How to take away money from the Jews?

A terrible, fat and ugly woman won Eurovision this year. Well, have you seen this horror?
All would be nothing, in this competition the bearded Conchita Wurst won, so Netta Barzilai is not the worst option.
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But bad luck - now Israel, from where this fat Netta is from, must host Eurovision-2019. And not just to spend, but to give money to the organizers - to make a pledge and start preparing.
Israel wanted to squeeze out the money, yeah. Not here it was!
There is no money and, most likely, will not.
The Director of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation sent a warning to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: if the loot is not given now, we will not be able to hold the contest!
The organizers demand 12 million euros of bail from the Jews, and the government’s cabinet is somehow not very inclined to pay. TV people are afraid: if they give money, and there will be no competition for anything, Europeans will not give bail.
In general, everything is very logical: with a fig, should a country spend money on holding a competition for housewives, if some fat one won it?
Someone asked her to shock a tolerant public with her cellulite ?!
I really envy Israel. While we are spending billions of dollars on the Olympics and Mundiali, Jews, living incomparably better than the Russians, scored on international “prestige” by pinching only 12 lyams.
And it is right. Any penny is better to spend on your citizen than on a bearded woman from a foreign country.

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