How to open a restaurant?

Many people want to start a business and think through its various options. The restaurant business is quite profitable. If you decide: "I want to open a restaurant", then it is necessary to study this issue very carefully, weigh all the pros and cons. So let's learn how to open a restaurant.

Price policy

Start with the choice of the type of restaurant and its pricing policy. The correct price-quality ratio of dishes is necessary if you want to open a successful restaurant. In addition, you will need to select suppliers and hire staff. Naturally, the staff must be experienced and educated. Remember that employee wages must be decent.

So, which restaurant to open, you should choose yourself.

Business plan

After you decide on the type of restaurant, you need to start writing a business plan.

For a children's cafe or coffee house you will need one business plan. If you want to open an expensive restaurant, there will be its own specifics. Children's cafe will require less cash investment, prices here should not be too high. But you need to think about the menu, which will be interesting for children.For a refined restaurant will require a versatile menu, individual style. Of course, in this case, the money will need more.

So, in the business plan you should consider everything: the room, the list of services, the audience, the staff and the equipment.


After drawing up a business plan, it’s time to start paperwork.

You must obtain the following documents:

  • License for the retail sale of alcohol;
  • Certificate of registration in the Commercial Register;
  • Contract for garbage collection, disinsection, disinfection;
  • Documents on the outdoor sign;
  • The conclusion of the station;
  • Permission from the fire brigade.

In addition, you will need to enter into a lease agreement. If the premises require redevelopment, it will be necessary to coordinate it in the MVK, SES, architecture management and other organizations.


It is very important where the restaurant is located. If you choose a place illiterately, then profits can not wait. Since customers simply can not find you. Of course, it is best to open such an institution where there will be many customers. That is, the accumulation of offices, large transport interchanges. A good option would be to open a restaurant near business centers, schools, universities.


Advertising is an integral part of any business.Advertising campaign must be well thought out. It is best to entrust advertising to specialists. They will create a really good advertisement that will attract many customers to you.

Here are the activities that are necessary for the promotion of the restaurant:

  • Flyers. They can hand out promoters.
  • Outdoor advertising. An interesting sign above the entrance, as well as stationary advertising structures not very far from the restaurant are necessary. By the way, the name of the place is very important. Read about it in the article How to name a restaurant.
  • Website on the Internet. It is very good to open a restaurant site.

By the way, before opening a restaurant, you need to start advertising about it. On the opening day you need to hang a colorful signboard and balloons. Arrange a holiday.


As already mentioned, staff must be qualified and have work experience. For the restaurant will require:

  • Chef;
  • Cooks;
  • Waiters;
  • Bartender;
  • Manager;
  • A cleaning lady.

Restaurant Design

It is necessary to design a restaurant that will be in keeping with the spirit of this establishment. If this is a children's cafe, of course, you need to decorate the walls with cartoon characters, various balls.If this is an expensive restaurant, you need to design in an elegant style. In general, there are many design options. It could be a fusion style, a classic European design, something exotic.

A single idea is definitely needed for a restaurant. The fact is that it is your institution that should be somewhat different from the neighboring restaurants. After all, the competition in this area is very high. In general, a single style is well manifested in the details. Therefore, supply the restaurant logo with mugs, restaurant lighters.


The most important thing is to remember that people come to the restaurant to eat. Therefore, the kitchen should be given the most attention. You should not focus on your own taste, but on the preferences of your potential customers. And, of course, in the menu of your establishment should be not only classic, but also new original dishes. Then your kitchen will surely attract a lot of visitors to your establishment.

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