How to tie a bolero?

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How to tie a bolero?

A bolero is a short vest with a small sleeve. It was originally worn by men in Spain. But then the bolero moved to the women's wardrobe. Now you can see a wide variety of bolero models - with a collar, buttons, openwork, color, monochromatic, with various forms of sleeves. Of course, the bolero is a great addition to casual wear.

Bolero is not difficult to tie yourself. Each woman can tie your favorite model with crochet or knitting of your choice. But it is worth noting that crochet obtained more airy and lightweight models.

Bolero for girls

Bolero for a girl can even knit an aspiring needlewoman, who has basic knitting skills. This model will consist of the usual square, which can be tied by the viscous, which you are good at. You can use, for example, English gum or lace pattern.

To knit a baby bolero, you need a small amount of yarn - about 50 grams. The hook must be chosen for the thickness of the thread.

  1. So, knit a square of 40 by 40 cm.
  2. Fold in half so that the front side is inside.
  3. We sew approximately to the middle - we leave openings for hands.
  4. Turning the product on the front side. We can say that the bolero is almost ready. It remains only to tie the edges with crochet or knitting with one-colored or contrasting yarn.

Bolero spokes

For this model, you need to link a rectangle for the back. Keep in mind that the bolero should not be tight, but a little free. The yarn is chosen depending on when and with what you will wear this bolero. It takes about 250-300 grams of yarn.bolero

  1. So, measure the length of the back and add another 10 loops. We knit a cloth with a chess piece - 3 for 3 loops. Knitting should be loose, do not need to knit too tight.
  2. When the canvas is connected, you need to fold it in half and sew on the sides, leaving holes for the hands.
  3. Along the edges of the product we make strapping with weed thread in 9 rows. Every three rows can be knit in different colors.

If the bolero is knitted more than one thread, then it is warmer than usual.

Also, any model of the bolero can be varied interesting sleeves. They can be knitted in many different ways, which you will learn in the article How to tie a sleeve.

Crochet bolero

You can crochet a bolero by the same principle as knitting. But crocheted models are easier to make lace and openwork. To make a beautiful bolero, you need to use different schemes for lace patterns.bolero

Such yarns as cotton, flax, acrylic will be suitable for an openwork bolero. Light bolero goes well with summer dresses or blouses. Lace bolero does not need a variety of jewelry, because it is so fully and self-sufficient and serves as a kind of decoration for its mistress.

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