How to remove Cydia?

To date, technology with bittenapple on the back cover is the most popular in the world, despite the fact that it leads a long judicial war on patent disputes with the Korean manufacturer of machinery and electronics - Samsung. Buying a tablet or phone from the world's leading brand Apple, consumers are divided into several categories, namely, two.

Buyers of the first type are completely satisfiedaccessible functional of the device, its capabilities, functions, closed file system and "lack of individuality" of the interface. And most importantly - they pay for the applications available in the official store. Question: what do they pay for? Everything is very simple, the guaranteed security of the program for the device is paid, the absence of prohibited scenes or motives, quality, uniqueness, information support, and also the work of developers is obligatory paid.

The second type of people like the design of the device itself, general specifications, some interface details. Just about the second type and will be discussed.

The second type can be divided into subtypes:

1.Te who eventually gets a phone / tablet / player, but tries to improve it on a software level, and at the same time immediately find out just in case, how to remove Cydia.

2. Those who continue to criticize him, but prefer to stay away.

For such dissatisfied people and was inventedJailbreak. Jailbreak is quite simple operation, the implementation of which does not take much time, but it gives a lot of opportunities. A simple example: you do not know how to add reminders or notes to the desktop in the standby mode, or how to delete them? Cydia in this will help!

Sidia is a special program, which in its essence is very similar to AppStore, but has quite the opposite vocation.

The official app store was createdthe company for the distribution of quality and proven programs and games, and Sidia was created on the basis of those programs that either did not pass the moderation, or do not meet the company's policy in the article on the closed file system of devices.

It's worth noting that the hacked applications, Cydiaand "tweaks" expand the functionality of the device almost unlimitedly. For example, you can change the theme of the desktop, the functionality of the device in standby mode, make a removable disk, that is, a flash card from the phone / tablet / player, and much more.

And yet, is it really such an irreplaceable thing -Cydia, applications and everything else that Jailbreak brings? Of course not. Hacking the device only expands the functionality, capabilities, but not the device itself. Do not forget that when installing too many programs, the iPhone or iPad can start to perform much slower tasks, longer "think" when opening even standard programs. This is not so much due to the fact that the programs do not go through any moderation, but rather because of the conflicts in the applications. Especially if you installed more than 2 tweaks, which are responsible for one characteristic, for example, the theme of the design of the desktop.

Everyone without exception knows the most important advantage of Dzheybrejka: the ability to download for free those applications that in the official store from Apple are worth the money, sometimes considerable.

And everything would be fine, but when the time comescontact the service center for warranty, the first thing that happens is how to remove Cydia. This is starting to worry not in vain, because only if you have this store you can determine whether the device was hacked or left "neverlock". Remember this. But sometimes it happens that Jielbreke did not justify himself. In this case, the same question arises.

Read the instructions on "how to remove Cydia" on the Internet.

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