How to pass exams in grade 9, if you do not know anything, to "excellent"?

So, today we will see with you how to pass the exam, and with success. After all, this issue is usually puzzled by many schoolchildren and students. In most cases, those who know nothing at all. That is why we will try to help such students. After all, the reasons for which there is "ignorance" is complete. Here and excitement, and laziness (which is very sad), and life circumstances. So, let's start with you thinking about how to pass exams in the 9th grade if you don't know to pass the exam


The first method is the use of prayer. After all, only this remains to be done by pupils who know absolutely nothing, but nonetheless go to take final examinations. Honestly, faith is a very useful thing, especially at such moments.

How to pass the exam if you do not know? Prayer to Sergius of Radonezh can help you in this matter. Pray to him. The process starts a few days before “Day X” with a daily repetition at midnight. Even better, if you have an icon in front of you.The result is fixed by prayer right before the exam. It sounds like this:

"Oh, reverend and God-bearing father our, Sergie! Look at me (name) graciously and, to the land of the devotees, raise to the height of heaven. Strengthen my cowardice and strengthen me in faith, yes undoubtedly hope to receive all the good from the benevolence of the Lord of God by your prayers By giving your gift every gift to everyone and everybody is demanding, and all of us, by your prayers of prayer, make sure you save the shuya part on the terrible judgment of the court, save the grief of the country and the blessed voice of the Lord of Christ, say: Come, in blessing of my Father, blow the kingdom prepared for you from the constitution of the world. Amen. "

After such a repetition (better, as has already been said, several times, namely - 3), you can safely go to the exam. True, we should not think that everything is so easy and simple. It is better to be safe and try other methods that will help you figure out how to pass the exam as "excellent." For example, there is a conspiracy that really works.

We start talking

Our ceremony is held on a clean head and a bright mind. That is, from the very morning, on the day before the "execution".It is at this moment that the students, more than ever, want to succeed. Especially if they know to pass exams in grade 9 if you know nothing

Wash your head on Day X, and then say the following words three times:

"My head is pure, my mind is clear, my mind is bright.
I know everything, I understand everything, I decide everything quickly,
I answer all questions.
I will have luck with every task. Amen."

This plot, as a rule, perfectly helps those who already have at least some knowledge. It is aimed at improving the pupil's quick wits, his reactions, as well as logic, light mind and ingenuity. Using this technique, you can easily answer how to pass exams in grade 9, if you do not know anything. But magic is not always a positive result. Naturally, no one can do without it, but it is best to be safe and try a few more tricks. Some of them, frankly, are more effective than prayers and conspiracies.


For example, you can use such an interesting "thing" as signs. They are the ones who are able to cheer on students when they think about how to pass the exam with excellent marks. In fact, there are a lot of them, but we will only meet the most common ones.

Probably, every student knows a “spell” called “Freebie, come!”. At this moment it is necessary to swing the record book (open) in the window at midnight. The same can be done with an open diary. Some believe that this technique works, and that it is holy followed.

Also under the heel on the day of the exam should put a nick. And it is better - in every shoe. Two heels under the heels - this is something like double luck. Very good reception, which not only improves mood, but also gives hope to students.

Another technique that you can use when thinking about how to pass the exam for "excellent" is to fall asleep on notes and textbooks. Put them under the pillow and sleep peacefully. Do not think about anything bad, and in the morning knowledge supposedly by itself “fits” in your to pass the exam perfectly

Of course, omens are good. Even an unbelieving student will begin to follow them if he knows nothing, and the exams are getting closer and closer. So we hope for a miracle. But now let us descend from heaven to earth and get acquainted with more mundane and real, as well as effective ways to help answer how to pass the exam from the first time to "excellent."


Let's start with the most old and time-tested reception. This is nothing more than writing cheat sheets on subjects. Especially they are good when you know the questions asked in advance.

If we consider that now the examinations are held in the form of EGE, or rather testing, and tasks, and not questions, then, most likely, you will have to write the whole theory with examples on small pieces of paper. Of course, depending on the grade. So, for example, if you want to answer how to pass the exam in mathematics (grade 9), then you will need to write down all the formulas with their conclusions. Moreover, it concerns both algebra and geometry.

Once the cheat sheets are written, you will need to hide them. You can shove them anywhere. Someone writes right on their feet and wears skirts (important for girls), someone hides jackets in their pockets, someone sticks their pens and so on. In general, you have to pretty much try to hide the spurs.

By the way, they, as a rule, help to answer how to pass an exam if nothing comes to mind. After all, at the time of their writing, you mentally repeat all the material covered. Sometimes even the mere presence of cribs can help out.You will remember what and where recorded.

"Guess what?"

Well, and we turn with you to the most simple and successful option. Honestly, it helps only in the test part of the exams. After all, there you can simply guess the to pass the exam perfectly conspiracy

If you want to know how to pass the exam, having come unprepared, then after all the "magical rites" you will usually have to use your own luck. You will need to intuitively feel what answer you need to give to one or another question. Or just guess it.

If you answer all the questions with the same letter, then there is a chance that you correctly answer about 60% of all tests. These are statistical data. But it may happen that this technique will not give results. Then you have to go to retake or get a “paper on listening to lessons” and leave the school. Thus, we will look at other options with you that will help answer how to pass the exam.

the Internet

We now turn with you to more efficient and modern methods. True, now some of them may not work. Why? We will find out about this a bit later. For now, let's see what you can think of for the exam.

For example, you can always use your phone and the Internet. This is a very interesting approach that can help to answer most questions and solve a lot of difficult situations. Sometimes, to be honest, there can even be found some solved versions of the Unified State Exam. But they are very quickly to pass the exam the first time

If you managed to bring a mobile phone to the territory of the exam, then half of the work has already been done. It now remains to simply use it neatly to access the Internet. However, even here inaccuracies can sometimes occur. The solution of examples and mathematical / physical problems, of course, you can find quickly and accurately. But some logical questions that relate to chemistry, biology, psychology, and so on - not always. Let's learn a couple of tricks to help you answer how to pass the exam at school.

Mobile conversation

Fortunately, there is another rather interesting approach to solving our current issue. But for him you will have to have a quiet voice and spend a lot of training. After all, we are talking about using the so-called micro earphone with your mobile phone.

At the "other end" you should be waiting for a good friend.You dictate questions to him, and he gives you the answers. It’s very easy to hide such a “device”, but it’s not so easy to bring it into the school or at any point of the USE. If you manage to do this, then you can be sure that you can pass everything. And, quite successfully.

The advantage of this method is convenience and reliability. After all, your friend can sit in front of the computer, where he will find all the necessary information several times faster than it can be done on the phone. But for success you have to practice hard. For example, you can "make a row" in the classroom. The main thing is that no one suspects anything. And, all the more so that no one hears you. Otherwise, you risk being kicked out of the exam.


Well, now it's time to talk about the most accurate way. If you think how to pass the exam for "excellent", then you have nothing left but to sit down for textbooks and notes. Learn what has been accomplished, and good luck will surely smile at to pass an exam if nothing

True, do not over-exaggerate the brain too much. Especially a day or two before the exam. This means that all preparations should be carried out in advance.And in recent days - just run over the notes on the notes and the material studied. Otherwise, all thoughts can simply turn into a mess. Especially if you decide to start intensive training in several subjects at once.

Nevertheless, if you already know everything, but are not quite confident in your abilities, then, as already mentioned, write the cheat sheets. They simply help to consolidate your knowledge. After that, calm down, sleep and go to the "penalty."


True, all these options have their drawbacks. And sometimes there are huge difficulties with their "turning". And now we will find out with you what we should be prepared for.

In the case of prayers, conspiracies and signs - to failure. After all, "dancing with tambourines" is just an extra instillation of faith in a person. Moreover, if all this is not fueled by knowledge in the donated items, then these techniques are practically useless.

But when using technology and the Internet, you can be completely kicked out. After all, now on the territory of the examination points it is impossible to carry even mobile ones. If a student finds a gadget, then most likely he will be kicked out.

But sometimes carry the phone possible.Here either luck will smile on you, or danger will await again - a signal blocker. A very useful thing that will not allow you to call or connect to the network. Then you will have to look for answers in your head.


So it's time to end our conversation. As you can see, there are a lot of different options to help you answer how to pass the exam without any problems. Thus, each student has the right to choose what is right for to pass the exam if you know nothing prayer

Of course, there were some dangerous moments too. But they are everywhere. So, it would be better to write a couple of spurs, learn everything that is possible, and then go for the exam. Only knowledge can give you a guarantee for successful delivery.

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