How to make a wreath?

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How to make a wreath?

Perhaps there is no sweeter, more feminine and at the same time spectacular decoration than a wreath of fresh flowers. The charm of natural beauty, pristine nature as well as possible complements the romantic image of a girl.

Now designers have given us the opportunity to wear beautiful wreaths, like in the old days. Moreover, the wreath is now at the peak of popularity, and even very fond of Hollywood celebrities.

Knowing how to make a wreath with your own hands, you can decorate yourself with fresh flowers all summer.

Wreath making

To weave a wreath, you will need:

  • scissors (very sharp to cut the stalks);
  • pliers;
  • clippers;
  • thick wire (for the manufacture of the frame - the basis for the wreath);
  • thin wire (for fixing flowers, branches and leaves);
  • tape tape (sold in florist stores, has a sticky backing);
  • satin ribbon (better than green);
  • flowers (40-50 buds);
  • leaves (40-50 pieces);
  • small greens (boxwood, asparagus, etc.);
  • small flowers (eg field chamomile);
  • a spray with water (to freshen plants woven into a wreath).

Before you make a wreath on the head, you must determine the size.To do this, you need to change the girth of the head at the level where the wreath should be placed, and then begin to create a wreath.

  1. Cut with a nipper a piece of thick wire equal in size to the girth of the head with a margin of 4-6 cm for connecting the ends.
  2. Wind tape with tape and join the ends with pliers. You can also make an open wreath. To do this, at both ends of the wire to make small loops with pliers.WreathAt the very end of the creation of a wreath, they will need to put tapes that will be tied at the back of the head. This method will not only make the wreath more elegant, but also allow you to adjust its size.
  3. Trim the stems of flowers, leaving a length of 10 cm. Remove faded petals, leaves growing on the stem. If the bouquet uses roses, you need to remove the thorns.
  4. Putting each bud to the wire-frame, attach its stem to the base, first with a thin wire, and then with a satin ribbon. Each next element must be placed close to the previous one, repeating the same actions.

Begin attaching flowers from the back of the wreath (if the wreath is open, then from the very edge of the wire base).In this case, the buds must "look" at the center of the frame, and the stems - to be directed to the edge. In the central part, the direction of the stems should be changed so that the wreath is symmetrical. This transition should be as inconspicuous as possible.

In the central part of the wreath should be placed the largest and most elegant flowers, and then, on the sides, should be smaller. Behind you need to weave the smallest buds.

It is desirable to alternately alternate flowers with leaves and sprigs of fine greens, making sure that the wreath is harmonious and beautiful. Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of colors relative to the base. They should all be on the outside of the frame. On the inside can only be small greens.

Wreath for the bride

A wonderful alternative to the veil, or an unusual addition to it - a wreath of fresh flowers. The modern bride can afford such a beautiful wedding accessory, which is the best way to reveal her gentle and romantic image.

In the wreath for the bride green satin ribbon should be replaced with white. Flowers should also be white. In addition, you can use cream and pale pink shades.Wreath

In the wedding wreath, in addition to fresh flowers, you can weave pearl beads - a symbol of female purity. For this, a thread of beads should wrap each flower after it is fixed with a thin wire, and then with a satin ribbon.

Before you make a wreath of flowers for the bride, you need to decide on the bride's bouquet. After all, they must be in perfect harmony, creating a single ensemble. For this you need to use the same flowers in them. There are a number of colors, traditional for wedding compositions:

  • Rose - "Queen of Flowers". It is considered the gift of the Greek god of love Eros. Symbolizes beauty and eternal love.
  • Lily - a symbol of purity and innocence. Emphasizes the tenderness of the image of the bride.
  • Orchid is an exotic and sophisticated flower. It is considered a symbol of passion, unbridled feelings.
  • Gypsophila - "Million Stars". Thin branches with countless small white flowers do not stand out among the bouquet. But they create the necessary background on which other flowers look solemnly. No wedding bouquet and a wreath can do without gypsophila. This plant makes the image of the bride light, fabulous and weightless.

How to keep the beauty of the wreath?

Do not forget that the wreath is a “living” decoration, fragile and short-lived. Before you make a wreath of flowers, you need to take care of cut plants. It is necessary to make an oblique cut on each stalk and put flowers in cold water with the addition of aspirin, leave in a cool dark place.

The finished wreath should be periodically sprayed with water from a spray bottle, and the wreath should be transported in a cardboard box with a wet paper towel onWreathbottom.

To create a wreath need to stock up on time. After all, even a professional needs about two hours for such work, and a beginning florist is better to start working on his masterpiece on the eve of the holiday.

In creating a wreath there is always a place of fantasy. After learning how to make a wreath, you can experiment and invent something new.

And, of course, do not forget that the century of the beautiful wreath is not long. So do not miss the opportunity to arrange a photo shoot, while the flowers in it are fresh and beautiful.

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