How to store wine at home

General rules for storage

To the issue of storage of wine should be approached carefully considering everything, and most importantly follow some rules:

  • The main rule is the content of wine in a dark room.
    If the vessel with wine gets ultraviolet radiation, then the aroma of your drink will be threatened with a negative change.
    But if you do not have the right room, just wrap the bottle well with a rag and store it in a box.
  • Bottles during storage should be kept, since the standing container promotes cork drying. Then the air will leak into the bottle and the wine will spoil. The drying process is clearly visible in the bottle lying down.
  • The temperature should not fluctuate, and not be more than 24 degrees (may oxidize). If the wine is stored for longer than a year, then you should watch that the temperature “does not exceed” 12 degrees.
  • Do not allow sharp fluctuations in temperature (which was higher), as this also leads to old age of wine (especially reflected in red drinks).
  • The quality is affected by the slightest movement, so keep the bottles so that they can be approached without moving them.
  • The humidity of the air in your room should be maintained within 70%. At this humidity, evaporation is reduced and the plugs dry more slowly. If this figure increases, the label will fall off the bottle, and mold will start to appear (get a hygrometer).
  • Wine, even when closed, breathes.
Therefore, it is not necessary to store products with a pungent smell next to it, since you can lose the natural aroma of the wine.
  • Remember that wine is not brandy and not stored for a long time (especially cheap brands). White wine can be saved for two years, and red for about 10 years.

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The taste of wine when used affects its temperature. Rose wine is served at the table with a temperature of 11 degrees, and a wine “New Year's” drink like champagne is seven degrees enough.

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