How to pass all the tests?

Most students think about thisregardless of whether he knows the subject or not. And even more so, if there is not much time left before the preparation. As one modern proverb says: "From the session to the session, students live happily." This is true, but when the time passes, the fun immediately disappears. Therefore, today we will tell you how to hand over all the tests.


Initially, we approach the issue from a psychological point of view.

  • Well, firstly, in order to pass the test without problems,it is necessary to know the subject more or less well. But besides this, the psychology of communication is an important factor. To begin with, you will need a strong certainty that you all know and have the necessary skills.
  • In addition, if the teacher knows you in person, andyou at least occasionally attended classes, it will be much easier to pass the subject. Always go to the standings in the middle of the group, and certainly not the first. When sitting down in front of the teacher, be calm and confident, you can even smile with a friendly smile. Always keep an eye on the position in which you are sitting, and also for all your movements. Because most of all signals, a person receives with the help of non-verbal gestures. You should not have crossed arms or legs.
  • Never turn the handle in your hands, do not drumfingers on the surface of the table, do not crumple paper or a handkerchief. All these actions knowingly betray a person and look like you do not know anything. Your body should be turned towards the instructor, the back is straightened, the head is raised, keep your hands in sight. In addition to all this, look at the face of the teacher with confidence, occasionally looking him in the eye.
  • Now you have a choice, or pass the test withease, if you went to class and you know everything, or start, as they say, talk your teeth. Start a conversation with a topic that is in the immediate vicinity of the subject, and the smarter you talk, the faster the teacher will want, get rid of you. He will strive to either set off, or will ask leading questions, which are much easier to answer.

How to prepare for credit

  • The first thing you need to do is creatework environment, and will adjust to the fact that you have to work hard. Exclude noisy guests, loud music, TV, ICQ and social networks. You have to turn it all off, because there is always a temptation to look at anything with a little eye. And then it turns out that it's already morning. Now get a full list of lectures and a list of tickets or assignments on the subject. Go strictly on the list, because it will be easier. Study the material from the beginning of the course to the end, systematically, without switching from the end to the middle.
  • Read the tasks of the first ticket. Then read aloud a lecture on the same subject. And now, from the entire lecture, you select three main proposals. These suggestions can be theorems, rules or definitions, but there must be three items. Remember them, and say it out loud. Even better, if one of the proposals will contain a question from the ticket. You do the same with the rest of the tasks and lectures. But it seems to you that just three points from each ticket is not enough, and you will think: how to get credit if there is practically no information? But this can be argued. The core of the issue you grabbed, this time. Say a few words, for each item you can, these are two, and in any case do not impress the teacher that you do not know what his subject is at all, it's three. And for these three factors you can not get an "unsatisfactory" rating.
  • Well, and finally, there is another way of howget the test. You just look at the audience, not the streaming one, but the laboratory in which you study, or in the office. Then look for something that you can subordinate, add, correct, in general, something that can be changed for the better. And then unobtrusively explain to the teacher that it can be fixed in the name of the whole university, but only so that he does not understand the dirty trick. Then, safely, this repair, repair, receive the favor of the teacher, and calmly get your desired test.

Well, if you are certainly an athlete, and successfully defending the honor of the faculty or university in competitions, then we can not help you, of course, the dean himself or the rector will come to your aid!

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