How to wear a gas mask? Norms of putting on a gas mask

The gas mask serves as a respiratory protective device.pathways and facial skin from harmful factors. Usually it is used in emergency situations. And since they arise suddenly, you must learn in advance how to properly wear a gas mask. This work is simple, you just need to learn a few principles.

Selecting a size

Most often for the protection of the face and respiratory systemthe gas mask GP-7 is used. To determine its size, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the head horizontally and vertically. In the first variant, a centimeter tape passes over the forehead. Vertical girth assumes measurement on the vertex, cheekbones, chin.

how to wear a gas mask

The results must be added, after which you need to determine the size according to the following data:

  • 0 size - up to 93 cm;
  • 1 - 93-95;
  • 2 - 95-99;
  • 3 - 99-103;
  • 4 - more than 103.

Use only the appropriategas mask, as it will reliably protect against harmful substances. Inadequate size device gives discomfort, besides it can not completely protect from polluted air.

From what protects?

The gas mask GP-7 protects the lungs, eyesight, skinfaces from radiation dust, hazardous components, biological substances. The device is filtering. The basic equipment does not contain protection against ammonia, organic components, which have a boiling point of 65 degrees.

how to properly wear a gas mask

The device can not protect from nitric oxide, carbon. To protect against these substances, you need a cartridge ROM-PU. The gas mask must be selected depending on the type of harmful substances.


How to put on a gas mask to protect it reliablyfrom penetration of harmful substances? The bag must be passed over the right shoulder so that it is on the left side. Its valve is facing itself, and with a mobile buckle, the length of the belt should be bent so that there is an upper part of the bag in the area of ​​the waist belt.

Then you need to unfasten the valve, pull it outgas mask, check the strength of FPC fixation to the front. It is necessary to wipe the glass, which becomes less transparent. The gas mask fits into the bag, after which it must be buttoned, pushed back so that walking is free. If required, then the bag can be fixed with a belt tape.

Socks rules

How to wear a gas mask? To prepare it, you need to unbutton the bag. The gas mask is fixed on the trunk with a braid. Then we need to loosen the helmet of the headset and the headgear straps. Then it is necessary to unbuckle the cap with the visor from the OZK twist. Belt of the bag under the duffel bag.

gas mask 7

How to properly wear a gas mask type PMK-2,PMK, PBF? First, you need to remove the strap, put it on the back of the bag in a loom and fix it on the trunk. The bag should be pushed back so that walking is free. The combat situation comes with the command "gases", "chemical alarm".

Dressing rules

How to wear a gas mask to protect it? To do this you need:

  • close eyes;
  • hold the breath;
  • remove headwear;
  • pull out the gas mask;
  • take the helmet-mask over the edges.

Thumbs should stay outside, while others- inside. Under the chin, you must attach the lower part of the mask, and sharply pull the helmet-mask on the head so that there are no folds. If they appeared, then you need to repeat the procedure. Then the eyes must be opened and the breathing restored.

Combat position of PMK and PM-2

Putting on a gas mask of these species is not difficult. To bring them to the fighting position, you need to take 2 side straps, stretch them, fix the chin in the lower recess of the obturator. Move it upwards by pulling the headband.

instruction manual for gas mask

When putting on, the mask, straps and shutters of the obturator should not be skewed. It should fit tightly to the face, both at rest and with sudden movements.

Other options

How to wear a gas mask in another way? Other options for donning are also suitable, but they must be correct and fast. In addition, it is important to keep the front of the device.

To put a gas mask in a lying position, it is necessary:

  • close eyes;
  • hold the breath;
  • to remove a headdress with a steel helmet;
  • get a gas mask;
  • put it on after inhaling;
  • open your eyes, renewed your breathing.

To put on a gas mask on a wounded person,it should be planted or put. When the headset is put on, it can be moved to the combat position in the ways given above. Only apply some additions: before putting on to unfasten laryngophones and headset. It will be necessary to put on a balaclava, and on top of a gas mask - a tank-helmet, after which the laryngophones are fastened.

Protection against water

To protect gas masks from water from facial partsthe boxes are disconnected. They are fitted with rubber caps and plugs. It is necessary to check if there are rubber gaskets. After eliminating water, all parts of the gas mask must be wiped, dried, replaced with films and put in a bag.

putting on a gas mask

Devices PMK and PMK-2 have a system for receivingeven in an infected area. To use this system, you will need the flask equipment with a lid with a valve. It puts a rubber stopper. Liquid should be poured in an uninfected place.

Terms of use

To keep the device working for a long timeperiod, it is necessary to use the gas mask correctly. For a long stay in the device you need to breathe evenly and deeply. It turns out after constant training. Thanks to this, the combat effectiveness of a person who can correctly act on the territory of defeat remains.

application of a gas mask

If there are difficulties in breathing, then you needa little knock on the box, which will eliminate dust or snow. When the situation continues, you need to remove the cover, and after removing all unnecessary again, put it on the box. If you do not need to use a gas mask, then before putting it in the bag, you need to remove the dust. It is necessary to check the condition of the device on a regular basis so that there are no foreign particles on it.

Features of storage and use

To save the device, you must follow the rules for its use. This will extend the period of use. A help in this manual on the use of gas mask:

  • do not allow mechanical damage;
  • Carefully handle the valves;
  • the negotiation membrane must be complete;
  • Do not touch the outer parts of the device if you have recently been in an infected area;
  • The device must be protected from moisture;
  • The gas mask must be stored assembled at a distance of at least 3 meters from the heating equipment.

To maintain the protective device for a long timeperiod, periodically perform checks. At first it takes place 6 months before the end of the storage period, and then 5 years after the guarantee. Further checks are carried out every 2 years. Rules for testing protective equipment approved by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. Every week, you need to check the stacks, quality, integrity of the packaging, stacking. If defects were found, then necessary elements should be replaced.

The manufacturer guarantees the safetythe device is about 12 years from the time of manufacture. The maximum device is stored for 25 years. After that, the gas mask must be replaced. If any parts were damaged, then it is necessary to change them in a timely manner. This will prevent human infection. Now sold a lot of devices that protect people from the infected environment.

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