the transmission of the drive shaft to the drive shaft flange and its gear. Then, the torque transmission is fed to the conical driven gear, to the conical shaft with its gear, the cylindrical driven gear and through the differential parts on the axle connected to the hubs of the car wheels.

Mastering the fundamentals of the kinematic and structuralanalysis of various mechanisms, regulation of the progress of machines, knowledge of ways to evaluate the functionality of mechanisms, the parameters of the quality of motion transmission are important conditions for the correct and competent use of mobile machinery and machines.

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