How to set up a ZyXel router? Connect and configure the router

Strangely enough, ZyXel routers on the world market managed to gain popularity as the best and fastest routers for torrent downloading in their price segment. In addition, with the development of technology, new and improved models appear. Therefore, users are increasingly resorting to buying routers of this particular brand.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to configure the ZeXel router. This causes problems with the Internet, and, as a result, negative user feedback. How to properly install the ZyXel router personally, without the help of professionals?

wifi zyxel router

Necessary equipment

First of all, you should check whether you have all the appropriate technical devices and accessories for connection. If you do not know how to connect a ZyXel router to a dedicated Ethernet network, then you need to read the instructions in detail to the router or see the installation diagram. You will need the following components:

  • ZyXel WiFi router. The speed of downloading and transferring data depends not only on the speed of the chosen tariff, but also on the router model. In addition, various types of routers are able to distribute a Wi-Fi signal at different distances.
  • To directly connect the router to the splitter, you will need a cable that comes with the router.
  • Wireless communication during installation may be lost, so the configuration of the ZyXel router is best done through a twisted pair network cable. It connects the router and the computer.
  • If other devices are connected to your line, such as a telephone or a fax, then you will also need an ADSL filter, in other words, a splitter that facilitates proper frequency separation.
  • Naturally, the router should be connected to the mains through the power supply that comes with the device.

The router can be connected directly to the network cable of the ISP. In this case, you will not need a splitter and cable to it.

Modem setup: proper hardware connection

Before proceeding to the software installation of the router, you will need to properly connect all the components and check the operability of the telephone line or network cable of the provider.In the diagram below you can see how to synchronize devices for their proper operation.

how to connect a router zyxel

In order to avoid any difficulties with how to configure the ZyXel router programmatically, make sure that the indicator lights on the router body are flashing. Now you can confidently proceed to the next step in setting up an Internet connection.

Preliminary actions with a laptop or desktop computer

Router models such as ZyXel Keenetic I, II work on different operating systems, including Windows XP, 7, 8, and even Linux. You should make sure that the settings of the computer network card are set to automatic. Thanks to this, the router will be able to automatically receive the IP address and the address of the DNS server.

To view this information, you need to go to the "Start" section, go to the "Control Panel" and select the "Network and Internet" category in the list of settings for your computer. Next, go to the tab "Sharing Center and Networks". In the field located on the left side of the window that opens, select the "Change computer adapter settings" item. Clicking the right mouse button on the network connection shortcut, we select “Properties” from the drop-down list.A new window will open before us. In the field below on the “Network” tab, you will need to click TCP 4 and with two left mouse clicks go to TCP / IPv4 properties. In the window that appears, you will only have to check the boxes for automatic configuration of the DNS server, IP addresses and save the settings that have been set.

After the done operations, setting up the ZyXel Keenetic router will not take long, it will remain to perform the last step.

Configure the router

Usually, a step-by-step instruction is included with the device, which describes how to configure the ZyXel router. But for those who do not have such a printed version of installations, do not worry. You can easily and quickly set up a data transfer device if you follow the tips listed below. Depending on the type of connection provided by your provider, in the settings you have to choose different protocols: PPoE, DHCP. Consider the various ways to configure the router.

Browserless installation without VPN connection

In the address bar of any browser installed on your computer (Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, and so on) we register This is the address of our router. To establish a connection with the provider's network, it is necessary to enter in the login and password lines the unique character data given to you at the time of the conclusion of the contract.For example, we will use the admin username and password to set up a zyxel router

So, we got into the management and settings section. To establish an Internet connection, just go to the folder with the model name of the router and select the category WAN-wide area network. In the window that opens, select the DHCP-client protocol from the drop-down list of the type of access, check the boxes next to automatically get the DNS and clone the MAC address manually. After saving the data you will have access to the global Internet.

Setup using PPPoA or PPPoE

How to set up a ZyXel router using PPPoA or PPPoE? This method is practically no different from the above. All the same account login settings. But instead of the selected type of Internet access DHCP-client, you already need to select PPPoA or PPPoE protocol.

router setup

What is the difference between these types of access? There are both similar and distinctive features of these types of protocols. But the type of access is indicated by the Internet provider, and if you want to change it yourself for another, the router will not be able to connect to the global network.

Wireless Wi-Fi connection

After successful installation of the Internet connection, you can proceed to the wireless network configuration step.Different models of routers may have different interfaces and configuration languages, so you should not worry if the wireless network settings are not in the section described in the instructions below.

setting up a zyxel keenetic router

If there is no WLAN in the "Internet" tab, then separately look for the Wireless section. To do this, check the box next to the wireless access point, select the WLAN standard, for example, 802.11 b / g / n, and in the security tab, set up any existing encryption method and set the password to Wi-Fi. After saving the changes and restarting the router, the wireless Internet will start working for you.

How to set up a ZyXel router using a boot disk or program

Included with the router is usually given the installation disk to quickly set the desired parameters of the router. If you do not have such a boot disk, then on the official website of the manufacturer you can download a program for setting up the Internet and Wi-Fi on your PC. It will automatically check the connection of the device to the computer and in case of incorrect connection of the router will give an error message. Such a program is convenient in that you do not have to manually prescribe the necessary configuration settings,you only need to select the provider, the tariff plan, and after entering the username and password the program will automatically install Internet on your personal computer.

setting up a zyxel keenetic router

The main difficulties in installing the router and setting it up

If you do not know how to connect the ZyXel Keenetic router, you should contact the help of a professional, because of the wrong installation you may have problems connecting to the Internet. Another one of the main problems arising during the installation of the router may be an incorrect login and password. If you incorrectly entered this pair, you will not be able to get into the web-interface of the router settings, respectively, you will not be able to configure them either. Sometimes there are difficulties even if the specified MAC address is incorrectly specified.

how to connect a zyxel keenetic router

If you are completely sure that your settings are correct, and there is still no connection to the Internet, or it is limited, try restarting your personal computer and router. If the operation did not bring the desired results, check with your Internet provider whether you specified the type of access to the network. Sometimes it happens that employees change the access protocol and accidentally forget to warn users about it.Successes in installation!


An confident personal computer user can easily configure the router manually via the web interface. But if you still do not have minimal knowledge of installing computer programs and their configuration, then it is better to use the help of professional masters or those who have already had experience in setting up a ZyXel router. All the best!

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