How to marry a man?

You are in love with each other and happy for quite a long time. And you are already beginning to slowly think that it would be nice to seal your relationship with wedding rings and a stamp in your passport, but for some reason he doesn’t talk about it. It is natural for the wave that you begin to wonder: why men do not want to marry ?. Perhaps you are doing something wrong? In any case, it is possible to rectify the situation, so much so that the man himself will ask for your hand! So, how to marry a man?

Exit - closer to the female ideal


A man, whatever he says, draws attention to the appearance of his chosen one, even if you have known each other for a long time and have seen each other far from at his best. Become beautiful for him. And do not say that you are not so. As the French say, there are no women ugly, there are women lazy. Here two things are important: your personal efforts and preferences of a potential husband. First of all, your efforts should be aimed at making yourself well-groomed.Healthy soft skin, a clear look, silky hair, a trimmed figure - this is what you need to achieve in the first place. If you think that you do not have enough colors, then light makeup does not hurt. Be beautiful not only when you go out, but also at home. Throw out a well-worn robe, stop walking in front of a man in hair curlers and masks. Let him see the results of your work on yourself, not the process.

Choose cute trousers for home wear or a light skirt with a beautiful blouse or T-shirt - it looks much more attractive than an old bathrobe. With regard to the preferences of men, here, you may have to make sacrifices, if you, of course, want it. For example, a man likes to look at you without makeup, and you cannot imagine life without a beautiful make-up. What to do? When leaving home, direct marafet, and when you come back, wash off cosmetics and meet a man from work. Listen to the advice of your man about what suits you and what doesn’t. And change your appearance with mutual consent. Do not be afraid to experiment!


How to marry a man? A huge role is played by your behavior and character.For a man, you need to become a true friend, and not just a mistress with a frying pan in the kitchen. Make sure that he has no friends closer to you. Support him, help, comfort. He should return home not only as a place where you can sleep and eat, but also where you can relax your soul. He should feel that they are waiting for him at home, that there is a close person there who can open up and trust.

What traits do men like in women the most? Femininity, tenderness, gentleness, modesty, care, the ability to understand and empathize, respect for the right of a loved one to their secrets, to hobbies and personal affairs, beauty, sincerity, honesty, ability to love, unobtrusive, originality (the so-called "highlight"), ability forgive, sensuality and sexuality. Of course, for every man there will be some preferences of their own, but almost everyone likes the above. Try to make your character as much as possible.

Avoid mistakes

How to marry a man? I especially want to emphasize two important things that greatly influence the attitude of a man to a woman. First, you should not put pressure on a man.He should feel comfortable with you. Do not ask him to give you all your free time. A man also has the right to his personal affairs, as we, women. Let him do his favorite thing, talking with friends and relatives, having fun. You must understand him in this. In addition, you should not be overly curious. A man also has the right to his secrets, so do not ask him to talk about what he does not want or is not ready to tell yet. Naturally, it is forbidden to climb in his e-mail, mobile phone, jealously begging from him that this was for the girl with whom he greeted so nicely while walking.

Greatly improve the attitude of men to women can praise. Men love to hear compliments. No need to look for a special reason to praise him. Just tell him something nice. For example: "Honey, you fry potatoes so tasty, straight fingers you will lick!" or "You have such beautiful eyes, I love to look at them for a long time!". Only it is necessary to speak sincerely and truth. You really have to admire what you notice in a man, and he will definitely appreciate it.

Sexual relationship

How to marry a man? Of course, in this matter one cannot ignore such a facet of personal relationships as sex. The main thing is to show a man that in bed he gives you real pleasure, and be able to give it back. To do this, refuse sex as little as possible and become the initiator of its beginning. Implement all your new ideas related to sex, if they are, of course, not beyond the limits of space. Learn to please a man in bed (now there is a lot of literature about this and hundreds of videos have been shot). When sex begins, remove away all unnecessary thoughts from your head, become sensual and relaxed, do not hesitate to tell a man beautiful words about how much he excites you and how much you love him. Be bold and extravagant, experiment more often, and your man will be very grateful to you.

A little warmth and care

Take care of him. There is nothing complicated here, and every woman, if she is not lazy, can become a good housewife. Let him walk in clean and ironed clothes, eat delicious homemade food and rest in a clean room on a soft bed. And all this - thanks to your caring hands!

If you become such a woman for a man, he will not want to let you go on his own. Do not strain him talking about the wedding, it is also annoying men. And if he is ready to marry, then for the sake of such a woman, he will run for wedding rings faster than the wind, and you will not have time to look back and become his wife! Good luck!

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